Go! Removing heavy duty paint from exterior windows. |

Removing heavy duty paint from exterior windows.

2021.01.26 07:59 slothnip Removing heavy duty paint from exterior windows.

What’s the best way to remove the heavy, textured paint on the exterior of these skylights - https://ibb.co/fG68r0V
I’ve got a scraper blade but this barely makes a scratch in it so am thinking maybe I need a solvent too? Which one? Have searched high and low online but not been able to find a solid answer, or anything talking about removing the specific coating/paint that’s been used here.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.01.26 07:59 SOLYXD Meme for gamer mappers

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2021.01.26 07:59 illegal_metatarsal [Serious] What life events led you to reading this post?

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2021.01.26 07:59 NokIce18 Two of my girl classmates asked me who my crush is.

I saw them doing a diorama school project, and I thought it looked cool so I approached them and helped. Then while we were doing it, they suddenly asked who my crush is. I asked them why they wanna know, and they just responded with "because, girls" that's it. What does that mean??
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2021.01.26 07:59 logariffic Destiny is being marketed as an MMO. An END-GAME ACTIVITY should at least reward 60+ stat armor.

It is unbelievable how I can do an entire raid, and get two 56 star roll boots and a class item, and then go roll my face over my keyboard with shatterdive and get better rolled armor. Bungie, please. I think the exclusive perks on the weapons are a great step in the right direction, but the raid mod slot on the armor is not even close to enough if it’s gonna be a low 50 roll with 19 resilience.
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2021.01.26 07:59 Magroth95 One of my favorite coral in the tank

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2021.01.26 07:59 GingerCollectiv Lost cat in La Mer area...please help.

Good morning all,
A friend’s cat has gone missing in La Mer (again). Appreciate if you have any information to please let me know.
Many thanks,
Link to last time he was lost;
Previous post
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2021.01.26 07:59 MemeManmk1 UNSEE JUICE

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2021.01.26 07:59 Hysterium1 Green Berets vs French Foreign Legion

Who do you think has the bettetougher training and who has the better soldiers?
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2021.01.26 07:59 BigJimBeef When newbs post newb questions

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2021.01.26 07:59 echanuda Getting kinda confused from guides

So I'm kinda confused when reading some builds, because I don't know what to do with the gems. They don't specify what weapons you should use, or if you can socket them in armors, or if you're supposed to socket them in weapons. It's very vague. They also call for specific links/colors, which seems pretty possible to guarantee in the early game unless you've played with other chars and stored stuff in the stash, so I'm not really sure what to do.
Any help?
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2021.01.26 07:59 sub2pewdiepie- I can tell he is full of wisdom

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2021.01.26 07:59 sweetpotatopietime WP: Little Free Art Gallery in Queen Anne

There's a very cool Little Free Art Gallery in my neighborhood. It's so fun and creative and joyful. People are reluctant to take the art, but the curator wants you to! https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2021/01/18/art-gallery-little-free-library/
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2021.01.26 07:59 -Jude i have a joke about a punching bag.

the punching bag is the punchline.
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2021.01.26 07:59 Jeekayjay Larry King on Conan O'Brien.

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2021.01.26 07:59 NovelMaterial Anne Winters vs Katherine Waterston

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2021.01.26 07:59 kobony Original Botanic Painting by Deb Bennett | Impressionism Art on Canvas | Illuricae

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2021.01.26 07:59 thelonejoker NOOB: How can display a short interest trend-line for a stock?

HI there,
Is there a TOS study to display a short-interest trend line for a stock?
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2021.01.26 07:59 dutoit077 Hey guys how would I go about moving a subscription from one organization I have , to another, specifically the unity team basics subscriptions, because all my personal projects are on this organization, and don't others to see them?

Hey guys how would I go about moving a subscription from one organization I have , to another, specifically the unity team basics subscriptions, because all my personal projects are on this organization, and don't others to see them?
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2021.01.26 07:59 PastelArtist912 “What are you guys gonna do now? RePoRt Me?”

Oh boy do I have one for you! This has probably been my only really bad experience I’ve had while roleplaying (thankfully), but it gets real chaotic real quick. So buckle up, here we go!
(Oh! Btw, if you use this in a video, feel free to use any voice you’d like since I use all pronouns)
Pastel = me A= friend of mine i know in real life D = person who started to cause the trouble G = friend of me and A’s who was also in the chat
Now for a little background, you should know that i roleplay on amino with A. We usually call each other and create chats together. We kinda had a group of friends we roleplayed with and I had fun because we never had any problems... until a certain chat we made.
We were still setting up the roleplay, and by that I mean we were still trying to figure out which characters everyone was going to play. How we figured this out was someone would pick a character from the fandom from the list of characters we displayed (we made sure to list which ones were available) and then that person would have to fill out a form to comfirm that they have that character (also to help us see how they’ll act). as we were talking a new user joined.
upon seeing a new person, I sent my normal welcome message,
”Hello and welcome to the chat @ [insert person’s username here]! Please read the description carefully if you haven‘t already. Thank you and enjoy your stay here!”
The new user was D. They stated they were new and then asked for two characters that were already taken. After a few minutes and one headache later, D had finally chosen a character that wasn’t taken. we sent them the form and then they needed some more help, which was fine and understandable. Despite being as helpful as we could and try to explain things to the best of our abilities, D didn’t understand which prompted them to say,
”I don’t understand I’m [age below 13]”
(Now I don’t know If what they said was their real age but I won’t be sharing it either way)
me and my friends were shocked. One of the guidelines (and basic common sense) was to never share personal information online, including your age. I was pretty sure that that amino, and amino in general, was 13+ so I checked the guidelines and sure enough, it said,
”In order to utilize this amino you must be 13+ years of age. If you’re found to be under 13, you will be banned”
A was texting me things like,
”I don’t know what to do!” and “what should I say?”
I calmly told her to try to calm down and that I’ll try to respond.
this was our conversation:
Pastel: please don’t share your age. not only that but by you doing so we’ve found out that you’re under 13 and breaking a huge rule. I’m sorry.
G: yeah dude, don‘t share your age online.
D: I thought you guys were my friends
Pastel: I can’t consider you a friend because 1. I just met you and 2. I met you online. It’s harder to determine if someone is your friend or not when it’s online.
D: what are you guys gonna do now? Report me?
Pastel: you are not 13 and by entering a 13+ app you are endangering yourself. We’ll have to!
A: Pastel is right. Don’t go on a 13+ app if you’re not at least 13.
immediately after A said that, D went ballistic. They began cursing and spamming like there was no tomorrow. each time someone told them to stop, they became worse. Eventually we gave up on trying to help them and they were kicked from the chat. I began to report their messages to us and the fact that they were under 13 to the mods. Eventually they were banned from that amino for violating the guidelines.
All I can really say is, karma feels good! Especially because they were being terrible to my friends (I’m a tiny bit over protective of my friends and they’re a tiny bit over protective of me).
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2021.01.26 07:59 22ndcenturySchool-1 Exercises To Improve Writing Skills Fast In Hindi 2021

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2021.01.26 07:59 Iamsodarncool The Pleasure Squad: North Korea's alleged government-run prostitution ring

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2021.01.26 07:59 Piano-Rough Inept Lawyer pulls off winning an insane life or death court case.

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2021.01.26 07:59 kumar100kpawan My Hoenn team ... it took me some time to draw this .. but yeah .. anything for my buddies ...

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2021.01.26 07:59 banandria It was all berned

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