Any ps4 players on NA Apex Legends ?

2020.11.25 05:58 Dariney Any ps4 players on NA Apex Legends ?

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2020.11.25 05:58 Witty-Menu24 Permit Expired

I live in North Carolina but my permit expired back on October 23, but I can’t get a renewal or get a license until 2021 because all the appointments have been taken so quickly even before it expired, and I need a valid government issued ID for paying rent where i live. Does that mean there is nothing I can do now? What should I do?
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2020.11.25 05:58 maxgaming7221 Please i need help

This all started today when my report card came in and my mom saw my grades and she freaked out. And the thing is she always tried to bring the best out of me no matter what it did to me, and it has gotten to the point where it has affected me so much i don't even get to socialize anymore
Iv'e tried getting people to help me evn my girlfriend which even if i treat so well with all i can she barely talks to me and she never helps me when im feeling sad or just never checks up on me and all my older siblings (im the youngest) think its my fault becuase im not doing work.
When i was around in 1st grade my report card came in and i had gotten a 70 for the quarter she grpunded me for a month and hit we a belt a couple times. When i asked her for help on work she wouldn't help me at all, she would only help my siblings woth there work cause ita harder and i couldn't even do simple math by the time. Time past to fourth grade my grades went up, and whenever she got a report card and saw that i got a b or lower on something she would ground me for the weekend and said i could do better. I was also getting bullied at the time and when i finally told her she was just wondering if it was affecting me in school and told me to ignore them and focus on school. Then she only cared the day i came home crying.
She expects me to do so well while my brother and sisters get all that they need for school a decent room laptops and even good phones. All i get is a Imac from 2009 and a couch to sleep on and the cheapest phone they could get me and everyday when she gets home from work she only ask me if i get good grades and if i did all my work she never asl me if im okay or if everything is alright and the last time she gave me a hug was 3 years ago And right now im getting bullied by some egotistical rich kid that when i went to his house i accidentally left my scooter there and he messed it all up with permanent marker and it was a scooter my grandma gave me making me pissed and the thing is he said he will leak my adress and everything he has on me if i even tell on him that he has done several things to me.
Whenever i mesaage my girlfriend she just goes offline and that makea me think she is cheating on me cauae there is this girl that calls her hot and she responded with some emojis that show some type of sexual tension. Plus she never helps me when i need help she always finds a way to make excuses But thats all sorry if there is any spelling errors
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2020.11.25 05:58 ceethee24 itachi_lee

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2020.11.25 05:58 Alexnoax Egg_irl

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2020.11.25 05:58 noop-master-69 princess diana

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2020.11.25 05:58 pedrobeara Is coughing up blood normal?

went to urgent care after a month of wheezing and not being able to catch my breath ....they gave me a script for 5 days worth or prednisone and 30 days worth of Albuterol taking it every 4 to 6 hours ....when I ran out of the Albuterol I still was wheezing so I went back to urgent care and they gave me a script for Flovent (fluticasone) and 10MG Montelukast and another 30 days worth of Albuterol , I started the fluticasone and quit wheezing so decided to not take the Montelukast ( the side effects scared me) and now 25 days later I caught a cold or flu ....I had the chills muscle soreness and would cough up neon yellow stuff for 4 days but today I am feeling much better and decided to clean my PC..( dust being an asthma trigger or mine) used my rescue inhaler and tonight the phlegm I coughed up is like 50% that normal???? after spending everything I had going to the doctors and using all my savings on medication I don't know what to do...I'm over the cold/flu or whatever I had and just hoping it's everything piling on top of itself ....thanks to the asthma meds I never had have a cough and I feel fine so don't want to risk getting covid to ER
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2020.11.25 05:58 D0NGKONG This hurts but I suspect the dudes parking their boners in her garage are even more painful to see.

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2020.11.25 05:58 ponkotsun 笑いあり涙あり、ちょっとHありのドタバタ恋愛ハーレム劇がSteamに!! PC版「異世界酒場のセクステット」発売決定

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2020.11.25 05:58 fergi20020 What’s the style like of the masks that you wear in public these days?

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2020.11.25 05:58 nixk666 Where can I watch the Evangelion Rebuild

I watched it when it was on you tube for free but since they private it, I don't know where I can watch it. Is there a site I can watch it for?
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2020.11.25 05:58 rovermalaya Coron to Welcome Local Tourists Beginning Dec. 1

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2020.11.25 05:58 LightningLizrd I know it’s not the best achievement, but I grinded a little over the past week and got from silver to platinum. It’s not amazing, but I’m proud. (Original post was removed from the main sub Reddit)

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2020.11.25 05:58 bwy97754 Connection getting worse during a match?

