A resource for those struggling with pet loss.

2020.11.30 02:01 ILoveMyCat84 A resource for those struggling with pet loss.

Like all of you, I am dealing with a huge loss. I had to put my 9 year old sweetheart kitty, Echo, to sleep this Thanksgiving. At times, I feel empty and find my survivor kitty looking for her sister every so often which makes me sadder. I have been managing to keep it together and this subreddit has really helped me knowing I am not going through this alone; I sincerely thank you all for that.
This is not my first pet loss, but it has definitely been the hardest. I lost my grandmother about a week before Thanksgiving last year and the grief of losing my best girl around the same time has just about topped off my depression/sadness meter. I know some of you are also going through the same emotions.
The reason I'm posting this is not to give you hollow sympathy or pretending I know how you should feel or what you should do; it is just to let you know there are ways to cope and people out there do care.
I included a link to a free service that anyone can call to talk to someone that understands a very difficult pet loss. It is free of charge and completely anonymous. Let it out to someone that has gone through it.
The pain you are feeling is real and it will take time to fully move on, but no matter how you choose to do that, make sure it is in a healthy way because your pet loved to see you happy.
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2020.11.30 02:01 Electroformations I primarily make small items like these Clipper Lighter Cases. I use 3D printing and Electroforming to make the case. Then use patinas and resins to finish.

I primarily make small items like these Clipper Lighter Cases. I use 3D printing and Electroforming to make the case. Then use patinas and resins to finish. submitted by Electroformations to electroforming [link] [comments]

2020.11.30 02:01 LiliansOwl Land Raider customizability

I recently got the Land Raider redeemecrusader, and while building, I've found that i can really only build one or the other. Since I dont have the fattest of wallets, I want ways to change my loadout without buying an entire other land raider. What's available to me?
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2020.11.30 02:01 Ahhahhahah Do you believe we can reincarnate as another life form?

I wanna be a house cat
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2020.11.30 02:01 coolguydude56 I sure hope this "blows up"

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2020.11.30 02:01 Anarcho_Humanist Some genuine questions for pro-China socialists

So, as I understand it China's strategy is theoretically solid, the idea of letting markets in to increase wealth and innovation, promote peace with the west (and give them incentive not to destabilise you) and potentially even slowly sap the west of wealth is a legitimate strategy and if it weren't for my following objections would mean I would be much more likely to be pro-China. However:

Explanations for these points would go a long way into making more people into pro-China socialists.
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2020.11.30 02:01 Earthyadamd Mario combo from my friend

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2020.11.30 02:01 justkellerman CX vs BX for PC-only use

Looking to buy a TV to use primarily as a PC monitor, and wondering if there's anything about the CX that I'd miss in that use case. It'll be on a desk, though a deep one where where I'll be about 3-4 feet back from it.
The differences I've found are that the processor on the BX is slower, the panel doesn't get as bright, and only two of the four HDMI ports are 120hz. That last one I definitely don't care about, as I'll just have a computer hooked up to it (and even if I use it for other things, the computer's all I'd care about 120hz usage with).
The other two points, though, I'm unclear on how that would impact me. For the differences in brightness, my thinking is that it wouldn't matter much since I'll be sitting so close (ie do I really want it to get that bright?)--but maybe there's still some depth to the HDR effect that I'd be losing regardless?
And then the processor speed I've seen referenced before, but I have no idea how that actually would impact me. Is that just how snappy the menus and stuff are? Are there streaming service apps that don't work as well or aren't available because this? Or are there actual TV features with visual impact that won't work the same somehow?
I know there's a million CX vs BX posts in the world, so I apologize for making yet another, but after reading several I just wasn't clear on these two points. It'd be nice to save a couple hundred bucks if it'll be all the same to me, but I can afford the CX if there is.
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2020.11.30 02:01 UtopiaNation I Need Help Refining my Deck

So I'm playing a Yorion Mardu doom Foretold deck and I'm at mythic %90-95 playing traditional standard and I'm trying to better my deck.
Here are some aspects of it that I've noticed. Aggro decks can beat me if I draw a bad hand with not many removal spells. It loses against Rogues in the first match, but after I bring in Kroxa, and Tymmaret I've noticed that I always end up winning the next two games and the match; I bring in duress as well but duress doesn't help me even close to enough as Kroxa and Tymaret. I have to play a bit more aggro to win against other Yorion decks excluding Selensya Yorion, unless I draw treacherous blessing and Mazemind Tome. Rakdos Midrange decks are easy for me to beat, so I have no troubles there. Against other control decks other than Yorion or Rogues with Shark Typhoon, I end up either playing the Mazemind Tome draw game to win the match. But overall, even after the first match and I sideboard usually just duress I'd say I'm equally even in winning the match and if I do lose the match, I at least win one match. But sometimes I sideboard into my deck Tymaret and Kroxa if I start to lose my patience in the long control matches, and go HAM on my opponent. But it usually doesn't work and in the third game, I go back to playing normal. So just to note I can get frustrated playing really long games.
Here's my deck: https://aetherhub.com/Deck/yorion-mardu-doom-foretold
Right now I'm trying out main decking 2 Charming Prince, and removing 1 Omen of the Sun, and 1 Hagra Mauling. I want to see how that turns out. But overall, I need some help refining my deck. It could be just the way I play, however. So if you have any tips and card sequences you recommend I'd appreciate it if you tell me about them.
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2020.11.30 02:01 bunbunyes 3TEETH - Pumped Up Kicks

Probably posted before but eh. This just came up on Spotify shuffle, seriously digging it.
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2020.11.30 02:01 tippitytiptap Thought there wasn’t enough love for Kirara so here’s some sketches.

