Go! These weapon stats seem just slightly off.... |

These weapon stats seem just slightly off....

2021.01.23 23:17 phil1pJFry These weapon stats seem just slightly off....

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2021.01.23 23:17 frogie8888 I was reading the Ahsoka novel and saw this...

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2021.01.23 23:17 Mr_magoogain Max getting ready for a little Football

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2021.01.23 23:17 UnexpectedH0rse When you spend too much time looking for lore

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2021.01.23 23:17 dcsniping Question about payment and reports

My claim was finalized on the 17th on jan, and online on Msca, my first report is due on the 29th of Jan. When I call the EI line it says decision was made finalized, report due for 17th of Jan, the day it was finalized. I have not recieved any payments yet, so my question is, do I need to put in an initial report for the 17th and wait for funds after this report, or do I wait for the 29th and recieve funds after that report? I have not done any reporting as of yet.
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2021.01.23 23:17 Thisismyswamp69420 Fired from Amazon

Last year I was fired for TOT (time off task). HR told my friend I would be eligible for rehire after a year, thinking about applying again, but not sure what will happen. Is it true that they would rehire me?
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2021.01.23 23:17 ArashiNoUta Kyogre on me 2659 2131 9474

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2021.01.23 23:17 Tricky-Perception Newlyweds of Reddit or anyone currently married; what’s the one thing you wish you did differently during your wedding day?

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2021.01.23 23:17 Papiandres12089 Just got gold j358

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2021.01.23 23:17 cobi23 Ghost of tsushima fox den help

I think the fox dens is the last thing I need for the platinum but I don't see any ? On the map and using giding wind doesn't lead me anywhere. Is there a glitch here or is there a secret one that doesn't show up?
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2021.01.23 23:17 pixie_flicks I'm deeply unhappy with my relationship and I don't know if it's the pandemic/unrealistic expectations or if we are wrong together?

I'm deeply unhappy. I shouldn't be cos I have a great family, I'm healthy, middle class, my grades are good. But I have no friends and I can't find a job with lockdown so stuck inside for 10 months now. I was enjoying sophomore year, I was friends with my roomates and then March 2020 happened and my college has been online since, so I moved back home. Often can't sleep till 3/4am with anxiety/sadness. I feel "off" between 60-90% of the time these last few months. Not me at all.
I feel my youth rushing past me. I may only have another year or undergrad left (praying on campus) and a year or 2 of grad school, but that's it. And when else will I make friends? I didn't bother making good friends in college as I already had my BF. Just had a few people I would have lunch/coffee with but we rarlt met outside of college hours. My semester in Germany got cancelled and idk if I'll ever be able to do a gap year in Canada or Austraila like i dreamed. Either my relationship kinda sucks or I've convinced myself it does, over the last 7/8 months. I could make list of awesome things he does- calls every night, texts like every 30 mins, bought Disney+ for my family/plays COD online with my little brother, kissed me when I threw up, got me Burger King in a storm, bought me pads at 1am....
But then there's the crap.He won't eat peppers or dishes with onions, he is super picky so we can only eat Italian/fast food. He hates going for dinner. He likes to watch Netflix and eat crap everyday, I like going for walks and baking or going bowling etc. He has gained 50lbs since we met and stopped playing soccor. He asks me questions about politics/geography/history that I've known the answer to since I was like 16, and I'm probably average.
More to the point, he has serious mental issues that he has never got tested/treated. Disturbing sexual and violent thoughts he hates that scare us both. Blames his anxiety/OCD for making him think I'm a chore to hang with at times/ that maybe he settled for me just to get sex/that Rachel is hotter and he would bang her if we broke up/that maybe I caused his issues and my ex's depression/that maybe he loved an ex of 2 months more... I could go on. Always makes it clear its anxiety BS but I never totally forget and it has made me very insecure. About 6 months ago I started thinking "would the right guy put me through this?" and have started fantasising about fictional men. Resentment/contempt has built and I feel saddened thinking this is it for me. Like what if this is a "good" relationship, like everyone assumes it is? Since I started dreaming of fictional men, my attraction has died. We've only been able to met a few times since September but I haven't been able to have sex as I can't even get aroused and get comfy. Maybe only hanging out like 8 times since the summer caused me to stop feeling anything? I don't even miss him, just see him as a close but irritating friend I video call every night. But if I left I'd be all alone and for all I know, this is the best any relationship can be after 2.5 yrs. What should I do?
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2021.01.23 23:17 WiggleMeow I had to join in on this. I’m sorry.

