"Symbiotic Relationship"

2020.11.25 06:12 FreddyKrum "Symbiotic Relationship"

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2020.11.25 06:12 Koumazoku Become monke.

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2020.11.25 06:12 diabeticdummy In-laws.....

Does any more really need to be said?
My mother in law is a “splendid woman”, I guess... most of the time... she’s one of those who has to be on your side until she’s talking to someone else.... then there are times when she decides that she needs to snort every pill known to man (Vicodin, Xanax, adderall, you name it) and she becomes a whacked out mess of a person.
My father in law is an old hill jack who thinks that I’m the worst person in the world and god forbid I discipline my children in his presence, you’d think that I was a stepfather instead of my kid’s father. I can do nothing right in his eyes and don’t do enough to support my family.
My wife wanted to raise the kids until they were all in school all day and then she would work, which I agreed to and until all of this bullshit started, I was working three jobs (doordash and grubhub were two of them, but they count) and would be gone from the house from 6:30 am and not return home until 10:30 pm on a good night, 8:30 pm on a bad night of gig work.
My brother in law is a spitting image of my father in law in his overall attitude towards me, it’s been 10 years that my wife and I have been together (7 married) and I’m still just “the guy my sister is with” instead of a brother in law.
My sister in law is awesome, she works as much as I did pre-pandemic, we laugh and talk video game nonsense when we see each other and she doesn’t give a shit about any other bullshit going on.
I’m just frustrated at the others overall attitudes towards my wife and I and out of respect for my wife, I have not voiced my opinion or frustrations, but after a birthday party that I attended (against my better judgement) I’ve decided that I’m distancing myself from them and I say my wife down and explained it to her and told her that I would never put her in a position to choose but asked that she respect my choice when I tell her that I don’t want to go to a family gathering.
Thanks for reading my rant and letting me vent... I lost my best friend in august (not a death, but it may as well be) and I don’t have anyone to vent to who is as unbiased as he was.
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2020.11.25 06:12 JeepChrist [Parts] Rise Armament RA-140 Super Sporting AR 3.5lb drop-in trigger - $79.99

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2020.11.25 06:12 Localpsycopath Just checking in

Rocky for 93
Hope every “reminder” on this sub is read for the big two-eleven-three
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2020.11.25 06:12 str8aura "Just because you know how a spell works doesn't mean it's not magic" - Granny Aching

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2020.11.25 06:12 mr_balloutlj Looking for her stuff

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2020.11.25 06:12 saladsafeplace What is your craziest deja vu experience ?

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2020.11.25 06:12 Beta_Boyz A show about 80's broadcasters in space!

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2020.11.25 06:12 Funbun71 Question for dead ops players

So I’ve beaten the mommaback, and I want to get the calling card for defeating mommaback and one of every type of mommaback minion. My calling card progress is 29/30. Does anyone who has this card know which enemy I might have missed?
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2020.11.25 06:12 Setasbg Astronaut

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2020.11.25 06:12 Professsa No Payments Upfront. Pay a Deposit after a Perfect Rough Draft is Submitted to You. Pay the Rest after Submission of the Final Draft- PayPal Only, - [email protected], Discord; Sinorita#8894

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2020.11.25 06:12 Wholesome-bears Same character, one just has tits

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2020.11.25 06:12 doppl If you can watch this and not understand, I literally hate you.

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2020.11.25 06:12 AskingYouShit101 Guys that lift!

So I’m a 25 y.o women and there’s this guy I find so handsome at the gym and was wondering how I should approach him? Any advice is welcome!
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2020.11.25 06:12 SonicMaze I’m into fitness...fitness whole pizza in my mouth

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2020.11.25 06:12 Downtown_Promise Lake's moments

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2020.11.25 06:12 SmackedATranch Other Sonic’s

Considering that Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic frequently appear together in games. It’s possible that multiple Sonic’s would also appear with the movie series. So in that case and let’s assume we are required to choose one alternative Sonic to appear with Movie Sonic in the Movie Series then who will you pick.
View Poll
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2020.11.25 06:12 Competitive-Fan4373 Ali Bradley Q13 Seattle

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2020.11.25 06:12 tetozzi [OC] Ossie Tetra (teen)

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2020.11.25 06:12 mycal_1997 Cute Fox 😺

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2020.11.25 06:12 Jonnyguns01 Thermal take pure plus 12 fans

I bought 9 of these fans and I downloaded the software and I’m only able to change 5 fans. I don’t see the other 4 fans on the second controller. How do I access it? I mean I have both controllers set to channel 1 but I feel like even if I changed the second one to channel 2 it still wouldn’t pop up?
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2020.11.25 06:12 tractatus25 Ownership on Short Slates

Thanksgiving's NFL slate is a 'very short' slate, which I define as either two or three games. A very short slate has a very small player pool from which to draw. This means ownership will be elevated, which seems to put low ownership at a premium. For purposes of having a unique lineup, that's definitely true. But low ownership is also valuable because it reduces the score necessary to take down a GPP. If you've got a 3% owned guy who is the top play on the slate, there's more room for error in the remainder of your lineup, because you're only competing against 3% of lineups. If you've got a guy who's 20% owned and the top play on the slate, there's less room for error. But does this apply or apply to the same extent on a three game slate? Since the player pool is condensed, hitting the optimal combo of the remaining players is easier, so the odds of it being in the 3% would be higher. Does really low ownership on short slates, if it goes off, still significantly reduce the score necessary to take down a GPP?
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2020.11.25 06:12 kohcoco Console being spammed on sevtech server.

THe console keeps outputting
found a map is active
and its causing server problems, how do i begin to trouble shoot this?
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2020.11.25 06:12 thiqgirth Part 9 - Trust

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