I made unexpected cheddar mac & cheese w truffle hot sauce!

2020.11.30 03:03 SaveTheWetlands13 I made unexpected cheddar mac & cheese w truffle hot sauce!

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2020.11.30 03:03 Exatreo Antarctica's waters are the toughest in the world

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2020.11.30 03:03 enabledmoth123 Wad it always cold during the korean war and, how many are estimated to have died from the cold during the korean war?

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2020.11.30 03:03 plz_acceptme Confused about supplemental essays prompts

I have a school which requires two supplemental essays. 1) What attracts you most to the program? 2) Please expand on why you are pursuing this program?
Are they the same question about the program? I find it hard to see the difference between them.
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2020.11.30 03:03 ITSMONKEY360 [WP] someone sees Human Damien manipulate objects.... *without seeing them!*

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2020.11.30 03:03 DarkArmpitSmell Sakshi Malik

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2020.11.30 03:03 LuxeLounge [+18] The Luxe Lounge is a small server looking to grow. We have people on almost at all times willing to chat it up. We like to plan game nights and just create genuine connections with each other, active VC, and laughs. Grab your favorite drink and come chill!

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2020.11.30 03:03 Violin_Guy52 Brett and Eddy Action Shot

I did my practice for the day so I drew this :)
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2020.11.30 03:03 CivilSecessionist How “hands on” is YNAB?

My wife lost her job in the pandemic and we went from a dual income of moderately high earners to a single income. We’ve never had a budget before, but I want to make sure we don’t have to dip into savings to cover our expenses so I’ve been interested in YNAB.
How often would my wife or I have to enter expenses or categorize spending to make sure the budget is working? If we are more on top of it, do we get better insights and understanding of where our money is going and how to save? I don’t know if my wife would stay on top of entering everything she’s spending money on and I don’t always know when/if she buys things. Our bank accounts are shared, if that makes things easier.
My income is regular because of a salary and my wife has started to pick up freelance work occasionally. Would this also complicate things? Thanks for the advice.
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2020.11.30 03:03 tangre79 hmmm

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2020.11.30 03:03 666_EJ-L0RD_666 Do I go for it?? 👀

I feel confident getting these parts for a pc and I'm about ready to buy it. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bTdzZZ The only thing that I have missing is a video card - I'm not sure if I should wait until the 3060 comes out or just buy one right now with the other stuff. Any advice or anything that I could change/improve? My budget is around 1300 so I should be fine factoring in the 3060 and some coupons.
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2020.11.30 03:03 akanewasright Never forget

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2020.11.30 03:03 HarryPotter22596 Margot Robbie

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2020.11.30 03:03 say-wen Nurses and Doctors of Reddit, when has an extreme attention to detail really paid off for you?

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2020.11.30 03:03 CaptainTeaBag24I7 Port forwarding on an AirTies 4930?


I've run into a weird issue. I share internet with my landlord and she recently decided to upgrade. The upgrade itself is fine, but it seems like the "router" shes gotten is an AirTies 4930 and it's being used as a regular access point. I don't have any particular issues about this besides the fact that it seems like there are absolutely no settings to change besides the very, very basics.

This is more of a question to others who have this product, than it is a plea for help - Am I missing something or is it literally impossible to open ports on this router. Or, really, do anything else besides change the channel mode and strength. I've tried googling to the best of my abilities, but, so far, I've gotten nowhere.

Changing the router, currently, isn't an option. Therefore I'm posting here, in hopes of advice.
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2020.11.30 03:03 M4rvelous23 first Christmas since I came out as pansexual. hope you enjoy it!

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2020.11.30 03:03 wammmio such great potential...wasted

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2020.11.30 03:03 razeus An upgrade and switch to Synology.

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2020.11.30 03:03 nuzin Did they fix or rig the pack rate?

6 Ultimate + 8 Rare Mega Pack the past 2 days.
Highest is 87 IF Griezman and 83 Mendy.
Meanwhile people pack Ronaldo, Mbappe, icons left and right.
Glad i use the free coins instead of real $$
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2020.11.30 03:03 ShareSurviors You can’t save me

In another time, another place you will be mine.
But until till then, I’m just here.
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2020.11.30 03:03 SonyPlaystationKid05 Help!

So recently I decided to play arcade stage 8 but one of the files, ID8 Update 1.2 +B, is a trojan. What do i do?
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2020.11.30 03:03 futebolstats Resenha | O Clube dos Cinco (1985)

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2020.11.30 03:03 Shrekeyes I am extremely confused,what the hell is "zero gravity" zero gravity isnt possible is it??

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2020.11.30 03:03 Blue_D0VE Journaling set up

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