I hate it when it happens

2020.11.25 05:29 JimDaUnitoo I hate it when it happens

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2020.11.25 05:29 abuntony Valve communication is a smokescreen for their laziness and neglect.

Anyone else think this new communication from valve is just a way for them to keep being lazy and delay content and keep the community quiet over it?
Communication should be effective, exciting and sensible. It should make people more excited and informed, not even more confused and disappointed.
As it is, valve is using the act of "communication" just so they can keep delaying work they promised and the community deserves to get at least 3 months ago. And there's still no clear date or substance to the new content that everyone so deserving of.
I think valve should just keep staying quiet if they can't say anything meaningful, frankly, the ire of the subreddit, and countless of threads complaining is what drives valve to work harder and come out with content with only slight delay. Instead they can delay indefinitely with one simple blogpost.
I say we don't stand for this and push valve back to their quiet but hardworking state. It's frankly what we deserve.
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2020.11.25 05:29 Zedandbreakfast Didn't get Rival Rewards

Am I missing something??? I wasn't able to choose my Rival Rewards last week after it reset today?
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2020.11.25 05:29 AverageGuy16 Damn Daniel, Back at it Again with a Toxic Ex Update! Lmaoo so she actually had the nerve to try to reconnect for a 5th time(after the course of 2 years) after ghosting for 4 fucking months! Genuinely so fucking over it, this time not replying.

Literally it’s kind of funny. This girl goes on whole ass tirades where she’ll randomly blow up on me, out of the blue mind you and just disappear and then have the Audacity to reach out when, from what I’ve come to realize, a feeling of emotional void occurs with the however many dudes she’s getting dicked down by. Lmao yeah no fuck that. I literally have been done being the emotional fucking Dr. Phil for this chick, I wish you all the best but fuck off!
It took me a long ass time to realize this but some people are just jerks and kind of toxic to have around. She is one of those people. I tried to fight the facts the 4 other times because I was blinded by the nostalgia goggles but since the last time she went MIA I straight up doubled down on myself. Got a 4.0(at least so far 🤞🏾) in my new really prestigious finance school, grew out a pretty rad beard, got on anti depressants and overall invested more in not only myself but the people who genuinely fucking stuck around.
2020 has been a strange year to say the least. Definitely closed a lot of chapters and I’d like to think that this is one of those chapters I can end on my own terms. Those terms being complete and utter disregard for my own well being.
As silly as it may seem each time she came and left I felt like a big part of who I once was died, but this time I feel new and I won’t to do it right. Love yourselves people and remember you don’t owe people anything because at the end of the day you really go through this here life thing alone at the heart of it with a few exceptions to really really close friends and family.
As thanksgiving comes around the corner I wish you all the best and I hope that whatever inner conflicts are bothering you be resolved. Stay strong and stay safe.
One love fam ❤️ ✌🏽🆙
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2020.11.25 05:29 thepartyinmypantz *Update for 3080 EVGA XC3 Ultra Que*

Got the email around 1pm EST letting me purchase the card. My sign up time was 9/17 at 3:34pm. For anyone buying through the EVGA store via que, make sure when you check out, use an affiliate code to get a 5% discount!
Also, I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but you DO pay shipping! There were 4 options available to me. 16.55 for ups ground, 24.55 for 3 day, 29.55 for 2 day air, and 41.55 for next day. The affiliate code will more than pay for the shipping and if you pay with a credit card with cash back you’ll make out like a bandit! Good luck everyone!
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2020.11.25 05:29 awkwardlydobrik Use CARAMELLE101 and J9UHQL for 12-15% off 💕

Shopping through my referral link will earn you even more:
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2020.11.25 05:29 QuebeC_AUS Had an unexpected guess today. Gave us a small scare

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2020.11.25 05:29 Accidentalinjury22 AC Valhalla Randvi broken

During the quest to take randvi to grantedbrischire i fast traveled to the destination and now I can’t find randvi. She isn’t at the alliance table or anything so I don’t know what to do. If anyone’s had the same issue and has fixed it please reach out. Or in anyone has an idea of how to fix it that would be sweet.
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2020.11.25 05:29 TigerDucks Sloppy edit i did on u/MateusAbrantes hand drawn template to make it more fitting

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2020.11.25 05:29 ape-intellectual Uxie Raid add 5230 6857 2444

Add SBK1523 5230 6857 2444
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2020.11.25 05:29 xxx___me___xxx Is it just me or is it that this month is flying. But I have been busy as a bee so idk

