Bro, is that a [SUPRA] ??? (In Concord, NH)

2020.11.30 03:07 AlexWryy Bro, is that a [SUPRA] ??? (In Concord, NH)

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2020.11.30 03:07 RLCD-Bot [Cobalt Chikara GXT] [Crimson Almagest] [Rainbow] [Cristiano]

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2020.11.30 03:07 4OREIGNOR How does imgurr view count work?

Like let’s say if made a private post and then sent the link to someone. Are the views 1 per person or are the the amount of times someone visits that page?
Meaning that “private” post has been seen by other people, by the receiver copy and paste and sending around. Or?
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2020.11.30 03:07 mooninthelining Lemuria, Mu, Pan

Anyone know of any good podcasts on Lemuria, Pan, etc? I have already listened to Mysterious Universe and Last Poscast on the left and neither really have the real content that I’m looking for. I did come across a pretty good episode on the podcast Earth Ancients where the host interviews a Dr. Susan Martinez who wrote a book on Pan but that’s the closest I’ve gotten and most people seem to just make jokes of it. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
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2020.11.30 03:07 tpranay4747 That's why we should choose the players according to their conditioning.

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2020.11.30 03:07 Skyknight4 Fate- Exotic Hand Cannon

Balanced on a knife's edge- The Emissary
180RPM- Energy- Arc
Intrinsic Perk- Fated- Hitting a precision shot against an enemy manipulates their fate causing them to take a burst of damage 2 seconds later.
Exotic Trait- Destined- Enemies who are struck by Fate take more Arc damage for a short amount of time.
Base 2nd Perk- Kill Clip (procs off of fate kill too)
Catalyst- Enemies that die from Fated explode, spreading the Fate effect to nearby targets.
This would probably be a PvP and especially in PvE with it's ability to stack with debuffs like Tether or Divinity.
Exotic primaries as a whole and especially 180rpm hand cannons really aren't in a good spot and I feel as if this hand cannon would definitely be an S tier weapon in all activities
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2020.11.30 03:07 XDHUNTTER Treyarch, please add body bullet penetration. This would have gone through his arm/shoulder and hit his chest; which is the OHK box

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2020.11.30 03:07 AblazeHonor95 You know why I'm back here , Lets talk about it

New episode is out which means we get to talk some more about danmachi, also thank you to all teh LN readers that have been commenting and providing extra context to whats going on in the anime from the LN and thanks for tagging spoilers, counting on you guys for the extra sauce in the coming episodes as well.
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2020.11.30 03:07 childeater20 What was the hardest time you had to “forgive and forget”?

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2020.11.30 03:07 Alarming-Highlight80 What's your favorite meme commercial?

Mine アゲリシャス
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2020.11.30 03:07 zwcai So Trinity OC bios works on Amp holo but Amp's own bios doesn't

I posted yesterday that my Amp holo's power limit wouldn't change even though it shows 110% in firestorm/afterburner. Original post:
I did a little bit of testing today and was fairly surprised. I used both timespy and msi's kombustor to test the power limit, while reading the values from gpuz. GPU running on water, always below 50c, so no thermal throttling whatsoever. When running the stock vbios on amp holo, with power limit set to 100%, tdp never went above 100% in timespy, and gpuz reading averages at around 325-330w over 30 second. When power limit is set to 110% in afterburnefirestorm, the power limit in kombustor still shows 100%, and power still averages around 325-330w, so it does absolutely nothing.
I thought maybe trinity oc vbios could tell me something. I flashed it, and even though trinity oc's power limit is much lower, the slider works perfectly. When power limit is at 100%, gpuz shows it's pulling around 315-317w in timespy and kombustor, and when it's set to 105% it is accurately reflected in kombustor this time around, pulling about 325-330w. Since trinity oc's max 105% power limit (336w) is pretty much the same as amp holo's default power limit (340w), this number is showing that it's working as expected. Furthermore, I noticed that the core voltage simply refuses to go above 1v. It doesn't matter which vbios I'm using, whenever the core voltage goes up to 1v it drops down immediately, even though I made sure to unlock max voltage in firestorm (this option is greyed out in afterburner for some reason), and I'm not sure if this is why the power limit adjustment is not working properly.
I also tried flashing vbios from other manufacturers, none of them worked. No matter what I do, the power draw in gpuz still maxes out at about 325-330w. I feel like it has something to do with the core voltage being limited to 1v, but I don't have anything to back it up yet. It could be totally the other way around, such that a low power limit restricts the core voltage from going above 1v.
This ends my little investigation, and it basically tells me that amp holo's vbios is broken for me. I don't understand why some people's cards are working fine, but mine sure isn't. u/Z_staff
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2020.11.30 03:07 HamptonOnahole M4m tonight

Pm for more details. Would like a dom/switch though in buckroe area or Hampton area if you can drive.
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2020.11.30 03:07 TwoTonHammer Au Sawa; Mind, Body And A Ton Of Spirits

