Go! What are the best operators to balance out leavers? |

What are the best operators to balance out leavers?

2021.01.24 00:24 CREATURExFEATURE What are the best operators to balance out leavers?

I have gotten back into playing Siege this season and sadly it seems it’s turned into a wasteland of leavers/throwers (for me). It genuinely seems about 1/3 of my matches have been ending in a 3 v 5, with 1/2 of those being people intentionally throwing several rounds before leaving. So my question is, what are the best operators you feel for attack/defend that offer the most utility to manage the numbers disadvantage? I have a few ideas in my head, but would like to hear some people’s input.
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2021.01.24 00:24 elegyforthemoon "Strawderry & Chocolate "; teaching the 3 yr old how to bake and decorate. Tried a whimsical approach without fussing too much.

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2021.01.24 00:24 quixoticM3 Starbukks taps student pylote for new coffee drink blended with eggs and sausage!

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2021.01.24 00:24 Prestigious_Event760 So I tried putting some outfits together keeping in mind some of the suggestions that have been given to me. Still not sure if I am in the classic family. Thoughts?

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2021.01.24 00:24 DadBodAntipolo38 38 [M4F] DAD BOD FROM ANTIPOLO

Hi. Im looking for discreet affair. Im Married and working in a Bank along Ayala Ave in Makati. I prefer Single Moms, Widow or Titas of Manila..Lol. Chubby women is a plus. I prefer long term discreet affair. Holler if you interested.
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2021.01.24 00:24 Brek_Shea Which is the best tv/movie streaming platform?

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2021.01.24 00:24 HiddenVersatility Is the Very Vanilla Silk Milk discontinued?

I just drove around to four stores and it wasn’t on any shelves. There was no tags for the milk. So naturally I turned to online but it’s “sold out” everywhere. Was it discontinued?
https://silk.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/silk-very-vanilla-soymilk.png I tried to put in an image but I suck at making Reddit posts so here’s a link to an image instead.
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2021.01.24 00:24 jheyer13 Speechless

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2021.01.24 00:24 joeyfutura stumbled upon a human cactus while hiking

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2021.01.24 00:24 bruhladin it's all right

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2021.01.24 00:24 TheTrainset Is he tall enough?

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2021.01.24 00:24 jayfel88 2021 WB REDEYE

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2021.01.24 00:24 GamingNXC Slappy Time

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2021.01.24 00:24 TeeMyster Stick Fight Funny Moments - Our First Game!

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2021.01.24 00:24 V0ID10001 Exosphere - Hellbound (2021)

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2021.01.24 00:24 Omnivoid07 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Has anyone played this game on the XSX? There’s a review on the store saying it doesn’t display properly making it unplayable. I can’t find any information about it anywhere.
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2021.01.24 00:24 pdmcmahon [2200 x 2049] The White House

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2021.01.24 00:24 IndiXkah High Expectations - Herbman [california reggae] (2021)

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2021.01.24 00:24 kittycatblues Is there a way to limit the number of comments per user per day/week in a stickied thread?

I mod a fairly small sub that has a stickied thread for referral codes. Some users are posting frequently to get more views of their referral codes and others are complaining about it. Is there a way to limit a user from making a comment to say once a week? Also apparently some users are using alt accounts to post their referral code frequently, any tips for that?
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2021.01.24 00:24 andrewpazik The definition of inner peace

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2021.01.24 00:24 TasteTheirFeels Pro X Wireless Question

So I got a Pro X wireless headset and I accidently hit the wireless receiver and bent it so my headset is currently not working, is there anywhere where you can just replace the wireless receiver so do I need to replace the entire headset now? The charging cable doesn't support audio which is insane to me that they didn't add that capability
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2021.01.24 00:24 N_I_N They keep making their own argument...

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2021.01.24 00:24 running_uphill Did you know if you have a bunch of sockpuppet accounts to attack people, you can lose all your accounts!

Sadly there are people on reddit who really have no life and have bunches of fake accounts they use to attack people because they're toxic. I have one of those nerds stalking me.
He's about to find out some of his sockpuppets are about to magically disappear and he's going to get a warning. It's against reddit policy to have multiple accounts to flag people's posts, upvote your own posts and attack people for you. And when he starts attacking me (or others) with his fake accounts (you know, the ones that are six months old with 6 whole posts total then magically appear in the sub for the first time sticking up for him) I have a direct line to report this now. Then he loses those accounts and his main account, which will kill this guy!
Hey, letting you know, sometimes there IS justice on reddit!!!
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2021.01.24 00:24 NooWordsYT Join the stream and have fun, we also jamming out in the lobby at Noowords

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2021.01.24 00:24 ewrerer ++>[HD]!!~UFC 257 Live StreamS -Reddit

++>[HD]!!~UFC 257 Live StreamS -Reddit
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