5 days post OP tummy tuck, issues with abdominal binder

2020.11.30 03:23 Tiffanyage 5 days post OP tummy tuck, issues with abdominal binder

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2020.11.30 03:23 Oliv4183b Powdered wigs in ck2?

A bit of a weird question on here but do any of you know a mod that adds powdered wigs to the game?
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2020.11.30 03:23 InternalHistorical18 Help he's been rewired we don't know what to do

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2020.11.30 03:23 autobot_9000 @JessayCrosses: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #ACNHDesign #ACNHDesigns #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #ACNHTurkeyDay #ACNHPaths https://t.co/70wFgRfpSf

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2020.11.30 03:23 jorgiestark Shessh so worth it

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2020.11.30 03:23 Dojo_dogs Gloves

So I’m using some old Easton leather 4 roll gloves. I’m looking to upgrade to some newer gloves but keep the 4 roll style. Any recommendations?
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2020.11.30 03:23 elsea42421 Help me identify this pottery artist please!

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2020.11.30 03:23 Kavalon80 Only Rudolph fans will understand [OC]

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2020.11.30 03:23 Tdair25 Please help! Car runs perfectly fine, but engine light just came on. Bought used at 103k.

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2020.11.30 03:23 OuijaSaurusTex Zorak knew the way before it was cool | Source: DC Space Ghost (2005) Issue # 5 by Joe Kelly & Ariel Olivetti |

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2020.11.30 03:23 autobot_9000 @JessayCrosses: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #ACNHDesign #ACNHDesigns #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #ACNHTurkeyDay #ACNHPaths https://t.co/RxlxvwjKJN

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2020.11.30 03:23 bigbodylives ONLYFANS

Guys any leaks or is it too soon
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2020.11.30 03:23 pfrazer [repost] [Academic] New Motivation Model/Theory Research – Phase 4 (Any Adult, 18+) www.motivesatwork.com

Do you have an interest in motivation?
Would you be willing to help validate a new multi-trait theory of motivation?
Survey Link: https://forms.gle/kf5h3RWTTa9ww6KJ7
If you have about 12 minutes to complete a survey, you will help me in what I hope will be my final phase of validity testing for this new model and inventory of motivation.
Thank you so very much for your support of this research, and please consider passing this along to others.
All the Best, Paul Frazer PhD
Survey Website: www.motivesatwork.com
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2020.11.30 03:23 Fancypup1234 Serie A Gk

Any suggestions on the best Serie A goalkeeper right now? Can’t decide between Handonovic and Record Breaker Donnaruma
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2020.11.30 03:23 Trashedemployee I don’t understand why being a lower position means your opinion is meaningless?

By this, more specifically, I mean you’re not as valued in opinion as a manager. Now, obviously the manager has likely worked a lot and gained experience or depending on the job type and location got it and was undeserving. However, I still feel like when you work with people taking their opinions is important. If you end up in an argument with a manager you’re immediately wrong for not saying “ok” or “yes” I really hate this type of power being held over you. I feel like I am still too immature maybe to understand and or accept it but, I am defiant. I don’t like being told to do something that is obviously ridiculous and I won’t bend over and take it from someone who is clearly wrong. I am being somewhat specific in my situation, I encountered a manager mad because she thought I had attitude after she complained it wasn’t her job(I said it wasn’t ours either, not exactly our job description but we do everything in the store technically) to help us and was gonna leave if we didn’t work(we were but I guess she we being specific to me and another person cause I was waiting for more stuff to be on my side to organize so I was relaxing cause I had like no energy and only four hours of sleep). So I was told the only answer to a manager is ok. And if I was told to do something I should (however in that situation i feel that was only passive aggressive.)
So, it just leaves me wondering, will every job be like this do I need to learn to be an ass kisser? It’s so hard to not be stubborn for me and I understand I’ll probably be told to grow up but I don’t see why, if I’m not actively causing problems or being rude but argue my point I am just ignored. I see it everywhere they mess with you and then when you get upset you’re in trouble for it. Are all jobs like this or just minimum wage? I feel like it’s all, that’s why I never job hunt for something else, it’s all the same and temporary for me for now.
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2020.11.30 03:23 autobot_9000 @nekokoikoikoi: RT @ruchereche: #マイデザ配布 秋の地面の色味に合う 「あきいろ けものみち」 を描きました。前回の明るいけものみちより少し暗めのトーンになっています。 小花がそれぞれ、赤、黄色、白の色味があります🌼 ↓参考元 #ThePathACNH #あつまれどうぶつの森 #マイデザイン #acnhdesigns #ACNHDesign https://t.co/CcZmEsELpQ

@nekokoikoikoi: RT @ruchereche: #マイデザ配布 秋の地面の色味に合う 「あきいろ けものみち」 を描きました。前回の明るいけものみちより少し暗めのトーンになっています。 小花がそれぞれ、赤、黄色、白の色味があります🌼 ↓参考元 #ThePathACNH #あつまれどうぶつの森 #マイデザイン #acnhdesigns #ACNHDesign https://t.co/CcZmEsELpQ submitted by autobot_9000 to ACNH_Twitter_Designs [link] [comments]

2020.11.30 03:23 JoshMacMichael Career Mode still too easy

So I’m 10 games into a career with Harrogate Town. I’ve won 9 and drawn 1 so far. I am playing on Ultimate difficulty with OS sliders however I am still yet to concede and tend to score at least 3 goals per game. I haven’t signed anyone as I wanted this career to be semi realistic. Any suggestions for what I can do as the AI seem to prioritise keeping possession over scoring goals which is really getting on my breasts to be honest.
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2020.11.30 03:23 lirao recommendations for good pvp games similar to destiny

I recently got into PVP and really having a kick out of it, I'm looking for some recommendations that aren't overwatch, CoD or counter, people are a bit intense in those games, I just want to have fun. As much as I like desiny 2, sometimes I need a break from it, especially since stasis broke the mode. I'm not into battle royale and it's hard to find something that's not focused on that right now. Anything I should check out?
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2020.11.30 03:23 N1664TR0N3000 sry guys no meme today

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2020.11.30 03:23 SnooCrickets6082 English Candidates in Millennium Dusk

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2020.11.30 03:23 autobot_9000 @acnhmiouabay: I’m gonna try to start sharing more on twitter I think I’m just so not used to it! but here is my gift wrapping workshop & café 🥺🤍❄️ #acnh #animalcrossing #acnhchristmas #ACNHDesigns https://t.co/YvT5saODdK

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2020.11.30 03:23 drugsareverycool Blow

Does anyone listen to 16 lines every time the do the Scarface
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2020.11.30 03:23 RLCD-Bot [Cobalt Jäger 619] [Crimson Almagest] [Cobalt Standard] [Cristiano]

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2020.11.30 03:23 MariosFireball Warlocks: what are you running in pvp?!

I had a lot of fun with stasis but as per usual bungie nerfucked it to the ground. God forbid warlocks sit at the top of the list outside of top tree streamer tier.
Anyway - I have been running NTTE, CQC and Bad Omens. T steps and top tree dawnblade. I’m having a lot of trouble against stasis/crimson/felwintemask of bakris hunters. Everything else I can handle with top tree but Jesus.
I do well enough but it’s getting a bit boring. Unfortunately everything else I have tried is just soooo lackluster compared to what hunters and titans were given.
So what are you all using?
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2020.11.30 03:23 Hoeychloee I’m just a 20 y/o naughty little girl who wants to make you cum. Follow link in bio and comments below. 💖

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