==•{Personal Info}•==
Name: Au Sawa Gender: Female Age: 20 Birthday(day/month): April 2nd Occupation: Part time Hero/Part Time Teacher Net Worth(Examples: Billionaire, filthy rich, Rich, Middle, Lower middle, Poor, Homeless): Middle Height: 5 Foot 6 Weight: 122 lbs. Hair Colour: Light Blonde Hair type/Haircut: Just below the shoulder, curly toward the ends Facial HaiFacial Hair Type: Facial Hair Colour: Eye Colour: Light blue Skin Colour: Tan Blood type: A- Distinguishing Physical Features: While it isn't shown, her body is littered with the rigors of training, be it cuts or scars.
Personal Strengths: Bubbly and always with a smile, she can bring a light to what could be a dismal situation. Possesses an exceptionally vast knowledge of weaponry and martial arts.
Personal Weaknesses: Despite her best efforts, she does have a habit of being a small bit of an air head, often losing focus on things unless their something she truly loves.
Attitude: Bubbly, joyful, serious when the time calls for it
Likes: studying martial arts or weapon history, occasional shopping, training
Dislikes: Sitting around doing nothing, some of her family members (more later)
Habits: Occasionally loses track of what she's doing, tends to jump into the kind of talk some teenage girls would use (saying 'like' in the middle of a sentence, fiddling with her hair), will almost always explode in joy when the mention of martial arts or any sort of weapon is brought up, going into long tangents about why they're the best when used correctly
Fears/Phobias: Absolutely hates the mere sight of rodents.
Reason for becoming a Hero/Villain: Family tradition
Relationship with peers/classmates: She met and is currently dating a fellow classmate after graduating. Most classmates she's talked to she does make a habit to check in with
Relationship with Family: In terms of living family, she's close with nearly all of them. she hasn't met some family on her fathers' side, though. There is a caveat however...
Relationship Status: Dating
Number of Kids: 0
Backstory(If any): Being the first born of her family, she knew from an early age she'd have to be the brave big sibling that would look out for her younger siblings. Of course, an unfortunate event did occur that robbed her of her mother, leaving her with her father and a sense of depression. Then her quirk manifested. And like that, her mother returned. but not as she'd expect. Being able to see spirits was a rather shocking thing, but what her mother told her soon after would spiral this even further out of control. Her quirk was parasitic. Every first born female in her family was given this quirk despite whatever the father brought to the table. then the original who possessed it, the birth mother, would soon pass away. Often it'd happen between two to six years. but the quirk did allow for former family who owned the quirk to return to the current one as a ghost to lend aid, advice or to be a general nuisance depending.
With this in mind, and after learning more about what she could do, she took to learning all she could with weaponry and fighting. she knew she'd have to use this power for good.
==•{Quirk Information}•==
Quirk Name: Progenitor Quirk Type (mutation, emitter, transformation): Transformation Quirk Range (self, touch, short, middle, long): Self Quirk Summary (around 30 words): She can communicate to her family's ghosts and, when the time comes, turn those members into a sort of unliving armor and weapon. Different era, different weapon.
Quirk Details & Miscellaneous info: First, her quirk is unique in the fact that, no matter the father, the first born woman gains this quirk with the original in possession passing away after. Not long after, the spirit of the fallen can return and communicate. Thing about it is, who is talking is random. She could speak to someone from sixty years ago, or someone from three weeks ago. but whoever she works with, they grant her a weapon and armor depending on many different underlying factors. From samurai armor and a naginata to a more modern soldier with an officer's sword, it's unknown what she's given.
The biggest thing about the spirits is, not every one of them is willing to cooperate. There's a rare chance that whoever appears will be deeply twisted and will try to bend her to their will. It could effect her personality, ability or physical form.
Quirk Strengths: The versatility of her weapon/armor combos can easily throw people off if she gets lucky. Even then, with the protection, she is more then capable of hand to hand combat.
Quirk Weaknesses: The rare chance of being possessed by a malevolent entity can prove to be a bane, forcing other heroes to subdue her and keep her down until it passes. She's also not one hundred percent at some choices of weapon, so she may resort to the extreme basics.
Signature/Special/Ultimate/Attack-Defensive Moves (A Special Move MUST be set in stone, even if the move isn’t discovered yet.): For a limited time, she's able to bring forth what could be a small army of her fallen family as back up. One becomes twenty, or fifty, or one hundred.
Age quirk obtained(Birth-5): 5 How the quirk first manifested: Seconds after her mother passed away, it triggered.
Core Strength: 2/7 Speed: 5/7 Dexterity: 5/7 Durability: 3/7 Intelligence: 7/7 Quirk Power: ?/7 Range: 1/7 Technique: 7/7 Changes/(De)Buffs Core(put N/A here if core stats unaffected.): 0 leave a BLANK if the quirk does not affect the core stat. Put 0 if the core stat CAN BE IMPROVED later, but not at the moment. e.g. Bakugo learning to pseudo "fly" with his explosions, 0/7 Up to a max of 7/7 per stat total. Strength: +1 Speed: +1/-1 Dexterity: +1/-1 Durability: +4 Intelligence: 0 Points Tallying Core: 22/35 Quirk: 8(?)/21 (De)Buffs: +5/+7 Combined total: 35(37)/91
Suitable & Weak Environment Best Quirk Environment: (example: Water, Hot/Dry Areas, Flat Grassy Areas, Concrete etc. And short explanation if needed) n/a
Weak Quirk Environment: (examples: Water, Hot/Dry Areas, Flat Grassy Areas, Concrete etc. And short explanation if needed) Public Places, considering sharp blades or blunt objects as well as the risk of being possessed
==•{Hero/Villain Information}•==
Alias(Heroic, Vigilante or Villainous Name): Seishin (W.I.P until she thinks of something better) Hero, Vigilante or Villain: Hero Hero Agency/Villain Team: n/a School: U.A Year: N/a Class: N/a Department (heroics, support, general, business, etc): N/a Field of expertise(example: Janitor, Water Rescue, Fire Fighting, First Aider, Bank Robbery): Historian/Tutor Costume: Changes depending on what spirit is around. She does not have a set costume
Gadgets/Tech/Items/Weapons: Whatever the spirit provides
==•{Art & Miscellaneous Information}•==
Miscellaneous Information: Only people she trusts completely can see the spirits. Aside from her current partner and her living family, others can't and often see her talking to herself. they often think she's a bit unhinged.
Art (if any):
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2020.11.30 03:07 chehimij Phone bill weirdly low, and data doesn't work

