28 [M4F] Jam #5 - Officially Missing you by Tamia

2020.11.27 07:35 ayos_ayos 28 [M4F] Jam #5 - Officially Missing you by Tamia

Maulan tamang tama tong kanta na to.
Guitar - https://vocaroo.com/1n7ijt9fsGrC
Pardon the terrible guitar playing. I tried my best, though.
Again please record yourself singing this song and let me hear it. Thank you
And by the way, Im thinking about compiling all the recordings we have made including this one.
As for the name of our band, we will call it MYME - Make Your Mama Embarrassed
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2020.11.27 07:35 dav_ypvr Movement on remote client is slow compared to local client

Let me elaborate on my scenario. So I am making a Titanfall inspired VR game where the player controls a mech. Now the mech uses the CharacterMovement component to move. I have 2 computers, let's call them computer A and B, that I am using to test functionality across a network. Here is what I am doing:

  1. I run the listen server on computer A
  2. I run a client on computer A(client A)
  3. I run a client on computer B(client B)
  4. On both client A and B I get in a mech
When I try moving the mech on client A, the mechs moves at an expected rate, but on client B the mech moves extremely slowly. As an analogy, if client A is considered walking then client B is practically crawling, and additionally on client B there are moments where the input doesn't seem to move the mech while some other moments where it seems to speed up some.
I've tried using AddActorWorldOffset in place of the AddMovementInput node and movement seem to behave more closely between the two clients.
So then how come AddMovementInput behaves so weirdly? Does anyone know what is going on and what I can do to resolve the issue such that I can use AddMovementInput? I'd love to continue to take advantage of the Character Movement component.
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2020.11.27 07:35 CloutHoundYT Are any of the lockdown takeovers worth equipping?

I plan on making my Primary takeover Spot up Precision and Secondary takeover finishing moves... I don’t think jumpshot contests and perimeter badge drop are good enough to put on. Extreme clamps may be ok at best.
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2020.11.27 07:35 Homelesscat23 So what can really be done about the muslim problem?

Submission statement: Sam Harris has spoken about the incompatibility of Islam and the West (refer back to his spat with Ben Affleck on the Bill Maher show).
I have been browsing public freakout and other subreddits such as world news and some of the Indian subreddits and ever since France I am seeing a huge uptick in...lets just call it choice words against muslims.
But what is the solution or the end goal here? Complete deportation of all muslims? 100% shutdown of muslims entering any country which is not predominantly muslim majority? Micro chipping them and tracking their movement? Compulsory "education" camps for all muslim immigrants who appeal for immigrant visas? Handing out monetary bonuses to muslim communities for ousting radical terrorists?
I am an American, and I consider myself a social democrat. And, no I am not a muslim (I'll keep my identity hidden for doxxing reasons). But upon reading all these comments and posts and saying how gutless liberals is the reason why Muslims are taking over Europe and India...I mean first of all...isn't it a liberal idea to promulgate freedom of religion? That's in our constitution. The constitution doesn't say "all religions except Islam". So what should we do? Defy the constitution? Make an amendment?
Some of you will get angry and report this post and get me banned but I am being dramatic for a reason. All I see is hatred and vitriol but I am not seeing ANY solutions put forward. Cool man, you made a funny meme about Muhammad being a pedo...do you have any real world solutions? Any fixes? Maybe some policy? All I see is internet trolling but no real credible policy being pushed. I want to see a framework as to how we tackle radical islamic terrorism. I am tired of LE EPIC TROLLS just typing "religion of peace" on every news article.
Fundamentally, I believe in treating people as individuals. I have had friends from across all faiths and beliefs and guess what? They have treated me fairly. Even the so called "muslims". I remember one specific event where I was at a friend's house who happened to be a muslim and while they conducted their prayer nobody forced me to do any prayers. After they did their prayers, we all sat down for dinner and had a good time. Never was I made to feel like "an outsider". But upon reading the world news comment section, it almost feels like every muslim family wants to forcibly convert and gang rape you.
Lastly, I know many of you will also say "jesus dude you sound exactly like Ben Affleck"...and yes, there is perhaps some truth to that. Maybe my worldview is conflicted. I understand and recognize that radical islamic terrorism is a BIG problem. I understand that there has been disruption and violence. But then again I also have my personal worldview where none of my muslim friends have tried to undermine my sovereignty in any way.
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2020.11.27 07:35 sabucoush My God cannot wait for it to click in my brain that I no longer care what So ever!!! Like i am so excited that it will only take one click and the nightmare is over.

Cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning with nothing on my mind. Like literally not caring what so ever about her or what she is doing. Just myself and I. Cannot wait to just make my breakfast, sit with my friends, and go about my day without thinking about her. I cannot wait for it how will it make her go crazy how did I lose so much interest suddenly and I just became indifferent. After so long, isnt that what she was asking for? Why would she be mad now that I no longer? Wasnt she the one who said she didnt love me and she had no interest in me? Why now am I a treasure that she wants to keep? Why is she texting and calling asking about me and my day, wants to hang out? How did my lack of interest and me removing her off my radar made her wants my attention more? Well now that I am free of the pain and basically not care at all, she wants me again? She is texting and calling me asking for a kiss? Really? When did we reach that conclusion of I just clicking that I accept whatever happens and I am done with it.
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2020.11.27 07:35 jasminethebot Asexual Psychopathy vs Sexual Psychopathy: Type I and Type II Psychopaths

Hannibal Lecter: Asexual Psychopathy
Buffalo Bill: Sexual Psychopathy
Ted Bundy: Sexual Psychopathy
Jeffrey Dahmer: Sexual Psychopathy
Asexual psychopaths are less likely to get caught, more towards cold-blooded or reptilian behavior and thus will be historically underrepresented.
Sexual psychopaths almost always get caught. The ones who don't are the ones who need to be stopped.
Yagami Light (Death Note): Asexual Psychopath
L (Death Note): Asexual Psychopath
I can't think of many off of the top of my head but I hope this illuminates a pattern before I write about their differences formally.
Something I also noticed before a person acts out on homicidal inclination is sex repulsion. This is a huge indicator, as once a person becomes sex repulsed (and the causes of this are manifold), they turn from the desire to create life (reproduction) to the desire to destroy it (deproduction).
Clinically, Cluster-A personality types tend more towards asexual psychopathy (gotta love the alliteration). Schizoid personality types, specifically.
Cluster-B personality types are more towards sexual psychopathy.
And I haven't started on sociopathy, as that is ultimately a cry for help, and really nothing to do with psychopathy at all.
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2020.11.27 07:35 Saint679 Think I have a problem...

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2020.11.27 07:35 fuzzygamer091 I did not get the worldfinals pin

Did someone had this too? And maybe ideas how i can get the pin because i watched the video???
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2020.11.27 07:35 someone_1231 Your tongue knows exactly how everything you look at will taste.

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2020.11.27 07:35 Alergia_Primaveral olanoséusarreddit y está en proceso perdón lo feO

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2020.11.27 07:35 -SmashingSunflowers- My fiance of 7 years proposed to me :) here is my custom ring I got from Etsy. It's 10k rose gold with a 1.5 carat moissanite

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2020.11.27 07:35 hdte55 does someone know why some of my tables plans have unlearn themselves?

was make a new base when i going to put some tables down. when i did i seen that some of my the plans have somehow unlearn. so i server hop and quit the game and still nothing. does someone know why?
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2020.11.27 07:35 ajmainzaman I made a fusion between Vegeta and All-Might

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2020.11.27 07:35 Mayonnaise_PreCum Mesprit fast7379 9646 5648

7379 9646 5648
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2020.11.27 07:35 Alisalovesmemes Ik weet geen titel

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2020.11.27 07:35 ShibePowa [PC] W: VSSS/90 Shiskebab & V2515 Reload Tesla H: B2525 Handmade, BSSS Sheep Club/Staff/S Sledge/Shish, BE25 Fixer, VE15r .50 Cal, Q2590 Plasma Gun, Q2515r Tesla 1:1

Looking for those rolls only, and I have my trade list is here in case you are interested in something different: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IkWLClauoDpgbm9_9x0QLm6ElBD-aHoIGWaCfuh2Vkg/edit#gid=0
If you have a two/three star V/SS/Any or none Shishkebab then I would be happy to pay caps or flux for it but please don't ask for a 1:1 trade with another item on my trade list.
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2020.11.27 07:35 ahsanj6891 WQHD 60HZ VS 120HZ FHD+

So as the topic suggests I'm really confused about which setting to adopt to. Coming from Oneplus 8 pro just last week, I am really missing both QHD+ and and 120Hz at the same time. What do you guys use. Currently I'm using Bixby routines to activate WQHD+ for YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime. While it reverts back to Adaptive 120Hz using any other app or when at Home, settings. Etc.
View Poll
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2020.11.27 07:35 Solid-Profit-7527 Wtf

Ok so I'm high as I smoked a few bowls and and blunt and I'm in sum kind of trip but I fw it but I hope it's not good but I think I'm good but it's weird 👽
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2020.11.27 07:35 dirkvibez A wip suit commission (first suit im going to finish)

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2020.11.27 07:35 ricosalsa I would like to visit Iran in 2021. I am both Canadian and Ecuadorian. I live in Canada. Does it matter which nationality I put down on the paperwork?

Just looking for general advice in getting into the country.
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2020.11.27 07:35 SoloSuu Hell’s pretty lit 🔥

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2020.11.27 07:35 awkwardalien21 Cast iron skillet apple pie. Turned out delicious

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2020.11.27 07:35 wazzuper25 Good news, everyone!

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2020.11.27 07:35 YaseenSaeed101 Help fixing NES Mini

So about two to one year ago, my NES mini stopped working, due to power failure. When I opened it, I saw that the cover of the cords leading to the USB power were scratched, which I assume means that my mini is indeed damaged due to this. I'm looking at fixing it now, but I'm a total noob when it comes to fixing stuff, I don't know where to start. Should I replace the port or what? Will that require soldiering? Or is it not worth it that I should just keep my Mini as display?
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2020.11.27 07:35 4lenac looking for a specific blackpink picture!

hello! i remember seeing a picture a while ago of one of the girls (i think it was lisa? but i don’t remember) wearing a shirt that said i love jennie and had a big picture of jennies face in the middle. i’ve been looking for this forever and i’d really appreciate if someone could send it to me if anyone knows what i’m talking about :)
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