Physical Literacy - Jobs?

2020.11.25 06:18 gpaboosta Physical Literacy - Jobs?

Hello everyone!
I am in my last semester the HPED program, majoring in physical literacy and minoring in sport and recreational business. I met up with a career counselor to speak about what jobs I can get with my degree.. but to be honest it wasn't very helpful. Initially, I wanted to go to grad school for PT or OT right after I graduate, but I am feeling a bit burnt out from school. Any alumni or students that can offer me some advice or possible jobs I can get after I graduate with my degree?
Thank you in advance :)
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2020.11.25 06:18 marcupialfrog i’ve been described as cute, but never as hot. is it the baby face or the big ass forehead? (f20)

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2020.11.25 06:18 raghava_pv Got him for free in man u draw unexpected

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2020.11.25 06:18 Popular_Ad_8754 Format Wars: Nebulous

Here's an ambient rock instrumental which is a 5-minute journey into space
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2020.11.25 06:18 vipkiding What has been your experience teaching independently online?

I'm looking to make my own website and host my services on there. I've been teaching off and on for 10 years now, but the first few steps seem pretty intimidating to me.
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2020.11.25 06:18 Shlomo_Maistre Democrats keep getting caught breaking their own coronavirus rules

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2020.11.25 06:18 DiscoDonkey9000 My gun texture is messed up. I'm using WRP, is there a fix?

My gun texture is messed up. I'm using WRP, is there a fix?
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2020.11.25 06:18 WhiteSupremacyMan THE

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2020.11.25 06:18 ziptoon How do you think people will be forced to get the Covid vaccine?

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2020.11.25 06:18 jaykay1107 BTS - Members of BTS Explain Which of Their Songs Defines Them @ Esquire (201125)

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2020.11.25 06:18 Deadender173 Hey guys what should I build I let you guys pick.

Pick what I should build or at least try to build.
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2020.11.25 06:18 Why_so_Jhinius Jeongyeon

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2020.11.25 06:18 2Botter2Loop Cats looking up in unison

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2020.11.25 06:18 availablehandle new track "trust" this fri

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2020.11.25 06:18 PyreLegion GL Wildspire Level 7

Hello! Is there anyone on Xbox that can post a GL Wildspire Region level 7? I'm in need of two more Guiding Wasteland Crystals.
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2020.11.25 06:18 mraskmeimight Susan Sarandon

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2020.11.25 06:18 SnooHabits9886 Can we stop using 'My sis said' or 'My friend said'? (RANT)

So this one day I was in the trading hub, and someone was trading se set and accs so I traded them and asked what they were trading in accs. They then put out bunny slippers and others, so I said 'Can I offer for the bunny slippers and se set?' They said yes and put the items down. First, I offered 100 k. I know it wasn't fair, so when they asked me to put it higher I put 120k, and then told them if it still wasn't fair, I could add more diamonds. They asked me how much I had, and I said 400k- Big mistake. Right after they started saying 'ooffff my sis said its not good, but she said she would only do it if you did 400k for it' like bruh! Do you own your acc or your sister huh?! It was so obvious she didn't even have a sister too, because she kept lying about her 'sisters' grade, saying she was in grade 4, then said 'oops' and proceeded to change it to grade 9. Hello?! 4 and 9 are 3 keys apart! Ugh, I hate people like this. Even if you have a sistebrothefriend beside you, please make decisions for yourself unless your friend or sibling is a royale high pro and can explain to me why it isn't a fair trade and why they want me to add. Ty for listening.
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2020.11.25 06:18 MerlinRadagast Is joining the church even worth it?

I have been studying Christianity for the past four years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the Anglican Communion is absolutely for me, but my question is, is it even worth joining? The numbers of people attending the ECUSA are declining, the church is dying all over the world, I love what I’ve heard and read, but I’m having some doubts, anything would help, thank you.
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2020.11.25 06:18 Why_so_Jhinius Chaeyoung, Mina & Nayeon

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2020.11.25 06:18 BlitzNexus Anyone got good pen grip recommendations?

Just recently switched to dragging and having a real problem with my hand slipping down my pen as I play, especially when I start to sweat. Anyone got good non slip pen grip recommmendations or will just anything do?
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2020.11.25 06:18 soystevexdxdxd Regrese perros xd

Es bueno estar activo otra vez (soy el niño de 10 años al que casi obligan a ser novio de alguien, al que por poco lo obligan a jugar charli charli 2 veces xd y que humillo a un niño enfrente de toda la escuela) ya no subi la historia de yo y mi amigo vs 2 niños enojados (lo que estoy apunto de decir es impactante, muchos diran que me copio de ese shadow etc etc pero esto fue algo que no puse en mis anteriores historias pero escucho una voz en mi cabeza que es como otra personalidad adentro de mi mente)
Yo: el pepe
Am: amigo
La voz en mi caveza: ya saben
Ne1:niño enojado 1
Ne2:niño enojado 2
Estabamos jugando y se puso tenso el ambiente xd se empezaron a pegar a puño limpio xd
(Mientras tanto en mi mente):
Yo: y si los separo??
La voz en mi cabeza:creo que esa es una buena idea
(Mientras tanto en la realidad)
Yo : y si los separamos??
Am: si, vos vas por ne1 y yo por ne2 (me di cuenta que tenia miedo del otro porque al que me mando fue un niño que en ese momento tenia que estar en quinto pero perdio el año y por eso estaba en nuestro grado)
El calma a ne1 y yo trato de calmar a ne2 pero se enoja mas y me pega en el estimago y me vota
(Em mi mente)
La voz: no pierdas la paciencia y no explotes
Yo:esta bien pero a la otra que aga eso ya no le tengo compasión
La voz :ok
(En la realidad)
Yo lo empujo un poco y el explota me pega con mas fuerza y me vuelve a votar
(Em mi mente)
Yo :Ya puedo??
La voz: No puedo permitir que nos traten asi, adelante
Yo: gracias
En la realidad
Me levanto con las habilidades activas y de 2 movimientos como Flash lo voto, se levanta adolorido y me intenta pegar y yo lo esquivo y estoy apunto de darle uno turbo paliza pero mi amigo llega
(En mi mente)
La voz: yo queria ver como le dabas para sus chicles
Yo:yo también pero la maestra nos castigará
La voz :buen punto.
Esa fue la historia si tienen dudas ponganlas en los comentarios adios.
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2020.11.25 06:18 JoannasDad94 Watching the NXT episode from October 28th,2015... What an episode!

I use to go to literally all the Full Sail shows since its inception till even up till the last show at Full Sail the week before they did that PC show before the pandemic hit..
What a show, forgot how fun it was going to the shows every month!
Emma vs Shazza
American Alpha vs an early version of DIY
Nia Jax vs Kay Lee Ray
Samoa Joe vs Tyler Breeze
Man, what a episode!
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2020.11.25 06:18 FuckPasswords6t9 I see memes about this but, anyone have this happen to them?

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2020.11.25 06:18 TheDotNeedsMeThree f

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2020.11.25 06:18 Why_so_Jhinius Dahyun & Sana

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