Into the grinder

2020.11.30 02:45 inkyed Into the grinder

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2020.11.30 02:45 cr31d0g is it wrong to ddos a thrower?

i learned how to ddos a few years back so i could kick annoying people from cod lobbies on my ps3. would it be wrong to do that to a thrower in ranked regardless of what team there on.
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2020.11.30 02:45 Greenking500 funy boogie related humor

boogie wit da hoodie? more like boogie wit da poopy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2020.11.30 02:45 pedal_deals_bot Arturia KeyStep Keyboard Controller with Polyphonic Sequencer - $64 ($50 + $14 S/H) 88%

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2020.11.30 02:45 Dawsoneifert Some potential SBC’s I could see being released over TOTY - would you do any of these?

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2020.11.30 02:45 KingOfAKingdom Confused about the difference between multiplying and dividing percentages

I want to find what the maximum price that I can buy a property for considering I have 250,000 dollars in savings once all taxes are accounted for.
if the first 125,000 is 0% tax and the next 125,000 is 2% tax, then what is my maximum purchase price?
The answer for this is $247,549 but I don't understand why. I solved this like so:
250,000 - 125,000 = 125,000 - I am subtracting the 125,000 for which there is 0% tax.
125,000 * 0.02 = 2500 - I am finding 2% of 125,000.
125,000 - 2500 = 122500 - I am subtracting 2% from the 125,000 that gets taxed
Therefore, adding 125,000 would mean 247,500 is the maximum purchase price
BUT the correct solution is apparently:
250,000 - 125,000 = 125,000 - Once again, I am subtracting the 125,000 for which there is 0% tax.
125,000 / 1.02 = 122,549 - I am finding some number in which if I add 2%, I will get 125,000
122,549 + 125,000 = 247,549 - This is my maximum purchase price.

Why are these two methods finding different results? Aren't they both finding what 98% of 125,000 is? Thanks in advance!
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2020.11.30 02:45 W_Doggy Could someone help me beat the last stage of Big City Rampage?

I'm on the last stage and really need to beat it. (If I do I'll get a mega box, and my chances for a new brawler are pretty high) could someone please help? Thanks in advance
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2020.11.30 02:45 KumiSasoriza My boyfriend fears any trip to the 5 & Below...

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2020.11.30 02:45 GamePhotoModePorn2 Posted by u/buzzerbeatin in r/The_Crew

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2020.11.30 02:45 SilentDominick My Little Suicide Attempt

Story: Okay so this happened over 2 years ago and I have told a very select few about it. I feel I should "let it out" and feel better (hopefully). Let me just give you some context: I was born in New Jersey, USA and stayed there until I was 9 yo but because of some family and financial problems me and my family left to south America. Colombia to be exact. Since I came from USA in school they brought me down a year (I was originally in 3rd grade) because I didn't know the language good enough. Anyway, in my first real school I stayed from 2nd grade all the way to 6th grade but I failed 6th grade like an idiot. Okay now you're caught up. This is the first moment in my life where I felt failure, loneliness, and depression. My parents put me in another school since they couldn't afford the one I failed in. Changing schools was tough and the school I changed to wasnt very good, the people there weren't very nice or well educated. So I did 6th grade again and entered 7th grade. I had no friends, some people I used to talk to (I don't anymore BTW) but no one I would call a friend. On August 31, 2018 I brought a knife to school and waited for the first break. When the bell went I acted like I was going to the bathroom. In reality I went to the bathroom and pulled out the knife. I looked at my self in the mirror and was about to stab myself. I didn't do it. I dicided to go outside and have a snack instead but my dumbass decided to bring the knife with me and a teacher realized I had it. He took the knife from me a told the "principle" (I say principle but I can't actually remember who she was). The principle asked me why I brought a knife to school and I told her the truth (that I was going to commit suicide). The could've easily expelled me from the school but instead did nothing about it except call my parents and kept the knife away from me. My parents didn't really do anything about it or the school. That was probably the lowest point of my life.
Epilogue: My parents did take me out if that school since it was so low class and got the chance to put me into a better one. At first I was really uncomfortable but soon settled in. I sort of have friends in school, not exactly. I still feel my depression but it comes in waves. Some days I feel fine and just relax and vibe to music, play video games, and watch anime. Other days I feel terrible and want to harm myself (I actually have a couple of times). But it's getting some what better and that's what's important.
Thanks for reading! If you read it all I appreciate you!
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2020.11.30 02:45 dmhf93 [Modest] Chewtle, F, 20


- Ditto Requested: Modest
- Pokémon Deposited: Chewtle
- Nickname: dmhf93
- Pokeball: Poké Ball
- Gender: Female
- Level: 20
- Home/IGN: daniel
- GTS Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
- Game Version: Sword/Shield
- Game Language: English
- Trainer Description: Brendan
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2020.11.30 02:45 Skorpigeist The last of my boys turned 1 on the 28th. Happy birthday Casper. I love you amd your brothers more than you know

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2020.11.30 02:45 eseho23 Another Lian Li Build.

