Black Project #80 (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas)

2020.11.27 07:36 CezrDaPleazr Black Project #80 (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas)

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2020.11.27 07:36 Keplergamer Oh Hell no!

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2020.11.27 07:36 analyticsinsight The 5 Top Trends Shaping Natural Language Processing in 2021

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2020.11.27 07:36 O_vidz Cursed_hamster

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2020.11.27 07:36 paulb4480 Judith Barsi is never murdered?

WI Judith Eva Barsi, the USonian child actress of the 1980s, is never murdered by her abusive daddy? While she would probably continue as a voice actress, are there any live-action parts, regular or guest, that we could see her in?
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2020.11.27 07:36 Popoy-Leaf Christmas song to listen to while playing

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2020.11.27 07:36 Hero0fTheFallen Looking for a pre-built PC

As the title says I'm looking for a pre build, my aim is £800 max but can go higher, I want a viewable inside case also.
Looking for a gaming PC that is relatively good and can handle majority of MMORPG type games and some newer games.
My aim is to upgrade when I can as I need to buy something cheap atm and buy parts later.
Any help would be amazing, thanks.
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2020.11.27 07:36 jcagara08 Mina Plaza Demolition AUH

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2020.11.27 07:36 KiddoMBoy Pornstars of reddit who have done a shoot in a house, has there ever been a time when someone knocked on the door at the wrong time? If so, what happened?

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2020.11.27 07:36 A_Salty_Cellist If I cast multiple utility cantrips (like druid craft and shape water) can I have all three effects going from each or do I only keep 3 total.

I basically want to know if I can have 18 effects going at once with a sorcerer with Extended Spell.
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2020.11.27 07:36 _Name- Zilla and his dog

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2020.11.27 07:36 NinadSuryawanshi Can You Win Without Even Moving? As An Impostor? I Can!!!

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2020.11.27 07:36 victor001br Logitech G600 mouse question

Hey guys, i got a logitech g600 mouse and the wheel is not working good. it seems drunk and i want to replace it myself, i got stuck about info about this wheel, what is the correct encoder size for this mouse? i thinking about buying a Kailh encoder btw, is there a better alternative for encoder / switches?
i got a printscreen of the encoder im talking about and its size options below
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2020.11.27 07:36 Equivalent_Engine304 Season 5 map concept Theme lava and destruction

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2020.11.27 07:36 fourbrickstall One light toy photography techniques

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2020.11.27 07:36 kencater Need advice on a convertible for work.

So I’ve been doing the research on a new 2in1 laptop for work and am looking for suggestions at this point. I thought I would come across something that just seemed far better than the others but it just hasn’t happened.
So for my needs. Im an engineer often working from my vehicle or otherwise on the go. I’m hoping for a 15” model but 13” would be ok too. I would like to have a native ethernet port but that seems a no-go. I’m looking in the premium range at $2000+.
So far I have looked at the following:
Dell XPS 13 HP Elite DragonFly Microsoft surface book 3 (nice to have the GPU) Dell Latitude 9510 Lenovo c940 or x1 yoga HP Spectre X360
Any thoughts are welcome. Maybe something coming out soon that I don’t know about. Thanks in advance.
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2020.11.27 07:36 anon1223k Do y’all feel like a lot more members of the BD side would be alive had that divide not happen w So & Smurk?

Everybody coulda been at the top so much sooner. So much more money. What y’all think
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2020.11.27 07:36 SaucuKebabu is there graphics options?

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2020.11.27 07:36 Hidoidesuwa PSA: Be careful about using ingots in conjunction with materials at once

IF you move the slider for materials to 4 and move the ingot to 1 expecting it would be 5UB when you hit ok you are mistaken. It only counts as 4UB not 5UB even though you would expect the material slider to go back down to 3 to signify it is only 4UB. It does lower the materials but if you're like me and missed it by only looking at the bar only you'll have lost an ingot and need another one to 5UB it.
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2020.11.27 07:36 fleshprinceofbellend No wonder I can't find a gf :'(

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2020.11.27 07:36 MrElshagan Frags? Missiles and Ammunition.

So I haven't played in about 4 years if my youtube is any indication. I'd wager more like 3 years...
But recently started playing again or at least trying out some new things. First off I tried the cluster missile thing and while I wish you could eject the clusters a lil bit sideways (Dunno if possible).
One thing I did notice is that the "old classic" missile from way back of tight angled frags really don't seem to do any damage now. Testing on Marauder I clearly remember a tight angled frag missile could just outright blow straight through most ships even if metal. Now it seems they can't really penetrate even wood of a Marauder
So have they changed how frags work and what's a good missile type now? Hell what's a good build for APS and CRAM? I mean Frags used to be the be all end all.
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2020.11.27 07:36 Maybe0n3Sc66n What could you go without with more ?

View Poll
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2020.11.27 07:36 Rose-Thorn-6848 Dead meme but I don’t care

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2020.11.27 07:36 askingflassh Torguard Deal: Get 50% Off (all plans) + Get 30 days free trial. Code "TGLifetime50"

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2020.11.27 07:36 UpstairsCabbage [Khora] Admiring the scenery! (Urushu)

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