Karencheck has a new Chrome Extension!

2020.11.30 02:03 coconutspider Karencheck has a new Chrome Extension!

My personal favorite 2020 tool, Karencheck, has a new Google Chrome extension -- so it pops up a quick KC summary in the order summary fly out from your Orders page! Just wanted to give the heads up because when I saw that on the Karencheck page today I nearly squealed.
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2020.11.30 02:03 RenegadeKnight12 Jaguar chilling in the tree's

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2020.11.30 02:03 iH93 My Current Hunter in Beyond Light

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2020.11.30 02:03 Daddyjohnwick How to find builds at tier 4

I’m a new player and I don’t know what to build all I know is I like the dual swords and right now I just want to do some dungeons and do pvp later. How do I build around the dual sword to find an option build for pve
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2020.11.30 02:03 jrcraft__ Time Zone Question

What are the rules regarding time zones? Like you could you start at Howland Island (U.S.) at GMT -12 and end in the Line Islands (Kiribati) at GMT +14? Thats a 26 hour time difference. You could cut more then a DAY off NNN.
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2020.11.30 02:03 barkerjc66 [MAIN] 21323 Grand Piano - 143 spots at $3/ea

Date/Time: 11/29 @ 8 PM
Item Name Set Number: 21323 Grand Piano
Lego Price: $349.99 + nc tax= $375
Shipping: $54 shipping (highest to zone 8)
Raffle Total/Spots: $429/ 143 spots @ $3/ea
Price justification? Retail
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? N
Duration of spot limit? NA
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international? Y, winner pays difference (~$50 USD)
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/46glZK3
Description: The Piano
Payment required w/in 15 minutes of raffle filling.
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2020.11.30 02:03 Darkstar753 We are gods

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2020.11.30 02:03 loopygerbiltush I have not bought any makeup in more than a year.

Of course, I also haven’t put on any makeup in almost a year and constantly look like a bag of smashed assholes. What’s my secret, you ask? I had my first baby at the young age of 38 (and my skin couldn’t handle having anything on it while I was pregnant either). It’s such a weird change for me. I used to live for buying whatever the next eyeshadow pallet was and had to try every new mascara that came out. My husband bought me the Urban Decay Ultraviolet pallet as a gift when it came out. It’s still in its original packaging. I’m sure that if I put on some mascara and did my eyebrows I probably would feel better about myself and maybe would actually want to put on more makeup and enjoy playing with it. But who has time? And now that I wear a face mask when I leave the house, there’s especially no point anymore. So I just look at my huge makeup collection and feel bad about myself.
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2020.11.30 02:03 ovoMiles 30Hours leak from Drake, wish there would be a better version

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2020.11.30 02:03 deady_dadpool 31 [M4F] seeking my forever cuddle buddy

Became single right before the lock down and haven't had much luck with any of the dating apps, so figured I would try my luck on reddit.
I'm a 31 yr old single father to an 8 yr old boy (I know, probably already turning some of you away) in the Hagerstown area. Things with my ex went south well before we broke up, and I have been missing the intimacy that comes with being in a relationship. Hoping to meet someone who I can connect with that can learn to love my boy as if he was your own.
A little bit about me:
-i had a liver transplant in 2016, so I don't drink alcohol, but that just means you basically have a permanent DD
-I, along with several others in my family, am a redhead.
-i have a dad bod
-I work night shift Monday through Friday, with Wednesdays and the weekends off, so finding time to spend with me may be difficult at first.

-i like to go on spontaneous adventures, and always looking for new things to do
-due to circumstances slightly out of my control, currently living at home, but working on finding a place with a friend of mine within the next few months
-i can be super sarcastic at times, especially around my friends, but I know when to be serious
-when I fall in love, I love hard
-i am a PC gamer primarily, with plans to eventually get a ps5
-my preferred spice is old bay
-love getting out and doing things, but also have no problem with staying home and binging the same old shows I've seen a hundred times over
-i like cats and dogs equally
-Red Sox, Nats, penguins, Washington Football Team
Message me if you are interested, looking forward to getting you know you and seeing where it goes!
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2020.11.30 02:03 Alarming-Valuable763 Angel Please Save me

Hello Angel,
If you really do exist, please go onto my eBay and purchase everything. I'm a student drowning in debt. Please be my savior.
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2020.11.30 02:03 jephelliot Frisson

a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill
Also, frisson
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2020.11.30 02:03 nofeenews Source: Pa. lawmaker gets a positive test at Trump meeting - Associated Press

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2020.11.30 02:03 Elamigohuevon un reerndo hijo de puta

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2020.11.30 02:03 -CassaNova- The Emperors Children are the True Lord Discos ;)

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2020.11.30 02:03 JTcsgo Thread scheduling and thread execution?