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2020.11.25 05:29 publiclandlover #PaycheckPerdue

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2020.11.25 05:29 Ashh_RA Long Term Storage Recommendations

Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm sure someone will tell me if it's not. I've spent ages reading all over the internet and it's very complicated and contradictory. It's hard to find out what's relevant to me.
I have just under 1TB of old documents. These are not precious to me. They're simply raw footage from when I used to be a photographevideographer. I'm keeping them in case, one day, I want to be a photographer again and need to re-edit some sample/folio footage. If they're lost, say in a house fire, then it's fine. (They're not as precious as say family photos.)
I will not be writing or accessing the documents often at all/ever. Maybe once every couple years?
They will be stored without power.
I looked at cloud storage, but it's about $130 more per year to upgrade my iCloud storage from 200gb to 2TB. I understand there are probably cheaper cloud storage, but for the purpose of this example, the one's I looked at are not cheap enough. Google says a standard HDD lasts from 3 to 5 years. I currently have 2 backups. ie. 1 HDD of files, 2 backups = 3 HDD total. The cheapest HDD on officeworks.com.au is $60. So even if I bought 3 new hard drives every 5 years, it would be cheaper than cloud storage.
I looked at SSD drives, but this is where I get confused. I read about total number of 'writes' affecting how long the drive is 'usable'. This seems irrelevant to me, because I'll have 1 write, then it'll be stored.
I read about, drives losing data if they don't have power. Some in as little as 3 months. It talked about the layers, and the more layers, the sooner it needs power. I don't want to plug this in. I want to put it in a box for 5 years.
I then read about SSDs lasting up to 10 years. This is much more ideal, because buying 3 SSD's Every 10 years is much better than paying for cloud storage per year, or buying standard HDD every 5 years.
So, my question is: Can I store an SSD for 10 years without plugging it in? Or, are there any other options/recommendations for cheap?
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2020.11.25 05:29 probablymooninite Is Corda able to work for C2C marketplaces?

I just found out about Corda tonight. Wondering if it would work for the startup I'm working on, but I'm unclear on what blockchain is.
Would it work for C2C marketplaces, for instance. Also is bitcoin an aspect of this?
I'm non-technical, so EILI5!
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2020.11.25 05:29 ZoeeeW Was browsing some of my previous photography work and felt like sharing a couple I had taken at the WWI Memorial.

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2020.11.25 05:29 aijobs-com [HIRING] Senior Data Scientist at JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

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2020.11.25 05:29 ytpf Covid-19 vaccine could start in December in Mexico

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2020.11.25 05:29 georgediqi SUBREDDIT MOVING TO r/Anidala !!!!!

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2020.11.25 05:29 Typical_lee SHOULD I DO THIS PLEASE BE QUICK!!

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2020.11.25 05:29 KnightFan2019 Below average player getting destroyed

I have a sub 1.00 k/d (.78 i believe), but every single game ive played (about 20 total) ive been in lobby’s with drop shotting, slide canceling, pre firing sweats. The enemy team wins about 80% of the time and when k/d’s are available to see on the scorecard the enemy team regularly has 2,3 and sometimes even 4/5’s, although those tend to be a bit rare.
I dont get it. I thought sbmm was supposed to put me away from lobby’s like these? I never had a game where i “went off” that couldve tipped the sbmm scales. In fact i can only account a couple of games where i actually went positive!
Im trying hard to enjoy multiplayer, but its not easy when you’re getting pub stomped every single game.
Rant over!
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2020.11.25 05:29 Schrodingers_liar Blasphemous heathens

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2020.11.25 05:29 RLCD-Bot [Saffron Octane] [Saffron Octane: Nice Shot] [Pink Glitch] [Crimson Discotheque]

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2020.11.25 05:29 Apollo_EEF Turns out I can draw now! I drew a picture of Ethan when he had blue hair. I hope this looks good-

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2020.11.25 05:29 swimdangyo New Xbox worth it?

Hello Reddit Gamers! This is a girlfriend of a gamer with a Christmas question.
My boyfriend plays mostly Xbox: COD and the new Assassins Creed and probably games similar to that.
Should I get him the new Xbox for Christmas? Is there a big difference? All his games are on his console, will those be able to transfer?
If you don’t think I should get him the new console, any other gift ideas?
Help another gamer out! Thanks internet world!
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2020.11.25 05:29 raghavgarg2806 Kareena Kapoor Khan

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