I have the Smartphone 40 Bonus 2GB plan and MyAccount says I have 5GB remaining and only 700MB used. This month I got a bill of $18.31, when its typically $40. Today the bill was due and its already paid, but now I have no data. SMS and calling still work. What is going on?
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2020.11.30 03:07 dragonslayer-t Hey Guys, New to the PokePokeGO Community!

9361 9849 7318
Hey Pokeman men and women!
I just started playing this great game and dont really know how to best make friends.
I'm 21, have brown hair, and love pokemon go!
I'll be playing everyday as if I was a jigglypuff singing my heart out!

Add me and let's be friends to exchange friendship points!
9361 9849 7318
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2020.11.30 03:07 thatonecanadian155 That’s a public park

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2020.11.30 03:07 thediamondconqueror Lilac Twist Set

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2020.11.30 03:07 dhaje93 We the homies salute you!

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2020.11.30 03:07 Ben-Kenzo-Michael Why did most American Indians and fugitive slaves support the British in the Anglo-American wars of 1775-83 and 1812-14?

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2020.11.30 03:07 yudodis96 In-Stock Ammo Online for Clays??

So, I am in a bit of a pinch. For some reason, I can't seem to even get clay ammo locally anymore. My local Field and Stream used to always have a pallet of it just sitting there, and recently they never have it anymore. I am not into paying insane prices at the range for Ammo, and the place I used to buy from online finally sold out.
Anyone know where I can buy 12ga Ammo for Trap online that will ship to NY that is in stock and not a rip off? Feel free to PM me it to me if you don't want to blow up the spot publicly, hah.
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2020.11.30 03:07 Jsands0 Red Planet Arsenal

A little while back someone posted about their headache of an experience with transferring an RPA “other” to an FFL in NY. Hoping to hear an update or from anyone else that has purchased something from them. I’ve been eyeing up a few of their products for close to two years but nervous about process once they get here. (Specifically their AK others) thanks for any input.
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2020.11.30 03:07 rfirezilla Zoomer Wireless Referral Code: YW0280773

For a $50 bill credit use referral code: YW0280773
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2020.11.30 03:07 asadlittlebeansprout Is The Undoing gory?

Hi, so I briefly looked up what this show is about and have heard so many good things but I can’t really watch anything super gory/bloody and was wondering if you guys can share whether or not there’s a lot of gore/blood. I couldn’t watch Sharp Objects if that helps at all in terms of what I can handle.
Thank you for your help in advance!!
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2020.11.30 03:07 StasisGoBrr Tired of the Toxicity

I really do like Siege and after coming from Arena shooters, learning something different was refreshing. I've never been very good at FPS games but did well enough to hit alright levels like plat (even though I perform like a low gold). But some days I just don't have the energy or have off days that I just don't perform well. Looking back on it I could just disable All chat but I like the times that the enemy team communicates on a non toxic level. Recently I've decided that it's jut not helping my mental state, I deal with depression and being targetted by other players for how I perform even in casual just really takes it's toll.
Maybe I'll return to Siege at somepoint but for now I think I'll take an indefinite break. How about you guys? What are some of your toxic encounters?
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2020.11.30 03:07 nameschristine i bought a ten pack of hi chews

yk those chewy taffy like asian candys
turns out banana and pineapple are pretty disgusting
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