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2021.01.23 23:17 Chicken_hawk9 Took this shot at Burnaby Lake this morning.

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2021.01.23 23:17 jacob_carr4 The lyricism of "Murmurations"

One thing that struck me with Noonday dream was the closing track, Murmurations. On IFWWW, All is now harmed is one of my favourites and I think provides a near perfect closure to the record. However, I feel like the purity of the lyrics on Murmurations may top it in my opinion.
I remember BH saying on one interview (think it was BBC introducing) that he really tries for the lyrics of songs and that the guitar bits come to him quite easily from there. Murmurations, I feel, is an example of this.
A few quotes spring to mind (and please do correct me if I am hearing those wrong!) :
"Missed the end of the world, and that was just fine"
"I am the gentle day's end after all that noise"
"it's so peaceful here, no-one to f*** it up"
"I could lay here for hours, and hours" "I can see for miles, miles"- These two remind me of the enjambment of a poem, not sure why, maybe because of the pauses between.
"after the longest day"- I think these are sorta mumbled between lines, very nice
I really like all of these lines- mostly for different reasons- and it seems like there has been a lot of effort put into this song, though you'd not realise it, what with the uniform front with which it is performed. I do hope a lot of effort has been put into this.
And what an ending it is (I imagine especially live), calming, reflective, a bit like the album.
So a bit of a meaningless post, didn't really say anything, I seem to ramble on and rely on parenthesis far too much, but it was fun writing it. Have a good un.
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2021.01.23 23:17 SSCat Echoes of the Life Chapter: Celestia Part 3

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2021.01.23 23:17 organic_foot_letucce World beaters weird gameplay

Why does world beaters have such a weird gameplay compared to normal div rivals? Duels are weird, passing is weird... is this a bug or is it purposely done?
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2021.01.23 23:17 autumn-morning-2085 Smartfusion2 (Cortex-M3) eNVM write access when debugging/booting from eNVM

The device I am using is the M2S010, with the "debug-in-microsemi-smartfusion2-envm.ld" linker script. eNVM /W is working fine when using the -esram.ld file, using the mss_nvm.h driver (NVM_unlock, NVM_write functions). I also setup the "memory client" in the MSS (system builder), not sure what it actually does other than preloading content (I set it to all 0s). Using Softconsole 6 and Libero 12.
Is it possible to write to the device's eNVM when booting from it? If so, how? I think the problem has something to do with either the linker script or the bootloader program disabling write access, but I can't figure out where and which register...
Things I considered:

  1. The write and unlock functions are failing with a non-specific error. Bit 18 of the eNVM status register, which is a vague access denied error. It doesn't say which protection mechanism is the issue. No error when running over esram.
  2. The linker is copying everything? from eNVM to esram after boot and also enabling remapping 0x0000 to 0x6000. The linker doesn't seem to actually copy everything over (the .text section stays completely in the eNVM). I tried adding ">ram AT>rom" to the .text section but it does nothing. I am complete .ld newbie so I am likely doing something wrong.
  3. The cache controller is enabled for eNVM access, to compensate for the above issue as most (all?) functions are in the .text section.
Note: I really love this device but the lack of support (forums, examples) makes me want to cry sometimes. The manuals and other documents helped a lot with the FPGA Fabric stuff but the complete lack of software examples for most peripherals wasted so much of my time.
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2021.01.23 23:17 kova22j Verdad

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2021.01.23 23:17 Mcscoobs 1st time out in a bit, one decent perch all day.

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2021.01.23 23:17 Bluebird_Infinite How do I change my Nintendo Switch character profile?

I’ve customised a character profile and tried to switch to it before the game and during the game, but it keeps switching back to the default guy and doesn’t work. Can anyone help?
The character I customised with blonde hair is in the top left corner while I’m crouching and does show on my screen but not as my actual person, but anyone else’s POV I’m still the guy.
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2021.01.23 23:17 LittleAsiaG finally got both 💿😬

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2021.01.23 23:17 shaheenacreations Artisan Handmade Chocolates with my love and passion. [homemade]

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2021.01.23 23:17 xtinediane WTW for the process of simplifying and condensing language to be understood by speakers of a different first language?

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2021.01.23 23:17 Fitter604 NTD. 1977 craftsman tool box loaded with vintage Stanley planes as well as Proto, Gray and a variety of old Japanese wrenches.

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2021.01.23 23:17 yyzworker Protesters in Mississauga demand justice after SIU clears officer in killing of Jamal Francique

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