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2020.11.30 02:45 Tristan_Culbert Part 6 figures getting a re-release

In 2019 Medicos started re-releasing figures starting with part 1 and then 2. Sort of skipped to part 5 then back to 3 and now part 4 and 7 are being released. Almost all the figures from these parts have been re-released with the exception of part 5 Polnareff. Now only part 6 and 8 have had no re-release since they first came out back in 2013 - 2016. If Medicos continues with the re-releases it is safe to assume that we will get part 6 and 8 soon.
I think it is possible that we will get part 8 first since Medicos might hold out on part 6 and re-releases them with the anime.
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2020.11.30 02:45 lk3luca [H]Cursed Black TB Arcana [W]Vigil Triumph + Hair of the Survivor

Add me on steam
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2020.11.30 02:45 kirkr76 Meet Zues and Odin

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2020.11.30 02:45 Illustrious-Horror-9 Help! 750 budget PC with great with future upgrade support

I know there probably a plethora of posts but I need some valid answers. I’m looking to play Apex along with a super Modded Minecraft I’d like to get 1080 but it’s not a necessity. Just want a good platform to get me started. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.
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2020.11.30 02:45 Automatic_Delay3276 Linus

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2020.11.30 02:45 CrackRockUnsteady Rare crosspost

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2020.11.30 02:45 zskeezy Jeez Njada, a little respect for Kodlak, maybe?

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2020.11.30 02:45 XxF1RExX How far is the grocery store?

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2020.11.30 02:45 UnhipHarpy I guess yea...

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2020.11.30 02:45 corporatebarbieDUH Marketing survey for the local beauty industry

Hi! I'm doing a quick poll to see how hard since the rise of covid cases (this last month) your industry (BEAUTY specifically please) has been impacted.
Nail salons Hair dressers Hair salons Beaut salons Massage Skin care Etc.
We know that since new restrictions and recommendations have been put in place this go, beauty specific businesses have made the cut however, with the rise in cases have also come a lot of cancellations, etc. for personal health and safety measures.
This is simply a poll for a class I'm taking. I prefer not to give my own opinion here other than, I know it's bad out there...
Thank you for the help. Whatever industry you're in, I sincerely hope you're doing ok.
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2020.11.30 02:45 fz-09 My [31/m] new girlfriend [21/f] is 10 years younger than me and I'm not sure how I should feel about it.

Hello Reddit,
About 6 weeks ago I matched with this amazing girl on Tinder. I had my Tinder settings set from like 21 to 41. I was a little hesitant to message her because the age gap kind of made me feel creepy but I ended up messaging her and we got along really well so we decided to go out for a drink. The date was fantastic and we ended up sleeping together that night.
Over the next few weeks we hung out every few days. The communication has been incredible. We would bond about common interests like music, nature, and veganism but we would also talk in depth about what we want out of a relationship, sex, and our futures. We would go on hikes, watch movies, and chat for hours.
We are definitely in different stages of life but I don't really feel that too much. I don't feel weird being in public with her and nothing has come up that has been an issue in regards to the age gap. She seems to be incredibly mature for her age.
As it turns out, she has a history of dating older men (and women). The last guy she was with was 36.
Anyway, eventually I brought up the monogamy conversation. She had made it pretty clear from the start that she was just getting out of a relationship so didn't want to jump right into something super serious which works well for me because I don't like to move too fast in relationships. Anyway, she brought up the idea of an open relationship which I'm game for trying. I'm not really the jealous type and I think our communication has been good enough that it could work well.
So here's my questions / concerns:

I know that some random internet stranger telling me what I'm doing is or isn't cool shouldn't be the deciding factor. I'm just curious if anybody else has been in a similar situation or has any feedback.
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2020.11.30 02:45 baronvb1123 Just say no, Mr president!

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