Guess who's back, thicker than ever. All the dm content in Vip, hit me.

2020.11.27 06:57 theonlycoalition Guess who's back, thicker than ever. All the dm content in Vip, hit me.

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2020.11.27 06:57 Caletta242 О пользе чтения

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2020.11.27 06:57 goingfullham When elderly using reddit, the comment section be like:

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2020.11.27 06:57 amdwebdev Web app for web dev tutorials 🤔

Hello guys I am about to create a web app ( using nuxt /vue js )to put all useful web dev youtube tutorials in order per topic with some quiz after each video, it is similar to udemy but with youtube videos from different youtube channels, The reason is to make the learning path easier for those who are new to web dev and don't knwo where to start and find it different to follow. Is this a good idea 🤔? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback
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2020.11.27 06:57 opcoupon Black Friday Deal > $105.99> Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Feeder Banggood Coupon Promo Code - Coupon Codes and Deals

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2020.11.27 06:57 sixdegrees102 absent mother + relationship trauma = bisexuality ?

[i've submitted this on another subreddit as well]
me: i'm a 17 year old girl
i grew up with an absent mother and i've always noticed that i'd be attracted to women who would nurture me, such as a female math tutor in her 40s, a school teacher, an older friend, etc. the kind of attraction i'd feel wasn't sexual, but rather infatuation and feeling a crave to feel more of their affection. i'd begin looking forward to seeing them again, but i wouldn't think about them all the time.
a while later, i began dating for the first time and we had a toxic relationship. he would cheat on me and talk to me about other girls all the time. i didn't know how to accept this fact, so i began feeling an attraction towards the girls i'd usually get jealous about. i began acting like the girl he cheated on me with and i wanted to be her, while also liking her romantically.
nowadays, i find myself gazing at girls more often, wanting to act more masculine while simultaneously liking guys. maybe it's just the timing of how things manifested, but could there be any kind of link? thank you in advance.
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2020.11.27 06:57 andrewchambers A piece I designed and built for entry into a competition.

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2020.11.27 06:57 throwawayventinggs i just want a hug, or to feel genuinely cared for at least.

a real, genuine hug from someone who actually cares. ive never realized how fucking touch starved i am, how fucking praise deprived i am. i havent heard genuine praise in months, hell maybe even years? i have to hug my blanket and listen to ~20 year old men saying "it's ok", "you're worth it", "you'll get through" just to feel somewhat cared for. hell, i started sobbing after listening to one of them, it felt like they actually meant it.. when my parents hug me, it just feels.. forced?
my parents make fun of me for no reason, laughing at me, asking eachother "whats wrong with them?", saying "nothing makes them happy anymore.". just being on my laptop, talking to online friends, thats what makes me happy. cant you understand? my "irl friends"? they arent even close to me. they're more like coworkers. we only talk when we need something from eachother. i dont even get that much attention from my online friends either. i cant cry or i get scolded by my parents. "You have to be the perfect daughteson/child.". i only get to cry at night, when everyone's asleep. even then, its hard to be quiet.
i just want a hug...
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2020.11.27 06:57 DustinStalled Dragon Tail finishing up week 9

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2020.11.27 06:57 deboo117 Infantile spasms (IS) - An overview

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2020.11.27 06:57 potadoe-boy How do I convince my mom I’m not a femboy

Okay so short story something happened and now I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m a femboy, but I could be wrong and so if I tell her I’m not a femboy then I could run the risk of having to have a super awkward conversation with her for absolutely nothing
I guess this is what curiosity has lead to
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2020.11.27 06:57 rabidragon Vivid Voltage Launch Event: Round 3

Hey everyone, welcome to Round 3 of the Vivid Voltage Launch Event! You'll be paired with your opponent below; please make contact within 24 hours and complete your match within 3 days. Good luck!
Match Deadline: Sunday, November 29 at 11:59pm EST
Tournament Details: - 6 Rounds of Swiss; Top 16 advance to playoffs - Match Play: Best of 3 Games - Match Timers must be turned on - Decklist Sharing must be turned on
Tournament Bracket
Tournament Policies
Player Directory & Decklists All players must use the exact decklist they submitted. Please check your opponent's decklist before & after to your match.
Sponsored by
This tournament is not affiliated with or endorsed by TPCi.
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2020.11.27 06:57 topherette in the vein of Stocky, Raccy, Staly Vegas, what nicknames have you heard for areas around Manchester?

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2020.11.27 06:57 hassan_allaeldin anyone had a problem with oculus link cable

I saw many youtubers had a problem with their oculus link only connecting in specific usb c ports anyone else had this problem ?
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2020.11.27 06:57 1stBladeUnderTheMoon It really do be like that

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2020.11.27 06:57 mr_avanak O günden sonra hiçbir şey aynı olmayacaktı.

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2020.11.27 06:57 postmaster_ru Новость

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2020.11.27 06:57 buffalo7878 Looking for friends? Want to have fun while playing fairly? Just looking for people to chat and hang out with? Come Check us out!!!!

875+ members
Accepting of ALL
Almost 50/50 Male/Female
Lgbtq+ friendly
Started as an Among us server, but has evolved into a community server
We have a large Dungeons and Dragons following
We have 10+ other games channels
Organized Leadership structure
We have mature channels for those who have a "Colorful" vocabulary
We have several members that are currently streamers and YouTubers
Streaming Channel
Karaoke/Music Channel
Movie Nights
Giveaways next one at 1000 members
Much More to come
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2020.11.27 06:57 alexander-vince [WDYWT] When taking outfit pics was the highlight of your Thanksgiving 🥲

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2020.11.27 06:57 anonymous0876 What's the best thing you've ever gotten for free?

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2020.11.27 06:57 Drewb13 [US] Thinking about Lenovo Ideapad Flex 7

Hi everybody, someone in my last post suggested the Lenovo Ideapad Flex 7 as an option for a laptop with a good build quality/battery that I could use for some light gaming and software dev work. I noticed this deal on staples for the flex at $630 and was wondering if this was considered a good deal? I'm open to any other suggestions as well! Thanks in advance.
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2020.11.27 06:57 QueenTerryx32 32 [F4M] London/Online - Accept a total exchange of power. You must be under my full control.

I maybe evil, yet I am loving... sadistic though kind... Don't bother to send me a message if you are not ready to serve and submit. I want to meet subs or slaves who know what they really crave in life...who knows where they stand... who need to obey and follow My orders...
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2020.11.27 06:57 AAlbino Will gift daily. Live on pokestop. 8445 6394 3037

Gifts from Norway! 8445 6394 3037
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2020.11.27 06:57 KimKistheGOAT This was voted as the best post on Yandhi leaks / wse 🔥 congrats to grand theft auto

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