Very gamer of my level 3 friend to blow him self up

2020.11.25 07:10 theyayeet1 Very gamer of my level 3 friend to blow him self up

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2020.11.25 07:10 ThePeripheralpodcast Walked out of an office visit today

I've been having shoulder pain for years, I finally got insurance and decided to see a doctor about it. Every visit I usually end up waiting 20+ mins before I see the doctor. He told me I needed X-rays before my insurance would cover an MRI. Getting xrays done in covid times was a nightmare but that wasn't the doctors fault. I had a follow up appointment today at 10am and the doctor has a strict late policy that if you're late he can cancel you appointment. I get there 10 mins early. By 1030am I'm getting a little annoyed because this was suppose to be a quick follow up visit (could have been done over the phone) I'm called back right at that same moment I'm about to leave. I went back, they weighed me and stuck me back in the exam room. I end up waiting another 30 mins. Nobody check on me, nobody said the doctor was busy. I stood up and walked out. I went to tell the front desk but there were other people in line, social distancing and stuff so I just left. I had waited over an hour without any explanation. 15 mins into my drive home a get a call asking where I am? I said I left because an hour wait isn't expectable. The office staff said the doctor was with other patients and that I'd be charged for my missed appointment. No apology at all. I wrote an email to my doctor asking if he made reservations at a restaurant and they made him wait over an hour and still charge him for a meal even when one hadn't been served if he's go back there. He wrote me back with excuses about how he's been stretched thin since covid (he doesn't treat covid patients BTW. I'm just thinking, not my problem. Am I in the wrong? Is this just part of the overloaded health care system that we accept?
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2020.11.25 07:10 ChangYuanying 201125 Everglow Everday Instagram update - Onda

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2020.11.25 07:10 ladiablitaaa How did you guys come out to your parents?

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2020.11.25 07:10 the_treyceratops Leaf, you’re off the team

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2020.11.25 07:10 force-majeure0 I'm innocent (plz leave a comment after upvote me)

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2020.11.25 07:10 Pantoview With Covid-19 still in full swing, will you go on a spending spree in this holiday season?

2020 is probably one of the worst years in recent memory. Many of us cooped up at home and didn't get much chance to enjoy life throughout the year. Will you take this holiday as an excuse/opportunity to go on a spending spree?
What do you think?
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2020.11.25 07:10 JaviMvndo1 My piece of chocolate came with 3 wrappers

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2020.11.25 07:10 RLCD-Bot [Orange Dominus] [Sky Blue Mainframe] [Flamethrower Yellow] [Saffron MetalStar]

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2020.11.25 07:10 WaterDemonPhoenix Minorities who are religiously driven homophones..

Yeah. No human is perfect but the hyppocricy baffles me. Black Christians who say gays who are inferior or some form of it could technically be applied to black people. Stopping interracial relationships can use the same reasoning as the homophobic reasons.
I get it. Humans are flawed and we suck, but damn it grinds my gears too when muslin complain about people being offended that people discriminate or mock them for public prayer. Fair enough. But then don't mock or discriminate gays for holding hands in public.
All these people have really shitty logic. "I don't want to see you in public" cool. Snd i dont want to see Muslims in public /s
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2020.11.25 07:10 racheljacksonrach Oh Shit there is spider in this Curious Gift.

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2020.11.25 07:10 FrancescaMcG IDK I think Bravo likes his new suit

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2020.11.25 07:10 nouvell93 Thicc enough for you?

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2020.11.25 07:10 alittleinkling Mr. Cottontail hopped all the way to my parking garage

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2020.11.25 07:10 lifeeased 3D Coloring Pages

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2020.11.25 07:10 TheFatOnion How to rent

I am new to torn and I am still livi Ng in a shack, however the tutorial requires me to get a new property or rent one. I can’t afford to buy a new one so I went with renting but I have no idea where I go to rent properties. Could anyone explain to me how to rent please.
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2020.11.25 07:10 introspective_lad My first 30% on a substat

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2020.11.25 07:10 squall_boy25 Epic Seven running natively on the new M1 MacBooks

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2020.11.25 07:10 hpspnmag Join these two fun subreddits

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2020.11.25 07:10 guacamolenibbapeeniz Type-0 team recommendations?

I currently have ace as my attacker, nine as my tank, and rem as my healemage all at level 75. This a good setup or no?
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2020.11.25 07:10 ravensXIII You keep that nonsense in the commonwealth

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2020.11.25 07:10 ineedandlove_acid Am I addicted to drugs?

I take kratom 2 times a week
I take a edible twice a week
I take phenibut once a week
I stay sober 3 days out of the week
I always can’t wait to get high on something. However I still have a good paying job for my age and I’m in school still.
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2020.11.25 07:10 edieangelo Biden’s Swamp

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2020.11.25 07:10 hulawooper HMF this ancient tumblr post about hamburger helper

I saw this years ago, and in this post it had one of the best reaction pics known to man. The premise is that the OP didn’t know hamburger helper came without meat. This leads one of the repliers to post an image that conveys a sort of mixture between “bless your heart” and “are you sure?” with the caption “boxed meat?” Either the original post or the reaction image attached would be a blessing befitting of a holiday miracle.
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2020.11.25 07:10 mibailon Is the arrma 1/10 granite 3s blx and the arrma senton 3s blx have the same parts ? Such as the Suspension arms and the hubs ? I’m on integy looking for aluminum parts for my senton 3s blx

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