2020.11.30 03:11 morse-cod3 Injury

Ive been sidelined for 7 weeks i tons of timy fractures on my lower hand and wrist? Is there any way to speed the process??
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2020.11.30 03:11 -HeyThatsPrettyNeat- hmmm

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2020.11.30 03:11 TheUpperCat Mega blastoise on us. Adding 10, must be cute to join.

1099 3725 6451 and 7935 1938 7575
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2020.11.30 03:11 LickMyDictionary *Pokes the bees nest*

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2020.11.30 03:11 Istealbibles Suzanne Vega - Luka

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2020.11.30 03:11 DeviIstar USDA prime tri tip low and slow brisket style

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2020.11.30 03:11 coltinator5000 Hosting an SL80-100 Fight Club on 4-1

Password is fc
Bow before you begin fighting, and no heals please. See you here!
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2020.11.30 03:11 Neovickvoo Made my first SVG this weekend — thanks to r/cricut for all the inspo!

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2020.11.30 03:11 caffeinatedshiba Yoko Shimomura is amazing

Recently listened to the OST on Spotify. She should seriously compose more FF music. The soundtrack of XV is so fluid, sets the mood perfectly. The composition of every song is so tight! Strangely gives me Witcher 3 and Suikoden II vibes. One of the best FF soundtracks.
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2020.11.30 03:11 sliverme FPS help/ideas

I use BS for multiple games but only have this problem with one game and wanted to see what you thought..
I start an instance (Nougat 32 bit) usually from the 64 bit multi-instance manager (thought maybe it was a RAM issue) and start the game. It runs smooth at 60fps for an hour or so then chokes to 1-2 FPS and runs really slow. If I close the instance and restart it the same process happens.
PC -
Intel i7 860 @ 2.80GHz
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Win 7 64bit
VT is enabled
Antivirus is disabled
Bluestacks -
Graphics- perf (tried compat too)
Renderer- OpenGL
It is checked to prefer dedicated GPU
ASTC- disabled but have tried hardw
Perf- CPU 4 cores RAM cust 4096
Frame Rate- 60, have tried 30 & 20
Enable high FR is currently checked
VSync is currently unchecked
ABI is set to auto
Device profile is set to OnePlus 3T
Multi-instance set to disable audio
Game -
Simplest RPG
Section with the problem is auto fight.
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2020.11.30 03:11 krienko made a berserk theme for Iphone, thought it looked pretty good :)

made a berserk theme for Iphone, thought it looked pretty good :) submitted by krienko to Berserk [link] [comments]

2020.11.30 03:11 SunbeamSailor That look when your daily intelligence briefing is also your investment strategy.

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2020.11.30 03:11 klutzy-tunes2136 Night out with food Barbados

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2020.11.30 03:11 Hypocaffeinic Comic 4406: Spree

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2020.11.30 03:11 chindican420 i would feel bad but then again i don't

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2020.11.30 03:11 Bweelo13 Is wearing ting yang in clothing or jewelry offensive?

I noticed it’s become a trend and always had an odd feeling about it, never worn it myself.
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2020.11.30 03:11 saintofhate Montgomery County Parents Holding Another Rally Sunday Over Schools Going Virtual During Pandemic

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2020.11.30 03:11 evil_unikitty Change in age rating in Aus, is it happening anywhere else?

Project diva went from an "M" rating to a "PG" rating recently . Is stuff like this happening anywhere else or to any other game?
my guess at present is that one of the guys that does the age ratings for anime-style games is horny on main.
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2020.11.30 03:11 giantsx6 Why are these forums so empty?

This game looks really good from all of the people playing it on Twitch. Is there another forum that is active or not much hype? Thanks.
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2020.11.30 03:11 Snoo-25258 Traditional 401(k) versus Roth 401(k)

Looking for advice. Here’s my situation:
I am 45 years old and looking to retire by the age of 60. I currently make $120,000 annually. I also have rental income that brings in a total of $30,500 annually. All my living expenses total just under $4,000 per month.
My employer gives me the option to invest in a Traditional 401(k) and/or a Roth 401(k). Each year I contribute the max to the Traditional 401(k); I have a total of $60,000 in it. My employer matched at 5%.
I also have a Traditional IRA with a total of $500,000 as well as a Roth IRA with a total of $259,000. Each year I contribute the max to my Traditional IRA.
Moreover, I have an HSA with a total of $11,600; each year I contribute the max to this account.
I also have an employee stock purchase plan with a total of $26,000. I contribute to this account too.
Finally, I have a mutual fund totaling $54,000. I contribute roughly $2,000 per month to this mutual fund.
Combined, all of these accounts total $910,000. I have all this money invested in low-cost index funds with Vanguard and Fidelity. I will continue contributing the max to these accounts and keep them in index funds.
As for real estate, I own a rental property whose mortgage was paid off in 2014. I receive $2,546 per month in rental income. The annual property tax is $9,800. Maintenance costs have been low for my rental property. I have been renting out this property for six years and will continue to rent it out for at least four more years. I might sell it after that.
Last thing: I invested $2,500 in Bitcoin and have seen that grow to $3,500 as of yesterday. I will not invest more than $10,000 annually in Bitcoin — that is my limit.
I live in NYC. Besides Federal Tax, I also pay NY state and NYC city tax. My marginal federal tax rate in 2020 is 24%; my effective federal tax rate is 12%. My effective state tax rate is 8%. I am single and a major saver — I invest my savings. I do NOT spend lavishly.
Here is my question: Going back to my 401(k), should I contribute to my Traditional 401(k) or should I contribute to my Roth 401(k)? Or should I do a split? I have no idea what tax rates will be in the future, and I don’t plan to spend lavishly in the future. I also want to keep my tax burden as low as possible for the rest of my life. Keep in mind that I do pay federal, state and city taxes.
Also, do you think I’m on track to retire by 60? Do you think I can retire by 55? Anything I should be doing differently?
I appreciate any insights.
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2020.11.30 03:11 Meanteenbirder Trouble streaming to iPhone

I’m trying to stream from my Xbox to my iPhone 11, but the performance is terrible. I’m wondering if it’s because the console isn’t connected to Ethernet, and is instead only on WiFi (the performance of which is comparable on console). Any ideas of what to do?
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2020.11.30 03:11 NanoR4K What is a "pro-tip" that you learned in your area of knowledge (STEM degree, etc) that can be used by everyone ?

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2020.11.30 03:11 Important-Ad-2048 Common App Activities

Do I put my activities in order of importance? Or does it not matter?
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2020.11.30 03:11 TheRussianFeast Steakhouse Garlic Mushrooms. Ready in 10 minutes with just 4 main Ingredients! Recipe in the comments below.

This is so easy to make that you can enjoy these Steakhouse Garlic Mushrooms any day of the week!
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2020.11.30 03:11 TheCozyTower Ningguang in the fields of Qingce~ Genshin Impact [OC]

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