What’s the deal with GSG products?

2020.11.25 06:07 the86boi What’s the deal with GSG products?

Hi all,
I was wondering if I could get some insight into the availability of GSG products. I was looking specifically at the GSG16 and the 1911 .22, and everywhere i check it’s out of stock. Is there some secret to getting these? Are they discontinued? Would like to get one (or both) before Christmas. Thanks!
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2020.11.25 06:07 lightspeed1000 Liberation

Clip the feathers.
Even if they're your own.
Snap the tethers,
That bind you to his throne.
Treat the leathers,
On which this note is shown.
Ink still weathers,
So make our message known.

Scale the walls.
Even in your minds.
See their thralls,
Before they close the blinds.
Burn his shawls,
Leave him nought the rinds.
His crown falls.
Till repentance he finds.

Forge a crest,
Adorned with golden tears.
It is blessed.
Ringing from ardent cheers.
In your chest,
Shall be pride for all your years.
Take this quest.
To liberate your peers!
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2020.11.25 06:07 Land_of_Oooooooo This hits the heart ❤️

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2020.11.25 06:07 AutoModerator /r/Goth's DIY Wednesdays!

Show us what you've DIY (Do It Yourself) lately! Be it clothes, painting, maybe a Andrew Eldritch lookalike?
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2020.11.25 06:07 Studio10eleven Paducah man arrested on sex abuse charges - ABC 36 News - WTVQ

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2020.11.25 06:07 Remarkable-Method-95 Men of Reddit, how do you decide whether to reconnect with an ex or not?

Pretty much what the title says. I know sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t. What makes you think trying again is for the best?
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2020.11.25 06:07 amilo111 bum eye but a good little loaf

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2020.11.25 06:07 MidnightAxeMan Am I Over thinking This?

I am not sure about this, but I imagine posts like this get annoying. If this gives you that impression I am sorry. So anyways...I work retail. At a gas station. Not naming which one but I work early mornings til about noon. Theres this older lady that looks really good for her age and I think she's flirting with me. It could be just her being nice but I am bad at reading signs as many guys are. Ive had all sorts of girls take interest in me throughout my life. Even some older women. When she comes in we always make small talk, she's really smily with me and always makes prolonged eye contact with me. She complimented me when I got in better shape telling me I look skinny. She's really sweet but I do notice she treats me like how some girls that liked me treates me. She is much more friendlier to me than any of my other regulars, in particular regular women I see at my store. We always say hi to eachother and when I didn't say hi to her on the count of me not noticing me come in. She got really close behind me to get my attention and I asked if she needed anything and she said no I am just waiting for you to say hi to me. Shes probably just being nice but I wouldn't mind if she was flirting as shes pretty cute.
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2020.11.25 06:07 aijobs-com [HIRING] INTERNSHIP- DATA SCIENCE- PARIS at Expedia Group

JOB OVERVIEW Are you excited by the opportunity to pioneer the future of travel? Do you want to redefine mobile travel experiences? Are you ready to fuel industry change and jumpstart your career in Data Science? Expedia Group paves the way for early career talent to go far, fast with accelerated career advancement, unparalleled access to leadership and a culture of exceptional acceptance.
Travel is so much more than simply reaching your destination. Along your journey you will make an immediate impact on reimagining the way people search for travel as part of an awesome team that will help invent brand new techniques to bring the world within reach. From using your strong coding skills to break new ground with machine learning, to applying these new techniques to services that run tens of thousands of requests per second, there is no shortage of opportunities for technical innovation at Expedia Group – the sky’s the limit!
Applications to this opportunity are considered for our London, Paris & Geneva offices...
Read more / Apply here: https://aijobs.com/jobs/principal-data-scientist-conversational-ai/
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2020.11.25 06:07 egeek84 PS5/Xbox Series X support?

Anyone know when the PS5 and XSX will be identified by control center? I have both and it’s not detecting them and they aren’t in the database so I have to set them up as custom devices
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2020.11.25 06:07 AMADEO-BORDIGA What happened to the Jewish autonomous oblast in TNO universe?

