Leftover pizza is better cold

2020.11.30 01:59 crabbycreeper Leftover pizza is better cold

I’ve noticed a post in hot, and I do think that colder pizza is better. It’s not as visibly greasy, the cheese doesn’t ooze everywhere, and it’s all round just a better tasting pizza. It’s also easier, just grab it from the fridge and go.
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2020.11.30 01:59 Ok_Representative269 Rhinoplasty in Vancouver?

I would like to get rhinoplasty done to slim my bridge down so it appears less hooked. Anyone have suggestions for surgeons West Coast BC areas?
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2020.11.30 01:59 crisstiena This noodle

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2020.11.30 01:59 tubonjics1 Miley Ray Cyrus on Twitter: "sent !"

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2020.11.30 01:59 Jeetak rate my speaking voice/accent please.

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2020.11.30 01:59 habbofan10 Girl asks for my number then doesn’t text

To add a bit of context . Had a bit of fun with a girl on a night out, we got along really well and before she got into her Uber she asked for my number and said she will text me .
It’s been the next day and still no message so I’m not expecting one. But why do girls do this .
Also I didn’t ask for her number so it wasn’t a way to not give out hers
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2020.11.30 01:59 Pixelumen The Yellow Sign - Blender3d - me

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2020.11.30 01:59 Astronavig8er Window tint laws are used unconstitutionally

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2020.11.30 01:59 KlayThoreiss What are you doing, step-Tom?

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2020.11.30 01:59 IIUgniusII My Youtooz Order

I Ordered 5 Youtooz and 2 Where Pre-orders will the other 3 (Not Pre-orders) arrive by Christmas?
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2020.11.30 01:59 CaeruleusCCXVI ENG 1.0 Metagame?

I am trying to figure out what the top decks are for the English version of this game. And if there is any comprehensive place that has all the lists, good lists that are well built.
I tried looking at the discord and that was impossible to look for any kind of list, having to sift through all the homebrews that are probably not very good.
Any help with this is appreciated. (PFA)
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2020.11.30 01:59 ringsidewithchops Bf flash sale #8 store pack.

Well here us a new store pack if anyone is interested in this deal. Take it how ever way you want. Good deal for some if interested. 1,000 stamina.1,000 program stamina and 1,000 mc for $20.99. 3 hr time limit.
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2020.11.30 01:59 AnamLe Is DaBaby even real?

I mean, has anyone actually seen DaBaby in person? He’s too good to be true. Big cock, sexy build, and makes good music? No, I refuse to believe this man exists.
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2020.11.30 01:59 DaNASCARMem Wii is the best.

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2020.11.30 01:59 Love-of-Lyricism That’s the wrong use of the word is another excuse that I’ve heard

That’s the wrong use of the word is another excuse that I’ve heard
Rears its head
Just as it appears
To be dead
Can be a prison
When there is
Not a lot
Of optimism
Has risen from our minds
Not the dead
So many of the lines
That you have read
Incite violence
And defy science
This notion of faith
Puts most
In an emotional state
That’s so pleasing
And appeasing
It’s void of reasoning
You may be okay with this
But if God did make me
He made me an atheist
Born sick
And commanded to be well
God just doesn’t like me
So he’ll send me to hell
Perhaps I am blind?
I’ll have to keep an open mind
To find hope
In mankind
I oppose those
Who suppose
They speak truth
Yet never chose
To seek proof
The Bible
Isn’t vital to survival
And it isn’t reliable
Because it isn’t
I always convey
What I’m trying to say
Without shying away
I make strides to be a man
And I take pride in who I am
I know damn well
I can teach my child
How to love
Without some
Guidance from above
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2020.11.30 01:59 Cartoonist_Fili New Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury! [OC]

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2020.11.30 01:59 golu1337 Mother keeps telling me to get into IIT even though I'm happy where I am.

