Indeed very saddening

2020.11.27 06:44 cabbagemelon Indeed very saddening

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2020.11.27 06:44 TheArrivedHussars Neat

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2020.11.27 06:44 ksse121q Apart from hospitals, where else do they still use pagers?

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2020.11.27 06:44 Smithy612 [Xbox] [H] 150,000+ Items [W] Collectors / Item Requests / Masterset Inquiries🚀

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2020.11.27 06:44 weeedtaco Missionaries

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2020.11.27 06:44 DAMcraft ich iel

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2020.11.27 06:44 DrewSebastino Something by amongustruggles

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2020.11.27 06:44 CloudyBlueSky04 What I would have changed in the Harry Potter Series.

I just reread the Harry Potter series and I would like to share some things that should be changed.

  1. Neville Longbottom should have been the one to kill Bellatrix Lestrange instead of Molly Weasley. I mean, Molly Weasley killing Bellatrix is as logical as if Ron Weasely killed Voldemort. If Neville kills Bellatrix, he will feel that he finally avenged his parents, Frank and Alice Longbottom. After the War, we can have a scene where Neville visits Frank and Alice in St Mungo's and basically tells them that he finally avenged them and they can finally have peace, for their torturers are gone. And Alice will look at Neville and give a small smile and give him a gum wrapper (like when Augusta and Neville visited them the previous time).
  2. Harry should not have been paired with Ginny. Ok, I know this is abit controversial, but Ginny sees Harry as the Boy-Who-Lived and saviour of the Wizarding World, not as Harry Potter. She thinks Harry had a perfect life and lived in a castle and had everything his way (basically her knight in shining armour) , when in fact, Harry is none of those things. Harry should be paired up with somebody who doesn't know or care about the whole Boy-Who-Lived fiasco (maybe Muggleborn) and sees Harry for what he is.
  3. Redemption for Draco Malfoy (and House Slytherin?) In the books, we see Draco as a enemy towards Harry Potter, and always bullies Harry and every oppurtune. However, in HBP, we see Draco as a conflicted villain, who doesn't know what he should do. He has a breakdown as he tried to kill Dumbledore, questioning if this is the life he wants to lead. In Deathly Hallows, Draco is shocked by Voldemort killing somebody and knows that it is wrong. However, all that character buildup just went down the drain when Draco joins Lucious and Narcissa. I would have done things differently. I would make Draco accept, but when Harry comes back to life, Draco tries to redeem himself, by striking down some death eaters and throws his wand to Harry and runs back to the students. Just as Voldemort raises his wand at Draco, Harry uses the wand and well, everything continues. And in the epilogue, we see Harry give Draco a nod of respect as he sees him, and not Draco just giving a quick glance at Harry.
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2020.11.27 06:44 red_dead_redemption6 Looking to buy val skirt

My budget is 88k
I'll buy it for the lowest price
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2020.11.27 06:44 Diquack EXP Grind! Trying to reach level 40

FC 0956 5434 9914 Send Gifts
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2020.11.27 06:44 Minat022 I wanted to buy the Hat Kid plushie but then I remembered that I live Turkey and now it costs more than a hundred... Well.. still enjoy Hat Kid Ryuko's hug my little pecknecks

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2020.11.27 06:44 DamyanIwanow A shot of Jared as Walker on set

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2020.11.27 06:44 gamersblog Scarra the madlad

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2020.11.27 06:44 iberaku *FIX* "region not available"

I live in the USA. I had access until the latest patch. What worked for me was Norton's VPN app. I changed my location to Brazil and got access to the game again. I hope this helps. Happy gaming
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2020.11.27 06:44 Chip2Playz Starting Out Coaching

Looking to 1 on 1 coach individuals Silver and Below!
Coaching sessions can be flexible towards you and what you are capable of. A preferred session would be as following: 1. OP.GG Review 2. Reviewing A Previous Game Played 3. Giving Points To Work On 4. You Playing A Full Game That I Spectate 5. Post Game Review 6. Second List of Points AND Goals
I can coach any rank, prefer Jungle and Solo Lanes.
Discord: Luceris#6842
A Little About Myself: I start playing League January 2020. I started playing ranked end of February 2020 and my Win Rate was abysmal, down towards 25% after 30 games. My win rate stayed fairly low for a LONG TIME. Ranking up was hard for me, so after 200 games I stopped playing ranked and watch videos and pro games, I learned as much as I could. After learning more about the game I was about to cultivate High Win rates on a few champions and SLOWLY climb to Gold. It took me 11 months, but I finally made it to gold. My MMR was so bad, making it take longer than it might should have. Since it is Pre-Season I decided to take a step back from climbing and am wanting to help people who are as stuck as I was.
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2020.11.27 06:44 Lucariolucario555 🥵🔥Dredd vs. BrixleyBenz from 0n1y4ans And Dredd vs. Tori Montana from 01ny4ans Sex Tapes 👉🏼$5

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2020.11.27 06:44 eboca678 So when are the units coming????

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2020.11.27 06:44 xxiLammaixx W/F/L?

Me: robo dog
Them: 8 fossil eggs
View Poll
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2020.11.27 06:44 hamdanali9 M17.[Friendship].[Chat] Anime fan looking for someone to talk about anything

As the title says i am an anime fan(otaku) and i am kinda lonely I can be liitle awkward and anti social And feeling lonely Want to talk someone about anything or anime would be great for me I am hoping i can find some here
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2020.11.27 06:44 invadergreg What’s the use?

What’s the use of this? What’s the use of me? What’s the use of feeling like this? What’s the use fucking them? What’s the use of running away? What’s the use of drinking so much we black out and wake up on the floor of our apartment? What’s the use buying that little bag? What’s the use of getting those tattoos? What’s the use of lying about those cuts?
What’s the use?
What’s the fucking point of anything?
What’s the use.
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2020.11.27 06:44 flynn28 ATLUS Please:: A Rap

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2020.11.27 06:44 Minh-1987 FFBE Sprite Edit: Portal-less KHIII Unit Sprites

So considering that some people are really not satisfied with the KHIII units having Exdeath void behind them, I decided to go ahead and remove the portals from their sprites.
(P.S: Lack of portals will make Sora and Riku's Win animation seem weird.)

Unit SoraNV SoraBS RikuNV RikuBS KairiNV KairiBS
Idle Link Link Link Link Link Link
Standby Link Link Link Link Link Link
Move Link Link Link Link Link Link
Attack Link Link Link Link Link Link
Chant Link Link Link Link Link Link
Magic Link Link Link Link Link Link
Limit Link Link Link Link Link Link
Dying Link Link Link Link Link Link
Dead Link - Link - Link -
WinBefore Link - Link - Link -
Win Link - Link - Link -
Shift - Link - Link - Link
If you are interested in FFBE sprites, check out the vision cards and ffbegif.
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2020.11.27 06:44 Savings-Caterpillar7 Legend sets are missing? There is still the ability to make the actual legends but the trade ins for badges or players is gone

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2020.11.27 06:44 xlxoxo Petition pushes to name Vancouver street after Ryan Reynolds

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2020.11.27 06:44 dropbear692_ HMF this old wallet of mine

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