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"Then What?" - "The Tourist and the Fisherman"

2021.01.24 00:34 fleischlaberl "Then What?" - "The Tourist and the Fisherman"

The story is set in an unnamed harbor on the west coast of Europe.
A smartly-dressed enterprising tourist is taking photographs when he notices a shabbily dressed local fisherman taking a nap in his fishing boat. The tourist is disappointed with the fisherman’s apparently lazy attitude towards his work, so he approaches the fisherman and asks him why he is lying around instead of catching fish. The fisherman explains that he went fishing in the morning, and the small catch would be sufficient for the next two days.
The tourist tells him that if he goes out to catch fish multiple times a day, he would be able to buy a motor in less than a year, a second boat in less than two years, and so on. The tourist further explains that one day, the fisherman could even build a small cold storage plant, later a pickling factory, fly around in a helicopter, build a fish restaurant, and export lobster directly to Paris without a middleman.
The nonchalant fisherman asks, “Then what?”
The tourist enthusiastically continues, “Then, without a care in the world, you could sit here in the harbor, doze in the sun, and look at the glorious sea.”
“But I’m already doing that”, says the fisherman.
The enlightened tourist walks away pensively, with no trace of pity for the fisherman, only a little envy.

The original story is written in German bei Heinrich Böll in 1963
Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral"
"Anecdote concerning the Lowering of Productivity" translated by Leila Vennewitz
There are similar stories in Zhuangzi
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2021.01.24 00:34 canofcrickets (RUMOR) Warriner leaving staff, Moore to coach OL, Ron Bellamy hired,

A few guys saying that Warriner is leaving and Sherrone Moore will be coaching the OL.
Also, Ron Bellamy is supposed to join the staff. He's the current head coach at West Bloomfield High School, and also coaches Donovan Edwards (4* RB in the 2021 signing class). They won the high school state title earlier today.
Only posting this because I saw this info relayed online, and confirmed by several other people with connections to the program
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2021.01.24 00:34 PurpleMorphSuit Gone gluten free but still have persisting symptoms (celiac)

Hi all,
I went gluten free early December which resolved 80% of my symptoms. Two months down the line, I still have nausea and I feel like food is travelling through my digestive tract too quickly. Furthermore the nausea now is just as bad as what it was two months ago.
I understand that 'it takes time to heal' but the nausea is so intense, I can't even goto the shops which I don't think is normal.
Did any of you have ongoing symptoms? Possibly intolerances/allergies to other foods? I don't think I'm being cross contaminated at all.
Also, I would like to clarify that I'm not confirmed but even a digestive biscuit would cause unbelievable pain + a whole host of other symptoms. I've been admitted to A&E three times because of gluten. Blood tests have all come back normal (in regards to anything else that can make me feel sick such as iron levels, kidneys etc etc)
tldr: still have ongoing symptoms despite going gluten free
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2021.01.24 00:34 The_Bertrand I don’t see it in the rules but, can we post our Fractal gear we are selling here?

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2021.01.24 00:34 CheapArmy 21 Self-Care Products + Tips to Be the BEST You! 💗 (2021)

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2021.01.24 00:34 InfamousDinoi Redditors what is the creepiest thing you ever saw?

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2021.01.24 00:34 Castlewallsxo Some people say that your Draconic Chart's moon sign is your soul's sign. Does that seem accurate for you?

You can calculate your draconic chart here. https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/draconic-chart-astrology-calculator
What's your draconic moon? Does it seem like it could be your soul's sign?
View Poll
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2021.01.24 00:34 VannaValkyrie Have you converted your family members into ATINY as well?

We are a family of K-pop fans (I'm 21/F), though I am a pretty new Atiny. I showed my 40-year-old parents ATEEZ Treasure Film and they were especially amused by Mingi's task in the pharmacy (they know him as "pharmacy guy" now). Following the Mingi train, I told my mom about Mingi's phrase "fix on" before he raps and she says she's going to start saying it before she scolds my sister and me, lol. Meanwhile, my 4-year-old sister pretends to be Wooyoung, and she calls me Hongjoong, haha.
Who else here has Atiny family members? Feel free to share your stories!
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2021.01.24 00:34 peljopower9 I’m not sure

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2021.01.24 00:34 Decent_Jump_1292 I´ve finished Hugtto

Finally one of my most hyped seasons is finished, the season is really awesome, I enjoyed ut a lot, Hana is one of my favorite pinks of all time, Saaya was.... ok I think, I enjoyed her episodes, but I finish more attached by her mother, the doctor and Ramze (She reminds me Sakurako), Homare is one of my favorites of the season I loved her episodes, especially 16 and 43, and her romance by Harry for me was unexpected, Ruru was really good, but personally I haven´t enjoyed her after she join to the team, thankfully his relation with Traum fixed some problems I have with her, Emiru was really funny I laught a lot with her jokes and actions, the villains were really good, my favorite was Traum I really loved his funny personality, Listol and Bishin were some of my favorites too, Papple and Charaleet were really funny, but Daigan and Gelos were my least favorite, Daigan´s redemption was REALLY rushed, and Gelos was the least interesting of all, and those two I don´t even remember his names, Kurai is one of the best big bads of all along with Noise, I really like his episodes
But this is not a perfect season, my main flaw was that some arcs are really rushed, Daigan redemption is one of the main examples, Saaya decision was rushed too, Hugtto had some plot holes too How George obtain that book?, Who the hell is mother?, Who are the partners of Cure Tomorrow?, How Kuraisu was founded?, Why Dr Traum daughter died?, What THE F"#K HAPPENED IN THE FUTURE?, the crossovers were bad too, that episodes were really unnecessary
After all Hugtto is one of my favorites in the franchise, I really enjoyed it despite the mistakes
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2021.01.24 00:34 YT_Jacob_YT ee

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2021.01.24 00:34 missnikkiwest My first mycelium from home collected spores! (Lions mane!)

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2021.01.24 00:34 imlosthere666 unknown her

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2021.01.24 00:34 jollyjew Another Private Ultrasound!

Sharing another private ultrasound experience. I figure more can’t hurt! I really wanted the first appointment to be with my husband, as he can’t go to the doctor with me. My anxiety has also been through the roof. We went in this morning. According to my LMP I’m 6+5. We had an amazing experience. We heard the heartbeat and saw the little bean! I measured at 6+1 but I’m not too concerned. Overall, I’m sooo glad we went in. It was an amazing experience!
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2021.01.24 00:34 stumblingraccoon Coach Jerry Stackhouse launches postgame rant about Vanderbilt doing the “same dumb shit”

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2021.01.24 00:34 Oldtrucksturnmeon Any International Harvester fans out there?

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2021.01.24 00:34 CanadianOldDutchOven I present, the most Canadian pop I have encountered.

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2021.01.24 00:34 phucked_cook I found bigfoot in the PNW!

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2021.01.24 00:34 NSpectato If I’m watching RLCS on Xbox am I already signed in to receive fan rewards?

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2021.01.24 00:34 Menhera_Mari And you stay down.

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2021.01.24 00:34 TeddyMadeMeDoIt Kyogre raid - add either of us

0332 9196 0840
3817 7766 9351
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2021.01.24 00:34 dr14er [WTS] Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L $215 (including shipping)

Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L (2019/20)

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2021.01.24 00:34 bascule Police and counter protesters clash near the SF Chinese consulate

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2021.01.24 00:34 Critical-Clothes7762 Looking for PS4 players

A few of my mates bought the game but aren't as into it as I am
Username is MissSerenity
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2021.01.24 00:34 Keegod KC said stfu about Donda

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