Life, liberty, and pumpkin pie (found in a YouTube comment section)

2020.11.30 02:18 Reapermanee Life, liberty, and pumpkin pie (found in a YouTube comment section)

I proudly wore my MAGA hat to the dinner table this afternoon and Mother told me to remove it. I immediately accused her of sympathizing with the Communist Chinese, which inspired my father to pop off about 'respect' and I asked him to produce his Voter Registration card as I waved mine under his nose and asked how long he had been colluding with Antifa. My uncle began blathering about 'discipline' at which point I stood up and read sections 1 and 2 of the Insurrection Act and showed him the legal envelope I addressed to the DHS with his entire political biography enclosed, including known contributions to the HRC and ACLU, logistics support units of American subversion. The ranting over each other caused my niece to began wailing, and I reminder her that Santa does not deliver toys to traitorous enemies of the state and that she would likely spend the new year being groped by fellow detainees at Guantanamo Bay before shanked and left bleeding at the bottom of a six-by-eleven foot cell next to a stainless steel toilet while Cuban rats feated on her face. As my aunt demanded my expulsion from the dinner over all the screaming, I pulled out my phone and began playing the Star Spangled Banner while I read my pocket Declaration of Independence standing on my chair, unbuttoning my shirt to reveal my American flag t-shirt beneath. Everyone had left by the time I got to the "a long train of abuses and usurpations" at which point I took a drumstick, a bowl of mashed potatoes and the relish to my room, opened my window and began blasting "Sousa's Stars & Stripes Forever" to the neighbors. Someone is banging on my dead-bolted bedroom door, but I'm in the middle of posting and dipping gravy, and my right to the pursuit of life, liberty and in particular, this pumpkin pie.
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2020.11.30 02:18 Beneficial-Edge-981 doge is my fav.

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2020.11.30 02:18 BimpoBill Please Bring Back This Feature from Civ V!!

Please Bring Back This Feature from Civ V!!
It's such a little thing, but it was so cool to see the evolution of the map throughout the game!
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2020.11.30 02:18 Ultama_ Coffin EE despawning at round 10?

I've done the easter egg countless times before, but i've been noticing more recently that the orbs despawn after round 10? The first few times I just assumed someone had already done it but this time I waited at an orb as round 10 finished and it disappeared (without anyone shooting it).
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2020.11.30 02:18 EDigital_ Posting a Song every day (If I remember to do so) Day 21 // Mike Shinoda - fine

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2020.11.30 02:18 FuriousPhil19 Yes

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2020.11.30 02:18 quote_emperor Follow me on Gab

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2020.11.30 02:18 BluedevilUSN It’s Game time! GO PACK GO!

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2020.11.30 02:18 hicerficer Which of the major super funds offer the best personal insurance options / coverage?

Looking for advice on which super funds offer the best value / coverage for life, TPD (and trauma)? I'm hoping someone might have a helpful comparison tool for the major super funds. I understand higher quality products can be sought through insurance advisors, but would prefer to pay through super for my current situation.
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2020.11.30 02:18 draganov11 Do you think its possible dreams are more than just imagination

There is certainly imagination involved but there is also an element to that is very real and grounded it could be a location it could be an underlying connection between a dream and something in your waking state a thought a person etc. I don't think dreams are just random imagination they seem like it at first glance but it feels like its much deeper than our science currently can understand and has no technology that can prove this. Its much deeper than just being a way for your brain to reorganize. And not only the meaning of why we dream at the first is deep but the mechanism of dream itself of losing awareness of your body and becoming aware of this other reality. Its a big thing its a third of our lives spent sleeping and dreaming and we hardly know anything about it.
From what i have experienced waking state and sleeping aren't much different just take psychedelic and what you call reality will shatter easily and its coming from you its not a fake effect. Without the imagination element dreams aren't much different from being awake. There are a lot of theories some involving astral plane others conciseness i can say there might be truth to all of them. I don't know what exactly but its much deeper than science would let you know and its a key topic to finding out what it means to be conscious and what it means to die or live. Our schools and science just aren't mature enough to begin to comprehend these things its everything we do is brute force and shallow like medicine physics etc.
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2020.11.30 02:18 KingKongYourMom What card should I get for 75k mt

Preferably pd or d
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2020.11.30 02:18 santi109717 encuentra el error en esta imagen...

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2020.11.30 02:18 CityBusDriverBitcoin These are real genius (Yes, they actually exist)

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2020.11.30 02:18 dew1803 Enhancements

Is there a way to get back enhancements? Say I have a piece of gear that’s +25, can I un-enhance it? I’m aware that I can swap issuing mutual weapons but that won’t help in my current scenario (I learned about that too late). Thanks in advance!
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2020.11.30 02:18 Hedgito [Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales] #105-106 - Can't wait for the next one.

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2020.11.30 02:17 AustinSlayer227 How to properly remove Salty and add a better location

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2020.11.30 02:17 john_the_idiot Losing internet/network connection but restarting router (tp-link archer c7 ac1750) brings it back, happens on xbox and W10 device. Is this a router issue or microsoft issue?

Looks like it's only causing local network issues, I do loose internet connection on W10 device but I think I can still stream from it via plex. More testing to be done. Could this be a virus?
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2020.11.30 02:17 sneakysnek96 My parents got a new puppy, named Sal after our great grandmother. Needless to say, she made herself at home pretty quickly

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2020.11.30 02:17 ZigZaxony Character Interaction with the Traveler

hey, i have been wondering for a while but why does some of the character you can obtain has little or no interaction at all with the traveler (with or without their respective story quest). the idea of them just "joining" like that make me confused. am i missing something?
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2020.11.30 02:17 exjwfifth New interview on MythVision

Had the chance to sit down with Derek of MythVision Podcast to talk about my experience as a JW and the process of leaving. Definitely check out the video if you get a chance as well the other videos he has on the channel 🙏🏿 💯 #exjw
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2020.11.30 02:17 emojiresponse Need Venezuela players

10m for a REAL Venezuelan player... you must speak Venezuelan... Leave your username so I can DM you.
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2020.11.30 02:17 DruBlair Mega Gengar now 2608 6805 9815

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2020.11.30 02:17 DepressedAsThe1930s Guys, should I join?

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2020.11.30 02:17 pashafisk Wario and Waluigi

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2020.11.30 02:17 AnisaBee I recently started writing and wanted you all to check it out. The story is under LGBT but... idk

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