I just graduated last month , exams delayed due to covid, managed to get a job as a full stack dev at 6.5 lpa as a fresher.
A few months ago, a very close friend of mine got selected for IIT Guwahati through gate, he's one of my closest friends and I'm really happy for him.
I don't normally discuss my career with her because she doesn't know much about IT. But lately since my friend has got his admission, and a couple of her office friends's kids are also in IIT, NIT OR IIT, she has been really on my nerves about keep IIT in mind even though I'll join a company, I mean sure it's obviously good to do it, but .. I don't want to do it.
When I tell her I'm at a good position, I'll be starting my career with an above average salary, and I'm really happy starting this chapter in my life, she says yeah it's good and shit and she says it's only average to get a 6-7 lpa job like that. I don't even care much about the money now ,it's just that she has mentioned this so many times about how IIT will make my career just so different than it will be normally! I know it will, but yeah I don't wanna do it? Its my life, I'm happy starting a role that I like. I am a person in my own, my friends at iit , all they do is talk about their packages all the time and they're chasing packages, they want to be crazy rich, I have nothing against their way of life but I'm a different person and I believe in different things, I'm okay (happy) with not earning lump sums of money. How do I get this in her head? At first, when I got placed, I wasn't even looking for my parents approval or anything, but the day I got this job she congratulated me and told me to continue preparing for IIT? And she still thinks I'm probably miserable that I got this job and the only thing that's gonna fix me is by clearing gate and get into IIT. I simply don't wanna do it, I want to work, I want to see how companies work, I'm excited to go there, I'm not excited for grinding 12 hours a day for an exam.
I had been working on my skills since quite a time , she doesn't see this lol? On data structures, building something, learning something about the industry, reading about it, I've been doing it with passion since such a long time.. I like this. Im.working hard for something in my life, all this she doesn't see and tells.me almost daily that, I should take a drop for 1-2 years and do gate!! Seriously what?
I told her about how people who started with even 10k a month do good in IT if you're just looking at the pay, I gave her an example about a friend I knew who started at 10k and is earning around 14-15 lpa now, she says, it took that guy 5-6 years to do that, and she said 10k from 5 years ago is equivalent to earning 6.5 lpa now. -.-
What do I even do? I wasted a thousands on Gate in 3rd year because she was behind my ass to do gate and I didn't understand these things before, so I just rolled with it, and then I quit it because I didn't wanna do it, i just didn't wanna do it, I went to those classes where the kids sit for 12 hours a day, and forget their college lives and come home and study again, I was between people like that and I chose not to become like that, and decided that it's ok if I don't earn shit loads of money , if earning so much means chipping away at my soul like that. Some people have that as their passion to study at iit but I don't. For its chipping away at my soul.
She's making me all bummed about my career which I haven't even started yet..
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2020.11.30 01:59 d4z07 Which episode does everyone find out about Alex’s past?

Idk why but I can’t stop trying to remember the episode where Bailey finds out about Alex’s up bringing and was amazed that he even survived, let alone became a doctor
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2020.11.30 01:59 Kalmar100 How does this farming order for a new account sound?

Starting a new account, wondering if this is a good idea for squad building order.
Squad 1: Phoenix Hera, Ezra, Kanan, Zeb, Chopper
Squad 2: Imperial Palpatine, Thrawn, Vader, Tarkin, Royal Guard
Squad 3: Geonosians GBA, Geo Soldier, Geo Spy, Sun Fac, PtL
Squad 4: Republic Padme, Ahsoka, JK Anakin, R2D2/GMY, General Kenobi/Fives
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2020.11.30 01:59 shittyideagirl The Queen has a great taste in fashion

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2020.11.30 01:59 SomewhatCleanPelican Streak 5: La caza para comida de Asia

Aquí in Guadalajara es muy dificil encontrar comida de Asia. Bueno se puede encontrarlo pero la mayoría falta calidad. Por algún razon comida coreana es la más disponible, por lo menos preparada en una manera autentica. Hay muchos restaurantes chinos pero son cosas feas, usualmente bufés repletos de pura mierda. He visto más que uno resturante chino can tuvo un contenedor de trozos de perros calientes como comida china. Son chandas.
Hay pocos opciones tailandés y vietnamita, y mientros no son tan asquerosos que los chinos, son carísimo y mediocre. Mejor cocinar en la casa, porque se puede comprar los ingredientes necesario en mercados asiáticos.
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2020.11.30 01:59 sugarpetalsart Here's a poorly made animatic of TodoDeku! From yours truly! https://youtu.be/03SQNewgXPg

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2020.11.30 01:59 mpx2 did anyone else not get a alumni ambassador meeting for cornell?

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2020.11.30 01:59 RocqueChatel Tiny Fishing

My friend and I have been grinding on Tiny Fishing and we have hit a wall of just seahorses, like meters in depth. We have been going deeper but we only get seahorses, is there anything past seahorses?
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2020.11.30 01:59 erisfive Is the tiktoker Charlie really a friend of the show?

or does Seth just like tracking her followers cuz its crazy?
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