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2020.11.25 06:07 Esperaux Reminder to educate yourself on the works of famous ancaps like Emma Goldman

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2020.11.25 06:07 Studio10eleven NOPD Arrests Sixth District Homicide Suspect - nopdnews.com

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2020.11.25 06:07 DJReshiram Simple Man

She called me crying again
Same problem... Bitch, shut up!
I told you the last 3 times what to do
I'm done with this conversation
Just emptied the bank account on a bail bond
What even is money?
I hope I can pay my bills this month
Since I won't be seeing that money again
When I buy something I'm happy
At least for the rest of the day
At least for that hour
At least for those couple of minutes
Fuck, I think I'm too dependant on weed
I'm gonna go cold turkey again
Oh, she wants to go smoke, alright
I guess I'll quit tomorrow
Man, Xanax and Percocet sound appealing
I know I shouldn't say those things
But fuck, I don't wanna feel anything
This weed doesn't cut it anymore
The pandemic shut my job down
I hated that job, but at least it kept me grounded
I need some sort of discipline
Too bad nobody can't tell me nothing
Is it pride?
is that why I can't ask for help?
I need to stop acting like I'm better than everyone
Even if, it is true
Thanksgiving is this week
Too bad the family hates each other
I'd rather be alone anyways
Like I said, the family hates each other
I wish I could trust somebody
I get asked if I'm okay, what am I supposed to say?
By human standards, I am okay
I'm fed, I'm clothed, I'm housed, I'm okay
Is this what insanity is?
Me talking to myself, being my own best friend
I used to say it's because I'm an only child
But I'm 23 now, is this still normal?
I'll be 24 soon, this year flew by
10 days pass at the blink of an eye
Time is not of the essence like I was told
It's just mundane bullshit, then you die
I'd like to think I'm a simple man
I'm sick of acting like I'm special
I have problems like everyone else
Or at least that's what I tell myself
1. 2.
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2020.11.25 06:07 cigarmanpa wife: “ Are you chasing monkeys around?”

Me: uhhh yes? Her: why? Me: I DON’T KNOW AND WHERE DID THAT FUCKER GO!
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2020.11.25 06:07 gogoks548 Today, November 25th, is going to be a big day.

This is going to be day 1 without fapping. I hope I reach graduation without watching such perversions, without watching softcore porn.
I deleted Instagram, I blocked NSFW content (both on the router and on Reddit).
It would be great if you give me tips to not fap, especially during COVID, since yesterday my country slipped into a state of emergency, so it'd be quite difficult to do anything.
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2020.11.25 06:07 gingerblz Anyone willing to give a hand with old king allant? Ng sl103

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2020.11.25 06:07 alovarxe Go to 14.5. As much as i love my sr25 and sr15 cqb this is bae

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2020.11.25 06:07 What_A_Flame What The Fuck!?!

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2020.11.25 06:07 cornontheecob Drake Hype! Thanks Grim

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2020.11.25 06:07 CarolinaCockDaddy He's ready to go to sleep...

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2020.11.25 06:07 all-i-did-undone abnormal pupil dilation?

I’m 19F, 5’7, 180lbs, white, no prior health conditions other than anxiety/depression and take 25mg zoloft and use recreational marijuana and vape daily.
Last night at about 9pm, a friend of mine pointed out that my left pupil was extremely dilated. We had been in low light for the majority of the night, but were standing in a gas station at the time. When we got home, I started testing to see if my pupils would react to a flashlight normally and while my right pupil was completely fine, my left remained very dilated. I wear daily contacts so i assumed maybe it had something to do with that. I put eyedrops in and took my contacts out. My vision was slightly blurry but I didnt have a headache or anything. Still my pupil was dilated until about 2-3am, at which point it began reacting to light normally (though somewhat slowly at first) and has remained that way since.
I’m assuming it was just a benign occurrence, but I was curious if there could be something I’m just not seeing (pun intended).
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2020.11.25 06:07 fineswords Tool for cleaning paint rollers

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2020.11.25 06:07 civilityman Cold Blue was a documentary masterpiece and I’m hungry for more context on the 8th Air Force in WWII

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2020.11.25 06:07 Kasanala I love them

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