Help Identifying a very old bourbon.

2020.11.30 02:36 derekded Help Identifying a very old bourbon.

My apologies if these kinds of posts are frowned upon.
My great uncle (the uncle of my father) passed away this week. My dad and I went up to the cabin, built on the land that the first of us purchased to settle here in America, and had a nice father-son weekend. In the evening while sitting around the fireplace, we talked about Uncle George.
Before he died, my great uncle had given my dad all of his liquor because he didn't drink anymore (his own son is a Mormon, no booze allowed) and among the collection was an old bottle of bourbon. He brought it with, and we sipped it by the fire to soothe our sore muscles after a long day of cutting down trees and splitting wood. According to my dad, it was called Johnny Walker Special, and it was one of the most delicious bourbons I've ever had. It almost tasted like a cognac, but my father was adamant that it was, in fact, bourbon.
Allegedly, this bottle was purchased in the Virgin Islands in the late 60's - early 70's. There's a whole story about that, but it's long and boring and not relevant to the bourbon itself.
Long story short, I'm hoping someone could tell me more about this bourbon, and if possible, point me to a contemporary bourbon that is comparable. I tried searching for Johnny Walker Special, but it just pointed me to Blue Label. My dad is a good man, though he struggles with getting emotionally open, so I think getting him another bottle like this would make an awesome Christmas gift.
Thanks in advance, and I hope you all had as good of Thanksgiving weekend as I did!
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2020.11.30 02:36 Shmlorp Æ

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2020.11.30 02:36 dmbdrummer21 Men of Reddit, what sub have you actually been able to successfully ask a question to women?

I can not seem to get any post I ever attempt on Askwomen to not be removed and I am not asking anything raunchy.
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2020.11.30 02:36 AutoModerator The sky has not fallen.

The sky is still in the correct position.
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2020.11.30 02:36 MrLAXadaisical Mans never stood a chance

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2020.11.30 02:36 lilmcfuggin Twitch 2020 Rewind is epic

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2020.11.30 02:36 No_Nefariousness_622 You could say the same thing about Scientology

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2020.11.30 02:36 Slight_Undertanty What is a good game/pass time for friends/family via Teleconference?

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2020.11.30 02:36 ia-12isJon UC Application Any% Glitchless Speedrun

How long did it take you to finish the UC application?
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2020.11.30 02:36 RisenFromRuins What would you think of a guy that was really obsessive over Friday the 13th movies?

Because I happen to be that guy. I may have my shortcomings, but I take my Friday the 13th very seriously.
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2020.11.30 02:36 Big_Peanutt1 What are your plans for Christmas?

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2020.11.30 02:36 gah900 Little stray has a forever home now

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2020.11.30 02:36 ItsScarzzz In Total Commander

When I access the com.supercell.brawlstars folder, all that appears is a file called "lib". I completed the tutorial and everything but that's all that appears.
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2020.11.30 02:36 arctixwolffive ITAP of my new board

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2020.11.30 02:36 Day2Late Do you have random people that seethe at your very existence?

Do you guys have people that don't understand what you're doing and just think you're a degenerate of some kind? Not to fault anybody because I truly do not care what y'all do but Ive had some strange, yet kind of understandable run ins lately with people that just think I'm gaming the system or am a homeless junkie. Years ago I would have been taken aback by some dude crawling out of the back of his pickup at 4 in the morning too but what's with the aggression? Luckily the police know me here (not for bad reasons) but I'd have some serious issues, otherwise, which make me think of others that doing this. How goes it?
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2020.11.30 02:36 HoneyMothBastard I'm Not Sorry, Jon

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2020.11.30 02:36 gamingalot What do you think when you see someone looking at your ass?

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2020.11.30 02:36 StrugglingViolinist1 [Serious] What is your past life story, if you have one?

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2020.11.30 02:36 ImARussianBotHello Super weird glitch when using QBZ?

Hey guys, not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but my QBZ appears to be shooting paintball rounds instead of actual rounds? Has anyone else experienced this? Members of the enemy team are laughing at me and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve only just started using it so maybe this is intended and you unlock real bullets later?
Not sure. Any help appreciated.
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2020.11.30 02:36 Relaxingsounds2020 Relaxing Mountain Waterfall with Snow |Nature Sounds for Studying ,Meditation, and Sleeping

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2020.11.30 02:36 Captain_of_Industry Facts Matter (Nov. 27): Georgia: 30 Allegations of Voter Fraud Explained

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2020.11.30 02:36 mynameis-clean Had a dream about going to a store

I went to a store and I got a lot of stuff And I paid for it and went somewhere then woke up
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2020.11.30 02:36 JonasTheExplorer Whats the best dungeon class

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