Piett IE

2020.11.27 06:31 TheKenobster Piett IE

So for a team of EP, Vader, thrawn, piett and tarkin/bsf who do I mark with piett’s special
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2020.11.27 06:31 holdenotter Plug Head man creepin

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2020.11.27 06:31 duckingatlife Small town study

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2020.11.27 06:30 Berry-Tiny ELI5: OK, but why is it called "Black Friday"?

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2020.11.27 06:30 GrynnTog How to Skip Shadowlands Campaign with Alts - World of Warcraft

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2020.11.27 06:30 frankiemermaid138 DaVinci Resolve won't import media

I just started using Linux (distro KDE Neon, I don't know if that matters), and DaVinci Resolve won't let me import my files into the media pool. I have 16.2.7, and every time I open the application it says "If your graphics card supports CUDA 10, please install the latest NVIDIA driver for optimal performance. Alternatively, you can set the GPU processing mode to OpenCL in Preferences." I don't know how important that really is, so I didn't really think twice about it, but since I don't know much about Linux (or tech in general to be quite honest,) I fear there's something big I'm just missing. I am a video editor so my job is relying on this, and I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!
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2020.11.27 06:30 prachigala 3M 9332+ Aura

Any OTG stock of 3M 9332+ Aura in USA? Please send all details on [email protected]
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2020.11.27 06:30 akidnamedFP PepeLaugh they don’t know. (They subbed thinking they were guaranteed money from CashApp)

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2020.11.27 06:30 TheCornerBrah Someone Lied To Yall...

and idfk who lied to yall at that. this nigga carti aint ever say he was finna drop today he said he turned it in lmfao dont let yall hopes get in the way of reality
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2020.11.27 06:30 martyjoh34 No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!

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2020.11.27 06:30 Skutchiii Press any key to start the game

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2020.11.27 06:30 GutterRatRL Mazikeen having a relax on my girlfriend ☺️😍

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2020.11.27 06:30 Huskiedaalien Leave your opinion down

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2020.11.27 06:30 Ceraltyty Mokou, The Living Doll of Eternity. (Cosplayed by [email protected])

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2020.11.27 06:30 TheMoistOystr PS5 Rainbow Six Siege Download Error.

Tonight I went to load up some Siege with my friends, clicked on the icon and was met with at the game screen with "installed" where the "play" button would be. No where on my PS5 is this game installed, or on my external hard drive. I have deleted the updates for it that were left over from the transition and I am able to re-download that portion of the game from the store. It will not download the actual game though and its quite frustrating, it even gave me an option to purchase the game, I've owned it since the day it came out, so I was quite confused and just went ahead and bought it for $9.99 again and am still facing the same issue as before. I'm at a loss, just want to play the damn game with my friends.
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2020.11.27 06:30 D-DogDan How to put a .exe in to nr2003

Does anyone know how to apply a .exe into nr2003? i want to add a .exe into nr2003 for a online league which is required for that series.
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2020.11.27 06:30 birch8484 A past few hour someone ask what is Bitcoin Cash? Now i need your help because I want to know what is the exact meaning of fork and blocks that I always see in any articles and news in Bitcoin Cash Sites. I want to learn more. Thankyou

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2020.11.27 06:30 The-Life-Hacker Seeking Help With New (Old) i3 1.75 Plus/MK1

Hello All!
I just recently bought a Prusa i3 1.75 Plus/MK1 from a friend that was no longer using it that I'm learning how to configure and set up. After spending several hours over the span of a few days trying to get a leveled and flat/not bowed bed (to the bane of my sanity, something that seems mutually exclusive lol) I decided to get a BLTouch probe to solve that problem for me altogether.
I've since been mucking about in the firmware code files (version 3.0.12, the last version backported to the MK1 as indicated on the firmware download on Prusa's website) learning a ton in the process (I have a computer engineering background, so this is my happy place) but I'm running into a problem that I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing it.
To utilize the BLTouch probe, as indicated by BLTouch's install info and a couple guides I've found, I need to enable the servo subsystem in Configuration.h (done) and then reassign some pins on the MiniRAMBo 1.3a to provide a PWM capable pinout to the BLTouch (done-ish). Reassigning the Z_MIN_PIN (10) in pins.h to use the Z_MAX_PIN (23) value works just fine (and I disable Z_MAX_PIN (-1) because I don't have any max endstops). What is boggling my mind is when I define SERVO0_PIN to now utilize the former Z_MIN_PIN value (10), all of my stepper motors no longer move any of my axes and hum angrily if I try to move anything from the front dial menu. Would anybody happen to know what might be causing that?
I suppose I have a number of other questions, but trying to get my printer operating with my BLTouch is my top priority at the moment. One additional one that might save me a lot of trouble is how important is it for the BLTouch to be powered/controlled by a PWM pin? If I don't need to assign it as a servo, that would probably fix my problems. Or that could just be naive hope because I'm new at this lol.
Any help would be appreciated!
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2020.11.27 06:30 SteelBallStar i just want the bow dude

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2020.11.27 06:30 madmel996 Forbidden Cheese Biscuit

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2020.11.27 06:30 iaizen Gears Tactics part 3 gameplay walkthrough

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2020.11.27 06:30 Infernoboy6666 ‼️ Packs filtrados y onlyfans gratis. Sin Publicidad ‼️ https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFGkeaNyWxaLEl5mCw 🌟

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2020.11.27 06:30 StefanDecanski Why do they call it oven?

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2020.11.27 06:30 _duh_alien [WDYWT] My Goodwill Jacket BOTH COLORS OF GRAVY! Happy Thanksgiving y’all

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2020.11.27 06:30 elektriknathan Did humans have religion prior to the age of agriculture?

I honestly do not know if humans did have God prior to when we learned how to farm
Does anyone know? Can anyone recommend something that shows how long we have been imagining God?
Warm regards
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