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2021.01.24 00:17 bhadandbouji Ken Cake Free MEGA

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2021.01.24 00:17 aworriedbrother Yep.

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2021.01.24 00:17 rypenguin219 LandPhil_ - lmao get knocked

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2021.01.24 00:17 JustCapt Groudon raid on me adding 10

9175 1807 5364
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2021.01.24 00:17 CodKez Wes Montgomery

Wes Montgomery Willow Weep for Me 1965 2018 Japan Edition FLAC (tracks +. Cue) , lossless
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2021.01.24 00:17 _AnalBiscuit What's going on?

Ok, so just a bit of background information, i'm a little over 10 months clean from heavy IV opiate and stim use. With 2 slips ups, one in july, one in october of last year. Other than that, i'm not on any opioid maintenance, i barely drink at all, i don't even smoke weed more than once or twice a month, i do smoke cigarettes, but that's it. Now to the gist of it.
Lately i've been having these extreme, almost manic episodes of optimism, dreaming of what the future will bring with a wide grin on my face lasting for days and just overall feeling really, really good.
But then, as suddenly as it begins it'll fade away and i'm left a complete mess.
I'm extremely irritable, i'll rant to myself out loud for minutes about everything whenever encountered with the slightest of inconveniences, i'll lash out in anger at family and friends for the most insignificant of things, i want nothing more than to relapse and die, sometimes i'll wish harm upon people that absolutely do not deserve it, i'll obsessively romanticize my shortcomings and time in active addiction.
I start feeling like everything and everyone is designed to or wants to demoralize me and overall just feel really bad. It's either this or that, i rarely feel neutral like i used to.
It feels as if my i'm this different, twisted, almost evil version of myself when this happens and it feels wrong.
My question is, does anyone have a similar experience and is it normal at all?
Tl;dr: lots of clean time but lately half the time i feel so good and confident and suddenly, like flipping a switch, i'm just craving to relapse and feel like i'm the opposite of what/who i was.
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2021.01.24 00:17 StockThotz 2 MILLION DEGENERATES ๐Ÿš€

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2021.01.24 00:17 njsirhcsemaj 25/29 [MM4M] hosting in Camden - looking for slim dudes

The 25 y/o is 6' 140 white 7"c.
The 29 y/o is 5'8 145 latin 7.5"u hung.
We are hosting only. Hit us up with your age, height, weight, race, and location, and also mention that you can travel.
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2021.01.24 00:17 Ibexe666 Parts kit importing Zastava M84's

im looking to get 50 Zastava M84 parts kits imported, i know im gonna have to get it sent to a #8 ffl importer but i noticed that importers have to engrave every firearm imported. Do parts kits have to be engraved like firearms during importation? Also does anyone know of any importers in SC
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2021.01.24 00:17 Maddox121 A comment i made on The Disney Wiki in 2017

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2021.01.24 00:17 Marvelous_07 Microsoft Double Xbox Gold Price with INSTANT REGRET

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2021.01.24 00:17 endlessdreamsandnigh Is my lighting system safe? Desperate for input! (Link to imgur photos included).

I told my dad that I want to make an indoor vegetable garden; I live far up north where the produce is very expensive, limited in variety, and lacking in freshness. My dad gave me one of his ballasts (he has always had an indoor garden, though not of the vegetable variety). I am very nervous about house fires and want to make sure that the ballast and light I have will be safe to use. I have a space in the basement that is wide and open, and I will be having my potted plants on the concrete floor. I have a toddler, husband, and two dogs and need to make sure this will be safe. Or Iโ€™m wondering if I should just save up for a few months and buy one of those indoor gardening light kits. That money doesnโ€™t come easy to me so will certainly take time and be an investment, so if itโ€™s safe to use what I already have I would prefer that, but not at the cost of our safety. Does anyone here have any experience using this type of set up? I am such a beginner at this so any insight or advice is so appreciated (both specific to my question and also generally about starting an indoor vegetable garden!). Thank you!
Photos of ballast and bulb
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2021.01.24 00:17 youdremember Jahn do that thing wit you're finger!

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2021.01.24 00:17 KoineBeats [FREE] Lil Uzi Vert x Juice WRLD type beat - "Dreamland" (prod. KB x Dim...

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2021.01.24 00:17 worldismycounrty Fried Bhindi (okra), with home made tandoori naans! ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

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2021.01.24 00:17 AberrantDevices 940 helping out at dinner tonight.

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2021.01.24 00:17 Anonymous_on_Earth State of American Empire (Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky, Jan 23, 2021)

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2021.01.24 00:17 StockThotz Gme Infinite gamma squeeze explained

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2021.01.24 00:17 wertox_returns BMO and GMO builds for me and my sis

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2021.01.24 00:17 LazyKoalaman I kan ikke vinde og i vil ikke vinde, gรธr som r/Kaiserposting og giv op

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2021.01.24 00:17 backdraft83 P.T. (Unreal PT) Controls for Reverb

Was surprised I got the game to run, but the controls aren't working. Can't move at all.
Anyone had any luck playing this with the Reverb? The binding setup is super confusing in Steam.
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2021.01.24 00:17 IskraDev Free OSINT discord bot 20+ commands, lookups & data

I have been work on this bot in free time for a few weeks now it is finally finished in first form, it has over 20+ command including different lookup and open source intel api to help with investigations
it is 100% free!
Check it out: Support server: https://discord.gg/uahSTDPYHR Bot invite: https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=798565695515262976&permissions=8&scope=bot
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2021.01.24 00:17 ASICmachine Daily Discussion - January 24, 2021 (GMT+0) (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.01.24 00:17 RLCD-Bot [Fennec] [Parallax] [Toon Sketch] [Titanium White Pulsus]

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2021.01.24 00:17 pretwicz Warszawa

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