White to play how best to continue the attack?

2020.11.25 06:48 Wyverstein White to play how best to continue the attack?

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2020.11.25 06:48 RivrrGaming Shadow of Tomb Raider on Asus Tuf FX505DT

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2020.11.25 06:48 dorito_whamen what's that one thing you'd like to do just before you die?

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2020.11.25 06:48 Geremyas21 Vittoria Vici Dead before wedding?

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2020.11.25 06:48 Bonzu__ RTX 3070 Or just get an alternative?

So im planning to get a new pc build I understand that the 30 series RTX cards are very rare and hard to come by I also understand that building using a 30 series card for 1080p is kind of a waste but that price to performance just blows all the other cards at that price point out of the water. I guess what i'm really getting at right now is How should I go about this. I want to build a new PC and am patient enough to wait like a couple months to a whole year for a PC and want the rtx 3070. Should I wait for the 3070 or just build with like a 2060 or 2070. Again Im new to building pc's so dont flame me lol I just want to know if its worth it to get a lesser GPU or wait
Basically im asking.

When do you guys think the RTX 3070 will be readily available at retail price?

what are some great substitutes for the 3070 right now for a good price?
What would be a good build for the 3070? (***Budget around $1500 USD***)
PS. Im looking at the MSI monitor from costco the optix g271 1080p 144hz IPS monitor. Does anyone know anything about that and is it good?
Thanks for helping out guys. Im pretty new to PC building. It's pretty awesome.
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2020.11.25 06:48 daeve Is this a possibility? What's current consensus on Harden remaining a Rocket?

Let's say Masai gives Houston whatever picks it takes to make it work. Is this not a good offer for Houston?
They get a young star in Siakam that most other teams couldn't afford to lose plus a nice rotational wing in Powell. Raptors would get to feature a Lowry-FVV-Harden-OG-Baynes starting unit.
With McCaw, S Johnson, Boucher, Len bench.
I think this team is instantly #2 in the East, and right in the Bucks' rearview mirror. Plus with the team having strong leadership, both with coaching and veteran players that know how to win, Harden may really buy-in defensively. And with a new 'offensive coordinator' in assistant coach Finch... it's starting to seem pretty plausible to me.
Houston could then keep RW and provide him two young co-stars in Siakam and Wood that are less ball-dominant but can also get their own if needed.
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2020.11.25 06:48 CorruptionIMC How come nobody plays Spacebuild anymore? Feeling a little nostalgic.

Seems like it has fallen into utter obscurity. Back in the days when SB2 was released there were a minimum of 30 servers almost full of people, there were countless amazing maps for it. Now? One server, nobody on it.
Had some really great times with just building ships wars, the addition of Stargate shit made it even better, there was nothing like the feeling of seeing you forgot to close the Stargate iris, seeing it open, and suddenly a naquadah bomb was sitting there ready to blow you to shit. SB3 took it to another level with adding depth to life support and whatnot.
Would love to see it come back. I'm interested in why people think it died in the first place, or if there's any ideas on how to bring it back. It sucked enough watching PHW Comics, Wooden Wars, and Melon Bomber died, I had really hoped Spacebuild would be one of the ones to stick around like a bad cold sore lol
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2020.11.25 06:48 SMC_TURD Mini wildlife enclosure?

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2020.11.25 06:48 CerebralGladiator As Sanders pushes for cabinet role, Biden says Senate leaders needed for "very progressive agenda"

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2020.11.25 06:48 DunkinMcCockiner Symptom timeline

