Looking for a mentor, JG Trundle One Trick Plat 3

2020.11.30 01:52 TrundleGod32 Looking for a mentor, JG Trundle One Trick Plat 3

I checked the mentoring 'megathread' which has 3 people in it and hasn't been updated for 16 days, and pm'd people, theres nobody there and nobody replies. I went to the summoner school discord, nobody was interested / they didn't reply / they said no / they said wait until after preseason. Where else am I supposed to ask for help here if my threads keep getting deleted?
Trundle JG one trick stuck in plat 3. I've been to d3 in previous seasons, but now I can't climb and I have no idea why I am losing games at all.
Please reply here if you can help, pm me directly or talk to me in my twitch stream chat.
I'm streaming all my games here everyday:
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2020.11.30 01:52 Automatic_Delay3276 Aios

So I’m still working on my first pc and I wanna know if aios leak
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2020.11.30 01:52 combinestrider17 Daily Ops Drop Rate

Can we please get something guaranteed for hitting Elder rank or at the very least raise the drop rate. After doing 5 days of Daily Ops since Steel Dawn having 3 of those days give absolutely nothing is honestly absurd. It just feels like wasting time and makes me not even want to bother with the Daily Ops anymore if there's such a large chance I won't get anything unique.
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2020.11.30 01:52 lsiunl Spotify keeps undownloading songs randomly on PC and my Spotify App...Add an download all button for gods sake.

This is an issue people have been having for 3 years now and it still hasn't been fixed. This is a gigantic pain in the ass if you have thousands of songs and hundreds of playlists. At the very least just add a download all button or something because downloading on the PC app and the Spotify app is stupid and unintuitive because you have to go into each individual playlist to hit the download button which is ridiculous. The previous app version allowed you to select a download button as your scrolling through your playlist, who thought it was a good idea to remove that feature??
In the meantime, if anyone is having a similar issue with their playlist getting deleted, round about solution is to make a playlist and add all your songs to that playlist and just hit the download button for that one playlist instead of individually going to your other playlist.
Don't know if it's just me but I'm getting tired of how unoptimized and messy the Spotify programs are, the way they design things are just incredibly unintuitive and it's making me lose my mind, especially when I have to spend hours every month or so redownloading my songs.
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2020.11.30 01:52 victooer FCEL intergalactic launch?

Hello fellow kids. I am wondering if I should put my life savings of about 200 dollars on FCEL calls.
All I know is:
They make green energy magic with fuel cells and stonks going up.
Their volume is tremendous. I don't know what that means.
I see no news about it so far. Maybe this means that big investors knows thing that we don't. I don't care I just want money like fucking cocaine in my ass.
Its an old company so they have an actual product that they can sell which is good sign. They were much bigger company before they tanked to a penny stock. Epic comeback maybe?
I want to believe that FCEL can be the infinite money glitch in real life
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2020.11.30 01:52 eforty182 Kawga

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2020.11.30 01:52 MrNeasel Thanks, I hate pineapple pizza with no pineapple

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2020.11.30 01:52 bigboybitt Help converting and making black templars.

To the people out there who have made black templars what do I use. What models and kits do you use for the main units. Also is there a part in one of the codex's that have black templar rules. Anything helps.
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2020.11.30 01:52 a-biss made joshua's pumpkin pie for thanksgiving! :))

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2020.11.30 01:52 Nietzschebeergambler Why do you believe in God, and how do you know your God is the right one?

I'm not trying to provoke or offend, I'm just curious.
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2020.11.30 01:52 a2dubnut Odd question about dip and vinegar.

So - my wife uses vinegar in her loads of laundry (long story, don’t ask 🤣), and the area around the detergent cup on our washer has lost its enamel, and has started to surface rust...
As the long way to a question - does anyone here know if vinegar will eat at plasti-dip?
I’m considering using it for the top panel on my washer after cleaning up the metal/finish, but I don’t want to waste my time if I’m just going to end up back at square one.
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2020.11.30 01:52 nibor1357 Game suggestion for those of you looking to fill that Persona sized hole in your life.

So up until recently I’ve been begging for a game to release that could give me the same magic my first play through of P5 did. I went back and played P3 and P4 and enjoyed the ride those games gave me. I fell back into feeling like I wouldn’t find anything as good as the Persona series. Until about two weeks ago when I discovered the Legend of Heroes series.
Trails of Cold Steel to be exact and let me just say this game has scratched every itch Persona gave me. The game has a bond system between characters very similarly to the social links in Persona. It also has extremely good story telling so far,( currently in chapter 6) there’s no character that feels to underdeveloped as every single character seems to have a reason for every action they take. These characters besides the MC (I think they tried a bit to hard to make him someone you could still put yourself in the place of. Making his dialogue very bland at times, this hasn’t been a huge issue for me though.) are some of the best most thought out characters I have seen in a game in a long time. I haven’t came across any overly annoying arcs. (definitely none as annoying as Mona’s) I will say though if you just enjoyed the chapters in Persona because you wanted wifus then you may be disappointed here as the female characters are extremely deep and fleshed out and they’re are many romantic bits with all of them theres not quite the romantic finish for all of them as there are the girls at the end of their social links in Persona.
The one flaw I do have for this game is the combat. It’s your typical JRPG for the most part but it’s just annoying at times when a boss gets three turns in a row for no reason and one hits your party. (This may just be on harder difficulties) The combat is also very easy to break and become overly easy if you try though. The good thing about the combat is it does give those of you who love min maxing plenty of stuff to play with. You can swap in and out abilities of characters based on opponent as well as manage gear and everything else.
TL:DR Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is an absolutely amazing game that I would recommend to any Persona fan that doesn’t solely enjoy Persona for the Wifus
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2020.11.30 01:52 IceQueen749 [SERIOUS] what is something that you would take to your grave and never tell a soul?