Hey, I'm writing a research essay on threads and I was hoping to get a better understanding of thread execution and thread scheduling. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this question but I'm not sure where else I can. Is there anyone who can explain the process's of these two to me?
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2020.11.30 02:03 Biggest-Ja Shrek waits

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2020.11.30 02:03 dosbente Something something complete....(but not really)

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2020.11.30 02:03 HappyLittleMistakes7 Please ignore!!

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2020.11.30 02:03 ShaunEames Returning player

So I started playing OSRS again last year around June and absolutely grinded it for like 3 months. Got a lot done in that time and really had a blast. Kinda hit a wall with it and never went back. I’m looking to get back into it sometime soon and was wondering if there were any people down to chill and talk/play with? I’ve been going through a super rough time as of late and would like some new people to get to know and hang with so to speak. I’m not down with the discord and so on so you’d have to talk me through on how to use it but I’d love to chill and hang with some like minded guys or gals. I’m 27 anyway if that holds any meaning.
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2020.11.30 02:03 IndependentBill4549 If there is going to be Lego Dimensions 2, I want to see The Boys (Amazon Prime) in it.

I think would be cool for the franchise to be included in it.
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2020.11.30 02:03 KingSamIII1829 [A][US][Stormrage] is looking for new players

Fever Clan is recruiting. We are rebuilding from multiple guilds across a few realms. We are looking for mature, fun, friendly 18+ players to come join us. We do dungoens, raids, pvp, etc. All skills and playstyles are welcome. is the horde guild of a large, international multi-game clan, with an active discord and forums. Why not come check us out at www.feverclan.com? Fever is probably a good fit for you if:

· You are 18+ and looking for a fun group of people to game with, if you are over 15, you are welcome to come and play but unfortunately cannot join the clan.

· You prefer gaming in a drama free atmosphere with other adults.

· You have discord and a mic and are interested in joining us in our voice chat.

· You want to be part of a guild with leadership that does not scream and yell about everything.

· You like grouping up to breeze through questing/dungeoning.

· You want to be part of a larger gaming clan with a diverse and active playerbase ,

· Most importantly, you are a fun, friendly, mature player.

If we sound like a group you are interested in, then please go check out our forums(www.feverclan.com) and apply to be a member of fever clan, if you remember use my name (KingSam) as your referral! Get a hold of me on discord (KingSamIII #4809) to ask any questions you may have. My name on the Fever Clan forums is KingSam. We hope to see you in game!
Fever Forums (www.feverclan.com)
Discord server (discord.gg/fever)
US - Horde
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2020.11.30 02:03 burtzev [Spain] Connect the City: Rights, Justice and the Digital Divide | Green European Journal

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2020.11.30 02:03 hollownostlen Ideas about implementing shield and bow and arrow in the game

There's a lot of controversy about implementing both weapons in the game due to fear to dumb down the pvp. but I think if done right it could implement a new depth level to the group fights:
Shields should be able to block properly, probably from everything in front of the character. including projectiles. But to make it fair it should replace the grapple hook, making it a decision between mobility or tankiness. Another point should be that while using the shield, either you can only attack from above or right swings. or left swings are done with the shield. limiting the attack power of the shield-bearer.
While shields focus on a slow tank threat, bows should focus on mobility. using the mobility status as the damaging status, it would mean that using heavy armor would reduce the damage done by the bow. The bow should not be able to fire arrows while ranging from a grapple. pressing the attack button alone should make the user hit people with the bow like a melee weapon (that decays twice as much if used this way) the defending button holds the bow to block like a fighting stick. and pressing the defending button then the attack one starts charging an arrow. It should consume stamina to fire an arrow. you can do fast shots that cant hit far. but still deals damage. or long charging shots to attack from afar..
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2020.11.30 02:03 Wolverain_047 Lucky?

I got 2 jotaros in a row while trying to get a vegeta but now what should I do with the other jotaro since feeding it to someone else doesn’t give that much exp
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