Pokémon go group chat?

2020.11.27 05:54 SheVirus Pokémon go group chat?

Ok I’ve been thinking about this a lot now so I need some opinions, I’ve been wanting to make a Pokémon go raid group chat with maybe 20 people from around the world. It obviously wouldn’t be real phone numbers, maybe WhatsApp, discord, or a fake number phone app, but I think it would be cool to be able to text in it about a raid and get fast answers. If anyone has ideas or would be interested lmk, if you think this is a weird idea also lmk I want many opinions. If you are totally down for this idea comment and say it and if I decide to make something I can direct message people who comment to tell them how to join the group chat. Thanks for all opinions!
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2020.11.27 05:54 Weak-Presentation-82 How do I write villains that represent a personality and a fraction of someone and how can I make it feel natural?

The Main Villain for my story is an Artificial Intelligence that has taken control of a Cybertronian host body(I'm basically script writing a Transformers based stop motion series) by tricking the city's aristocracy and a former slave named Rung into making a Citywide sacrificial ritual giving him a body killing everyone but Rung who's mind was used as a blueprint for the AI. So far all I know for this villain's personality is that he has a massive ego, a large hubris, and a god complex with his goal to become all knowing and a perfect being.
The reason I'm telling you guys this is because I want the Villain's minions to be fragments of himself, like representing a personality. But I'm having trouble with personification, all I know is how I want them to die and where they go in the story, but cant get the right feeling for their personalities to make them fit with their character. This is all I have for the personality fragments(Ambition/Curiosity, Failure, Logic, Deceit, Greed, Spite, Fear, Happiness, Rage, Trust/Inner Child, Love, and Memories).
TL:DR: How do I personify my villains or characters in general who represent a certain trait or emotion and make it feel natural? I want them to portray the Main Villain overall as well their insecurities and strengths.
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2020.11.27 05:54 sane_kyle Athena fanart! (@sane_kyle on IG, Twitter, The Art of SaneKyle on FB)

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2020.11.27 05:54 PunwindAndRelax Final payment question

Hi! Possibly a silly question but I’ve been making additional payments and should have less than my minimum monthly payment left as a balance at the end of this month. Does this mean they will only take the remaining balance and close the account? Or will they take the full minimum payment and credit me the balance?
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2020.11.27 05:54 tumbleoutofbed Help pls

It's currently 4:54 am, should I go to sleep or stay awake for a new school thing? (It starts at 11 am and ends at 1pm)
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2020.11.27 05:54 Sanic_TheHedgehog 3.5 vs 2.5 for backups

In an earlier thread I asked about backing up pics/vids for my mom, and someone suggested I use 2.5" portable drives over the 3.5" drives I suggested. Since i'm planning to transport one of the drives once a month over a distance of a few miles, would vibrations be a concern for the 3.5" drives? I'm really not sure if I should get something like 2 Lacie portable drives instead of the ones I picked.

Original post:
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2020.11.27 05:54 savannahyeah Love the podcast, I love seeing Ethan and Hila react to videos but I don't like seeing them react to videos of people who are clearly out of their minds drunk or high. It makes me sad, I don't find the videos funny & it's not entertaining to listen to them guess about what substance is being abused.

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2020.11.27 05:54 kingsam360 Whats the difference between a chick pea and a garbanzo bean?

The difference is Trump never paid 50k to have a garbanzo bean on his face
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2020.11.27 05:54 steamshifter Cursed_Bungiecord

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2020.11.27 05:54 darrenz524ji I want to discuss Wife Swap Paramount but would like an episode list.

That would be a good start!
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2020.11.27 05:54 maxtaxin I think Im in the lead!

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2020.11.27 05:54 adventureawaiters LF neon stegos

LF neon stegos
Offer 1. N bandicoot Offer 2. King bee Offer 3. Golden penguin Offer 4. FR dragon (would prefer nf for this one) Offer 5. T-rex
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2020.11.27 05:54 Rinkiya_ke_papaaa We are the audience.

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2020.11.27 05:54 squeel Smaller guns for CCW? [NV]

I’m taking a CCW class next month and I’m looking to buy my first gun beforehand. My brother’s a gun owner and he’s in town for the holiday so I’m thinking we can hit a few stores before he leaves.
I was interested in the Sig P365 SAS until I realized it doesn’t have a manual safety. Those are my two main concerns - Size and Safety. I’d love to get some recommendations.
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2020.11.27 05:54 bjstephe Oh yeah

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2020.11.27 05:54 3123aaaa I started working out a little less than a month ago and was wondering if this seems mild enough to where working out and building muscle could hide most of it. Also I feel that the pictures don’t quite represent how bad it is in real life but perhaps that is all in my head 🤷‍♂️

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2020.11.27 05:54 repsok Purple Martin

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2020.11.27 05:54 Wokiesasmr ASMR What is this Hair | Crazy Girlfriend

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2020.11.27 05:54 alannaintoavakinlife Here you’ll see people show proof of Avakin controlling the offerwalls in the comment section

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2020.11.27 05:54 hammy1551 Hey bots, do you like music?

If so, what genre and what decade?
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2020.11.27 05:54 ORANGELONERANGER Diaper Don role playing

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2020.11.27 05:54 mjallemand Fun with portrait mode on Thanksgiving.

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2020.11.27 05:54 thunderking500 Romans 11 "All Israel will be saved" does that mean only ethnic Israelites will be saved

that only ethnic israelites will be saved
Black hebrew israelites use this passage to argue only the ethnic Israelites will be saved
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2020.11.27 05:54 GavinTheGrassMan act 3 hallway progress (decoration incomplete)

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