If everyone chipped in....

2020.11.30 03:11 SpoilMyRoommate If everyone chipped in....

All I'm saying is if a couple of you sent $5 at minimum then I could get my roommate to be comfortable with putting pics out first.
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2020.11.30 03:11 cyberwhizz Nike Run Club APK Download

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2020.11.30 03:11 Polt_Is_Best_Waifu Can someone send me a link to the mods on the discord server?

I’m having trouble finding them so if someone could send me a link to them I would be very happy :)
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2020.11.30 03:11 PlutoniansFirst Me right now

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2020.11.30 03:11 osp261 Erin Olash

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2020.11.30 03:11 Dazzling-Routine-355 AKASH BHAWRA SURYA TARA

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2020.11.30 03:11 Deafknight3 Hope this meme isn't dead

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2020.11.30 03:11 totallyconfused23 Just views

Hello. Do you talk to someone from Pakistan? What's your views on someone from there?
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2020.11.30 03:11 cyberwhizz Photo keypad lockscreen APK Download

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2020.11.30 03:11 motorcity5150 Anyone recognize these ? Southeast michigan

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2020.11.30 03:11 Mestre_Gaules Old Suplemments: What to get?

Hello fallow kindred!
I am a old VtM player and, after getting all the books from the current edition, V5, I plan to continue expanding my personal collection aquiring more old books from V2, Revised and V20. So, what old supplements and sourcebooks would you guys recommend me? Say 3 books that I can find in Drive Thru RPG, preferably that I can get print on demand so I can take a look and decide my further expansions of my collections. I want to hear you, fellow VtM redditors!
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2020.11.30 03:11 Nicholas_TW Best Pokémon RPG?

I'm thinking about running a Pokémon tabletop RPG. I've heard of a lot of different fanmade systems and expansions to other RPGs, but can someone suggest ones which they've personally used and enjoyed (or at least heard very good things about)?
My group is used to playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, but we're no stranger to learning different or strange systems. Ideally, we care most about getting a mix of roleplay and storytelling, with game mechanics coming secondary (though still being important).
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2020.11.30 03:11 misophie "LMAO IM DYING SJHGHSH" starterpack

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2020.11.30 03:11 XnipsyX Memory upgrade flags on build upgrade?

I'm looking to add an SSD and another nvme to my msi mpg gaming edge mobo and meshify c case. When I enter them into pc part picker it states that two SATA 6.0 gb/s will be disabled. The only memory i currently have is a 256 nvme drive so will adding these two new pieces be an issue? I'm relatively new to the pc world so I don't quite understand the flag issues and Google didn't help much either lol.
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2020.11.30 03:11 ferrocarrilusa Survey marker and signs

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2020.11.30 03:11 RLCD-Bot [Cobalt Mantis] [Crimson Almagest] [Rainbow] [Cristiano]

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2020.11.30 03:11 Jitterdoomer I'm live right now for path to affiliate.

https://twitch.tv/jitterdoomer Don't forget to F4F (also donate) and watch my stream!
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2020.11.30 03:11 Ironx7 Reddit do your thing

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2020.11.30 03:11 Homerchick Russian actress Karina Zvereva in TV series "The Method"

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2020.11.30 03:11 AC7878 Ex's birthday gift

I still have my ex birthday gift from July since his birthday was in August. I thought I would return it but I spaced on it and can't get it refunded. I tried to sell it to my guy friends but didn't fit them.
Not sure what to do.. would it be crazy to send him the gift?
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2020.11.30 03:11 markeith281 The definition of this sub

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2020.11.30 03:11 PsychoBeaner How rare is this baby?

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2020.11.30 03:11 diaz7412 Boden tube stuck behind motor

My Boden/ cables have gotten caught on the right motor. I was wondering if anyone has made anything to help guide the cables/tube? I was thinking about a cable chain but it wouldn't be able to move in all those directions.
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2020.11.30 03:11 Nyash2 Autum ace fantasy pack

Who are you picking? What did you get? Suggestions? Im thinking von miller or fletcher cox
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2020.11.30 03:11 hugmorecats [POEM] Being // Eireann Lorsung

A letter is holy. A story is holy hands reaching out into the world. Birds come home across distance I can’t conceive
and live in their bodies. Ash in the air. Every place I’ve been is on fire with words.
One day I throw away all my love letters without noticing. Mountains
in the heart. What belongs to me? I leave the world all the time. These arms, these
fingers, this tongue, these feet, and their bent wings. I know it will be dirt, the prayers
now in marrow will retake earth. I will live inside whatever flies. Burning, the brink of all things.
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