Go! 2022 5-Star CB Domani Jackson Commits to USC |

2022 5-Star CB Domani Jackson Commits to USC

2021.01.23 23:16 a-football-addict 2022 5-Star CB Domani Jackson Commits to USC

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2021.01.23 23:16 skiiiier [FS] - Everett, WA - $80+ - Lots of aquarium equipment

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2021.01.23 23:16 Puzzleheaded-Emu5189 Need boost ASAP msg me will boost back ASAP

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/CNBVbAst6bb msg me to get boosted back
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2021.01.23 23:16 Urk4 I hate cleaning dishes

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2021.01.23 23:16 DueRepresentative912 Cmon ludwig

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2021.01.23 23:16 Jimmy-wassup Which should I choose for RB

These choices are both LBs
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2021.01.23 23:16 datelinegehenna Pull-out spray nozzle broke off from faucet. Help!

Hey there, hoping I can get some assistance on this. The faucet to the kitchen sink has a nozzle on the end that can be pulled out from the faucet and used as a sprayer. Unfortunately, the nozzle broke off from the hose. It’s not a jagged break, but I can’t seem to get it to reattach...it’s not just a question of snapping it back on.
My question is, can I reattach it with some form of very strong water-resistant glue? Or will the flow of water eventually break that down? And additionally, could that pose a health danger in terms of the glue breaking down and getting into drinking water? Let me know if you have any tips, thank you!
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2021.01.23 23:15 ComyCrashix My first album of this year just released, check it out

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2021.01.23 23:15 BlueKalamari 3.13 Players

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2021.01.23 23:15 bigdar94 Fifa 95 on Megadrive. The goalkeeper was crazy !

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2021.01.23 23:15 Ectophial1 [PSN] [H] A lot of random rocket pass items [W] 120cr per 24

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2021.01.23 23:15 reluctantsub Please give us Carlos for scale

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2021.01.23 23:15 Sickoner [PSN] [H] Exotic Black Veloce + Credits [W] STRIKER Exotic Black Veloce

add seackone
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2021.01.23 23:15 Riverpassive 22 Degree Halo

I sensed the storm coming that night.
When I looked up things didn’t seem right.
Yet it all looked so beautiful and perfect,
I didn’t even notice I was just another reject.
On a short little voice call after we found release,
We shared tears, but you said we’re forever, what a tease.
I was willing to shovel my way out just to get there.
I had one goal on my mind, I didn’t care,
About myself or my surroundings.
A tunnel vision that left me with nothing.
The next morning everything was covered.
No matter how hard I tried, there was not one more word.
I had no more traction, I couldn’t even get started.
It took me way to long to realize we fully parted.
Something so romantic about that night though...
I ignored the signs and just admired that glow.
You were so bright, yet so cold tho...
I could see your twenty two degree halo.
(Day 40. Written today. A 22 degree halo is one of my favorite things to witness in winter. If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much a ring of light that forms around the sun or moon when ice particles are in the clouds. It is said to warn of an incoming snow storm. Someone very important to me left in the winter so I felt this was fitting. Thanks for reading!)
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2021.01.23 23:15 Mr_Snifles Horseshoes

What makes the horseshoe unique to the horse armour that already exists? It can have any enchantment that boots can have.
Horseshoes are a secondary armour type for horses, they have their own third slot in the horse-inventory. They come in iron, gold and diamond and aren't craftable, just like regular horse armour. They grant the horse a lot less protection than the regular horse armour, but they really shine once you start enchanting them.
A few notes on specific enchantments: -Featherfalling could protect the rider from fall damage too. -Since a galloping fast horse is too fast for frostwalk 2, frostwalk is buffed on horseshoes. -depthstrider won't allow you to swim a horse across the ocean, but it'll be faster in shallow water.
Places where you might find a horseshoe: -Iron horseshoes can be found in blacksmith chests. -Gold horseshoes can be found in ruined nether portal chests, bastion remnants and in the Netherfortress. -Diamond horseshoes can be found in the Netherfortress and the end cities. -They can be found with a tier I enchantment.
It should also be clarified that even though the item in question would look like, and be called a horseshoe (singular), when it is equipped the horse will look like it has 4 horseshoes. 4 seperate horseshoe-slots just seems a bit stupid.
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2021.01.23 23:15 investor229 Taking over dad’s business

My dad is a pretty successful financial advisor and runs his own office out of my hometown. He’s going to be retiring in about 10 years. He has started to think about his successor and talked to me in the past about it. I have a pretty close relationship with my dad, but this has always been a weird topic to discuss with him. He recently talked to me about my brother-in-law working for him a few years down the road (essentially saying that my brother-in-law would take over the business).
I work for a successful Fortune 500 company and make a pretty solid income, but taking over this business would pay 3-4 times of what I make in a year. I like the fact that I earned this job by myself and didn’t want to be seen as taking the easy route and just working for my dad after graduating from college.
I somewhat enjoy my job now, but I also think I’d enjoy doing what my dad does. Although, if the income was more similar, I’d probably just stick with my current job and not think twice about it. Is it selfish of me to be upset about my brother-in-law potentially taking over the business? I’ve had numerous friends ask me why I’m not doing what my dad does and always get asked if I’m going to take over his business. I’m not really sure what to do.
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2021.01.23 23:15 Synfenesca When do markets open? I will be purchasing LSROC as my first stock

Hello all, Ty for the suggestion to buy LSROC, I will be buying $500 shares worth of LSROC. Just a quick question, is it okay to market buy or limit buy? Thank you!
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2021.01.23 23:15 SuccessfulRest1 Fuck the fortitude cap.

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2021.01.23 23:15 naptaq Muscle checking, Brain Gym and Managing Stress (with Jerry Teplitz)

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2021.01.23 23:15 Zeometric I randomly saw a Canadian spec [Pontiac Wave] all the way down here in Braselton, Georgia. It has the Northwest Territory bear plates too!

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2021.01.23 23:15 Pajca I haven't got much time left, the _______ is spreading.

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2021.01.23 23:15 BlueLensFlares Ways of diagnosing issues with SNS, SQS

I've set up a pipeline involving S3, Textract, SNS and SQS to process typed scanned physical documents. I perform an asynchronous operation that starts a job on an S3 object, and inside the request to start the job I have an SNS topic that is subscribed to by an SQS queue. Both are FIFO based.
I am encountering this problem in my Django app that uses boto3, where every time I successfully start a textract job, but then try to sqs.receive_message, I get response is none. This happens over 6 minutes, even though the job is already finished (I can see it in the bucket). This means my SQS connection is incorrectly configured or SNS is not sending anything.
My understanding is that SNS notifies SQS when the job is finished, so I should receive a real response. I'm not sure why SNS or SQS is not receiving notifications. What are some tips for diagnosing issues with SQS? I'm finding it hard to see any logs involving the two services, when I go to their consoles I can't see anything but settings and I'm not sure how to navigate CloudWatch Logs which seems to be the only place where I can find sent notifications, but it also seems like it has too much information there. How do others diagnose issues involving these two services?
Thank you!
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2021.01.23 23:15 entroby Xenothread Javelin Firing

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2021.01.23 23:15 scata90x Finland, another country honestly reporting their stats and not counting every 80+ year old dying of old age with a positive PCR test as "covid deaths". 7-day average: 2 deaths per day. This virus is a joke.

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2021.01.23 23:15 altj20 PS4 PRO CLUBS. CDM WANTED. RANK UPS/CASUAL

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