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2020.11.30 02:01 Atreidas 28 Mage Stockades full solo using safespot method

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2020.11.30 02:01 AutoModerator Meme Monday

On meme monday we invite you to post and upvote your favourite memes!
What is a meme you ask? Answer!
How can I make a meme (easily)? Here, Here or Here!
Why?!? Since most polytheist subreddits are dedicated to worship, they are not appropriate platforms for humour. Yet, humour is an important aspect of life, so /polytheism rises to the challenge, so that other polytheist subreddits can remain true to their mission.
Wait, does this mean I CAN'T post memes on other days? No you can post memes on other days too. We just feel like encouraging people to laugh and have fun on mondays is a good idea from a mental health perspective.
I don't like this! >:( I want to speak to your manager. You are welcome to message the moderators :).
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2020.11.30 02:01 Grimolas Weekly agent, Featured Players and event discussion thread - November 30

Weekly agent, Featured Players and event discussion thread - November 30 What do you think of the Weekly Event & Featured Clubs? Which featured club player did you get?
Featured Clubs:
  • Schalke 04
Schalke 04 Club Selection
  • Bayer Leverkusen
Bayer Leverkusen Club Selection
  • Ajax
Ajax Club Selection
  • Atalanta
Atalanta Club Selection
Which Matchday side will you pick?
  • Home: SCHALKE 04
  • eFootball Matchday: 3x SilveGold scouts + coins at 4k points
  • MyClub Matchday: SilveSkill/Position/Gold + coins at 4k points
Challenge Cups Online challenge cup
  • U2999: 5 Skill trainers
  • U3999: 5 Position trainers
  • O4000: 5 Skill trainers
VS COM challenge cup
  • Every 2 days: win 3 games to get exp trainers
Thursday featured Players of the Week Which players definitely deserve to be a Featured Player of the Week next thursday, based on last weekends results?
Useful links
How is your squad building going along? Share your new players from this week here!
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2020.11.30 02:01 Irc-freak Trading Diamond Dragon

All offers welcome.
I can add tomb, bat dragon, nfr evil uni if we doing a big trade.
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2020.11.30 02:01 accidentpronebitch How do you know if you’re gay or bi?

I really like girls. A lot. I’ve only dated guys, and I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love very much and want to have a life with. But I just got this feeling a few seconds ago. Like I just LOVE women. Men turn me on I guess but not as much as women. I’ve never found a guy actor attractive. Like Ryan Reynolds. My favorite, love him seen all his movies but I’m just like. Not..into him? How do i know? I get crushes on guys too idk. I’m confused I’ve never felt like I’ve had to put a label on myself before. I’ve never felt like it’s something I’ve had to do and that I’d just like who I like but what if I’m a lesbian?
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2020.11.30 02:01 amdtrains Been working on the Mine...

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2020.11.30 02:01 kingbankai Denver’s 2020 season will be known as the Orange Wedding from here on out.

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2020.11.30 02:01 serendipity1990 I wanted to get a couple of US based skincare products. Could you guys suggest trusted insta stores/sellers who I can contact, who wouldn't charge exorbitantly and who would send genuine products?

One is the Silly George lash growth serum, The other is a dark spot correcting serum...
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2020.11.30 02:01 tpe_gotti Got 2 new ps5 just came in if u looking for 1 hit me up only taking cash app in shipping

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2020.11.30 02:01 doggoDudee The Chinese used to shoot rats out of cannons to destroy their enemies' morale.

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2020.11.30 02:01 BlueDreamJason Vic Tafur on Twitter. Carr said team was flat all week. Why didn’t he say anything? Other coaches didn’t notice that?

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2020.11.30 02:01 Alextheredman Who do you hate and wish died more?

View Poll
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2020.11.30 02:01 karmascool [HELP] New headset for comp gaming and music.

With black friday sales disappearing soon, I need to get a headset.
Here are the ones ive been told are good for comp gaming and music.
- Philips SHP9500
- Audio Technica ATH700x
- Koss KSC75
- Coolermaster MH752.
I don't know which one to get with all the different variants and stuff. It's important to note I have no amp and have a budget of only around 100 bucks. I live in the U.S(NY), and I need a pair soon.
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2020.11.30 02:01 super-loser-blastoff What changes caused by COVID-19 precautions made you have more positive experiences (aside from working from home)?

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