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2020.11.30 01:52 TheKatness Two little friends packed with Pineapple Express

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2020.11.30 01:52 Bossitronium1 I- can explain...

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2020.11.30 01:52 DDronewar Currently playing VN second route

I find it hilarious how saber is getting upset or jealous that shorty is using archer fighting style. Really enjoying the VN
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2020.11.30 01:52 no_YOURE_sexy The recent Match had me thinking of a fun match format: The best players from the 4 major American sports face off in a golf match.

Title says most of it. Possibly during the baseball all-star break, when the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB are on break, host some sort of tournament with representatives from the 4 major sports and have it be a battle of the sports. Either just one guy from each sport, or multiple from each sport and see how it plays out! We need more athletes playing their non-dominant sports.
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2020.11.30 01:52 jacklaing_55 Cant cure myself of vampireness. I have tried EVERYTHING. SEND HELP ASAP.

So for a long time now I’ve had the vampire disease thing from running into a group of vampires on my way to do the dwarven mission.
I didn’t realize i was affected by it till it was to late. my eyes are normal but i have the side effects of being a vampire. not all the powers but all the side effects. people don’t attack me they just say my eyes like f*cked. I’ve tried potion of cure all diseases, i’ve met the guy and got him the crystals to cure me but when I go to meet him he walks away. I did some research and realized i was blood hungry. I tried to feed on someone in there house as they were sleeping but it only gave me the option to pick pocket.
This whole thing has ruined my game experience and i’m honestly so frustrated as I’ve tried everything, i’ve had to go across the whole map more then multiple times for what turns out to be useless and absolutely nothing.
Can someone PLEASE tell me what the f*ck is going on and HOW I can cure myself/fix this?!
my stages of being a vampire won’t increase and i don’t look affected by it but I am and other people notice me
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2020.11.30 01:52 purely_pointless [LF] Miscellaneous DIYs [FT] DIYs, Fake Art, Items, Bells, NMTs, Rusted Parts

I’m looking to fill out the rest of my DIY collection minus some of the upcoming seasonal and Celeste DIYs. :)
I have 22 rusted parts available, and would prefer 1 DIY:1 Rusted Part depending on the DIY. I can do 1 DIY:2 Rusted Parts for floral, golden, mermaid, and fall DIYs.
Also I can pay 50k bells for a regular DIY. I can pay more for special DIYs. Additionally, I’d like to stick to 1 DIY:1 NMT for regular DIYs.
DIYs I’m Looking For
For Trade List
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2020.11.30 01:52 kinsane_kinase Paper claiming cheaper care for chronic diabetes management by NPs and PAs

this is some research that someone just quoted in a midlevel thread. I was wondering if someone here is experienced in these kinds of studies and seeing if they're legit?
I found some general points on it, but I'm sure someone with more experience might find additional points of criticism or outright refute their claims.
Generally, imo this study's outcome is hardly a surprise. Chronic care of diabetes is about as bread and butter as it gets especially if endocrinologist referrals are readily available, I figure. I would he shocked if a NP couldn't even treat hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. Nobody is concerned about them doing that, afaik. Previously and securely diagnosed common chronic diseases is the suitable place for midlevel care, I'm sure everyone agrees.
So my thoughts are: - I'm reading a very loud silence regarding outcomes. They analyzed a sample from 2012. Some of these guys should be dead or the disease would have progressed by now to some end point, and I think it's quite telling that a quick 2020 comparison was omitted here.

Overall I cannot shake the feeling that a bunch of people sat down and cherrypicked a bunch of data that portrayed their political goals (conveniently highlighted in bright red fat letters) in a favorable light. Why take the years 2012-13 instead of 2011-12 or 2012-2017? Why omit intuitively interesting information? And why not admit the obvious bias as faculty of a program that earns money with every person enrolling to become a PA?
But then again, I don't have time to really read the thing thoroughly, those are just the quick points that jumped at me. And I am biased as well, as I myself cannot believe that outcomes would be better. Equal, perhaps, but better? How would that work? The journal doesn't make it easy either, as they actively encourage to leave out parts of the methodology from submitted papers.
what do you guys think?
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2020.11.30 01:52 caterpillard Any fix for crashing on the Series X?

My game still crashes constantly. Only fix I’ve found is to disable ray tracing, but it’s still happening occasionally. Has activision recognized this as a known issue? Anyone have any other fix they can recommend? Thanks
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2020.11.30 01:52 Bramman123 Just Bought first car - 1976 Sebring-Vanguard Citicar

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2020.11.30 01:52 aeroxy 好图分享

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2020.11.30 01:52 3stripesout Name a more iconic duo

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2020.11.30 01:52 McFishington My first Among Us video. I know it's done a bunch, but I love gaming and still learning how to put content together. Feedback would be great!

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