So for the last like 10 games, I will kill 3 to 4 people per life for the first 3 lives. After that, for whatever magical reason, I can’t kill ANYONE. People start melting me before I can even react and if I do somehow win a gunfight it feels like it takes me 2/3 of a mag to down someone. What the hell keeps happening???
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2020.11.25 05:58 confidence299 Anyone else feeling self doubt?

I dont know if this is because of the seasonal depression kicking in or what. I’m in my second year, I currently have a 3.3 GPA in life science. My marks are so low and right now it’s not enough to get me into my post- undergrad program. I’ve been having so much self doubt recently and I don’t know what to do. It makes me stressed knowing that my hard work barely gets me an 80. If I’m not doing well in the lower years, how am I supposed to excel in 3rd/4th year imm and hst courses?? I know that we shouldn’t seek validation through grades, but when you have little/ no ECs and are most likely graduating in a recession, then yes grades do matter. I know im only 19 but my future looks so uncertain rn and I keep on doubting myself of how I’m going to make a decent career one day.
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2020.11.25 05:58 SuperAlloyBerserker Just you wait, AOT S4 might just obliterate the Demon Slayer, even with the millions of dollars the movie has earned

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2020.11.25 05:58 coolgirlcentral Does your therapist specialize in OCD?

Ive been researching therapists for about a month now. My intrusive thoughts arent the only thing I want to talk about but it is one of the bigger things. My question is do I need a therapist that has a lot of experience with OCD/intrusive thoughts? Ideally I would love to find someone like that, but my insurance isnt the best and I havent come across anyone who accepts my insurance and has OCD listed as a specialty. If a therapist says they have experience in anxiety would that be good enough? Please let me know your experience!!
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2020.11.25 05:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Apple security chief allegedly tried to bribe police with iPads | Vanguard

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2020.11.25 05:58 Wraphhh FTB revelations crashing

Hi everyone, I recently got into modded Minecraft and really want to try out FTB revelations. The problem that while it's on the loading screen the window keeps on (not responding) this happens at random intervals during the load time. Now I don't know if this is a result of my potato pc or if there is another issue.
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2020.11.25 05:58 GluedSapian I swear this is gonna kill me, the school is taking ANOTHER exam and expects us to come to school in a CONTAMINATED ZONE

O boy how do we begin, im a 15M and im dying off stress, in this 8-month quarantine my school has taken 5 ONLINE EXAMS and now wants to take another exam in the coming December cuz "We didn't get enough writing practice for the finals in the last 5 exams" eve though all the exams were supposed to be written and submitted via pdf in two hours.
not to mention i live in a contaminated zone with more than 2k confirmed cases, even though its not that widespread in the city i live in but its still there and everyone run a risk of getting infected.
Also, i have to make about 11 projects in 10 days and give em before 4th dec.
They announced the dates today and it will begin from 7th dec when the country i live in is preparing for the second wave of covid, also the fact that i suffer from severe anxiety and depression and am panicking my balls off cuz i don't have any confidence in myself and don't trust myself either and am worried that if i dont do everything all over again in the next five days i might fail and that wont be nice at all
Not to mention those good old "expectations" from all those relatives who realized about my existence out of nowhere and now are waiting for the results
And these exams are going to be prepared by the school's oldest/grayest/most arrogant teachers who just hate kids so the level of these exams are going to be hard level-Russian
idk what to do anymore
im ded
i'll just try to survive the best i can i guess
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2020.11.25 05:58 Stefmonster33 Who’d you rather have?

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2020.11.25 05:58 WorldWideDarts November 25th Daily Jose Thread

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2020.11.25 05:58 ElTuxedoMex For those upgrading from Zen+ to Zen 3 with ASUS Beta bios for B450

I have the B450-F Gaming. I just took a leap of faith and I can tell you that the 2600X boots with no problem whatsoever after updating the bios to 4001 which is the beta version. Also, installed the 5600X and can report there's no issues, I'm using my XMP profile at 3200 with RAM and there's no problem so far.
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2020.11.25 05:58 alpine2019 2 point wifi6 ( nest, eero pro) VS a 3 or 4 point wifi 5 (google wifi) ??

I have a 3 floor townhouse and wondering which mesh system to get for good coverage on All three levels. About 2500 square feet across Level 1 (basement entertainment center) + Level 2 (living room kitchen) -+Level 3 (bedrooms).
I only have a 100Mbs connection which i may at most upgrade to 200Mbps connection. I can't spend over 250 bucks to my options are -
4 pack google wifi mesh (wifi 5, ac1200)
2 pack Nest or Eero Pro mesh (wifi 6)
which one would be better ?
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2020.11.25 05:58 RyanJAustin5631 my life

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