So when I first tested positive for COVID I found comfort in reading some symptom timelines. Now that I am nearly recovered, I figured I would give back to the Reddit community by sharing mine. I am a 25 year old male, healthy, and have no pre-existing conditions. So far (I’m on day 13 of symptoms) I have not had any hallmark symptoms besides body aches and mild diarrhea. No cough, no fever, no headache, no sore throat.
Day 1 (11/12): Woke up with strange feeling in nostrils, like a burning. Felt like seasonal allergies which I get, so I started taking some allergy meds and used a humidifier to help keep my sinuses moist. They helped a bit, but not much. Still didn’t think much of it.
Day 2 (11/13): Same symptoms of above, maybe a bit worse. Had some bleeding from my nose, again which I thought was from dry weatheallergies.
Day 3 (11/14): Woke up with same symptoms as before but not as bad, and noticed I had a slight tickle in my throat. Weather was pretty crappy, so I again contributed it to that and went about my shift at work. Cough continued through work, which unfortunately was outside in the cold and rain most of the time, which likely didn’t help at all. By the end of my shift, I was coughing every couple of minutes, but it still just felt like post-nasal drip.
Day 4 (11/15): Woke up and tickle in my throat was still there. Had a slight headache, but I took some ibuprofen and it still never crossed my mind that I had COVID, as these symptoms were so atypical. However, through my shift I started to feel a bit worse and ended up leaving early so I could catch up on some rest and be back at it the next day. Got home, drank some Emergen-C, and tried sleeping things off.
Day 5 (11/16): Woke up without a tickle in my throat, but as the day progressed before work I started to have the sinus burning pretty badly, and I had some body aches. Since everything except the body aches could have been from allergies, I finally decided I should probably get tested, just to be on the safe side. I called in sick to work, and again took some Emergen-C before bed that night. Before bed I started to have some congestion, but nothing I wasn’t able to sleep through.
Day 6 (11/17): Due to my job I was able to get in and get tested first thing in the morning. I was actually the first in line. Day progressed and I didn’t feel bad except for some worsening sinus congestion and very minor diarrhea/loose stool. Got tested at about 8 AM, result of positive test came around 5 PM. I was shocked, as the symptoms I was having were very mild and I thought they were allergies. Sinus congestion worsened through the night and I had to take Afrin to sleep.
Day 7 (11/17): Sinus congestion was pretty terrible. Bought some pseudoephedrine to help with pressure, but still it was pretty bad. I don’t take Afrin during the day simply because I really can deal with congestion during the day, but at night I take it because trying to sleep with a stuffy nose is very difficult for me. I did have mild diarrhea about 3 times, and a panic attack right when I woke up. I was not able to taste or smell my lunch, which sucked, but I figured it was going to happen. The diarrhea was likely caused from anxiety/stress as I do have IBS. Still no fever, chills, sore throat, or cough.
Day 8 (11/18): Pretty much same as previous day, but no diarrhea. Still no taste or smell and congestion was worse.
Day 9 (11/19): Still very congested, couldn’t breathe through either nostril, and no taste or smell. However, no other symptoms besides a decreased appetite due to not being able to smell or taste my food.
Day 10 (11/20): Started to feel better, but still couldn’t taste or smell. Congestion not as bad as precious days, but still noticeable and hard to breathe. I used Vicks, some essential oils, and saline rinses to help with my nose. I also bought a Navage, which I recommend.
Day 11 (11/21): Minimal to no congestion, and smell and taste starting to return. However, I can only smell if I hold something to my nose, and tastes are still very bland. First night I didn’t need Afrin to sleep, so that was nice!
Day 12 TODAY (11/20): No congestion and a bit more smell and taste. However, I woke up with body aches, which I thought was odd since I hadn’t had them for about a week.
If anyone has any questions let me know. I am a bit anxious about having body aches again, but maybe that’s normal, despite it being nearly 13 days since starting symptoms. If anyone has any words of wisdom on that I would love to hear it!
I am truly blessed that my symptoms have been so minimal compared to others. This virus is scary and unpredictable. Surprisingly as of writing this post, my brother (whom I live with and have had close contact with), as well as my girlfriend, both are not having symptoms and tested negative.
Stay safe everyone!! Reach out if you need anything. The Reddit community has been so great through all of this.
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2020.11.25 06:48 lelelesdx convince me not to do it.

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2020.11.25 06:48 pomelopomelo Online Canadian Bookstore?

Hey everyone, just wondering what's out there besides Chapters/Indigo for Canadians?
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2020.11.25 06:48 ua443719 Your daddy's watching you

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2020.11.25 06:48 d3333p7 Some people just need a little help

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2020.11.25 06:48 Heil_Hiller 2016 Pc Gamer Weekender Characters

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2020.11.25 06:48 socker-conny Skönt för honom...

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2020.11.25 06:48 Evnwith5fals Come take a look at my profile 😘

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2020.11.25 06:48 tsm1991 [8] didn’t get what I was hunting but I’ll take it

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2020.11.25 06:48 thevirtualgetaway I'm getting borderlands 3, if I made a save and then downloaded a later version with more dlcs, could the save be transferred over?

I'm assuming it can, but if not then there's no point in doing it. And I already bought it on PS4 and I wanna play on PC without buying it again, so I've already paid my share
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2020.11.25 06:48 astrolol- There is an imposter among us...

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2020.11.25 06:48 Daylight_Whisperer Twitter

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2020.11.25 06:48 unz_mod Condition Red: Your Visual Displacement Is Now Complete, by Edmund Connelly

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2020.11.25 06:48 frenchhsandsoap Just added first attempt at brake ducting to my M2C! Still needs plenty of work of course, but it’s getting there.

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2020.11.25 06:48 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-robert-heinlein-96

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2020.11.25 06:48 highonfortnite soreness in my upper right arm

i have been playing games on my PC most of the day so it could be that but i’m a huge hypochondriac and i’m scared it could be a sign of a heart attack. i really hope that my anxiety is wrong but i’m scared
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