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LF: Hidden Ability Shinx

2021.01.26 07:39 ShaunArcanine LF: Hidden Ability Shinx

Hello!! I am currently building my team and I would want nothing more than to be able to have a hidden ability Shinx on my team. I am going to breed it for the desired stats and probably egg moves as well, so the only thing I need is guts.
As far as what you want in return, ask and I will see what I can do.
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2021.01.26 07:39 Bigposh25 *price drop* 2009 2 tone burgundy classic logo. Only 1 snap is broken but it’s still included. $230 obo

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2021.01.26 07:39 kobony Original Abstract Painting by Rebeca Roman | Abstract Art on Canvas | White Acrylic on Canvas Painting Modern Wall Decor Original Abstract

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2021.01.26 07:39 Iamauser666 What is the most repetitive question you have ever heard of?

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2021.01.26 07:39 Isaacheus 'Nina' the Kea in flight at Arthur's Pass [OC]

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2021.01.26 07:39 polarbear0826 Buca di Beppo baked ziti

Hi guys! I used this recipe over a year ago for a copycat baked ziti recipe from buca and now it’s gone. Does anyone know of a recipe like it?
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2021.01.26 07:39 Borderlyin Emoji Support for Pinescript and Symbol Drawing Tool

Please add support for plotting emojis with Pinescript. It would allow far more unique and informative indicators. Restricting plotchar to a bland font like Trebuchet is quite limiting (the symbol drawing tool also needs an upgrade).
Twitter has an open source library of over 3,000 that should be easy to support. https://twemoji.twitter.com/
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2021.01.26 07:39 kodili First time writing erotica. (Feedback appreciated)

My High school life has been dreadful. Much worse than middle school. I have always been the quiet, uncool kid no one remembers. But I have been content with that. It was lonely, but at least I wasn’t on the radar of bullies. That all changed in High School when I met John. John is a piss-drinking, loud-mouthed shithead. Well, at least to me anyways. To everyone else he didn’t bully, he was a charismatic and handsome dude with the hottest girlfriends. Yes girlfriends. A top basketball prospect, he had first dibs on the girls he wanted. And I didn’t even have one. Scratch that. I haven’t even had my first kis…
“Dick Fatt!!”
There was a collective chuckle in the class.
“Is there a Dick Fatt in this class?” Vice-principal William asked through the partly opened door.
“Yes” I struggled to raise my arm as more laughter swept through the air.
“Good. Come to my office immediately.” Mr. William nodded to our history teacher, then closed the door behind him.
I bolted out of the room, my eyes focused on the ground. As I made my way to Mr. William’s office, I heard an all too familiar voice. Mom? What the hell is she doing here? I was about to open the door when I heard high pitched giggles behind the door. My face contorted in visible confusion. What could be the reason I was called? I shrugged and twisted the door handle, and entered the room. Mr. Williams was leaning on the end of his desk, a dubious smile on his face, talking to my mom, who was seated in a chair with her back facing me.
My mom spun around to regard me. “If it isn’t the man of the hour.”
“Hi mom.”
“Do not ‘Hi mom’ me young man!” She shifted her gaze to Mr. William, putting on a noticeably friendlier expression. “Can we get to the reason I was called today?”
“Of course” Mr. William walked behind his desk and took a seat. He began to skim through some papers on his desk. My mom is a brunette in her late thirties. She has kept herself relatively in shape her whole life. At 5'3” and 130 pounds, she packs a lot of that weight in the rear.
“So basically...” Mr. William said “He is on track to fail 4 subjects. This will prevent him from graduating.”
She shot me a quick glare before returning her gaze to Mr. William. She pouted like a dog begging for treats. “Is there anything that can be done?”
Mr. William ate the look up. “Sure he can take makeup classes. But since we are in the middle of a pandemic, these classes will be online. I hope he will manage.”
“Oh yes he will.” There was venom in her reply. She stood up and refitted her pencil skirt. She wore a classic suit, white blouse and pencil skirt, with flats to round off her outfit—her secretary outfit. She always wore hills with this outfit because her boss liked it. She hated hills, and would change into flats the second she got off work.
Mr. William stood up as well, and walked over to my mom, with the same dubious smile.
“Thank you Mr. William.” she said.
“No problem at all Mrs. Fatt.” He made a motion to hug her. My mom looked confused for a second but made no effort to stop him from embracing her. Mr. William is huge, easily 6'5”, and black with a balding head. So you can imagine how small and fragile my mom would look in his strong arms. I felt a boiling displeasure deep within me at what Mr. William was doing to my mom. If he noticed my clear disapproval of his actions, he made no acknowledgement of my presence as he further squashed my mom into his chest with his big arms. One arm moved to grab her bottom, his mighty hand not even enough to engulf one of her cheeks.
“Mom?” That was all I could muster in protest.
“Ye—yes?” She muttered, barely audible enough for me to hear, a deep and bright blush on her cheeks.
Mr. Williams brought one of his other arm up to cradle her head and caress her velvety black hair.
“You will make sure he takes those classes.”He gazed into her deep blue eyes.
“Yes.” She whispered.
“You will call me, and maybe we can talk about strengthening his grades.”
“Ye—yes. To strengthen his grades.”
“Good.” Mr. William released her, revealing a massive pole struggling to be tamed by his trousers. That monster had been near my mom. My mom had felt that massive pole between her legs or her belly, judging by his height. How did she feel? Surely she knows what Mr. Williams intends to do with her. ‘Strengthen my grades’ my ass. I could not look at either of them, anger and confusion swelling inside me. Why the confusion? Because I was spotting an erection as well. Only that you can’t tell. I am much smaller than Mr. William after all.
Mr. William handed my mom his card. And as we left his office, I saw his gaze molesting my mom, sizing her up. Only God knows what he was thinking of doing to my mom. I felt sick.
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2021.01.26 07:39 Infinix_007 Sorry, I just can't

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2021.01.26 07:39 sahadiya Cops/Journalists of Reddit what's the most TV show worthy thing you you've seen/heard of?

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2021.01.26 07:39 danilof80 😶😶😶

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2021.01.26 07:39 vasoIean [XBOX] [H] These items [W] offers

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2021.01.26 07:39 Creeperjay69 IMPerium!!!

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2021.01.26 07:39 MeltedByte Banks' negative interest

Most banks in Germany taking 0.5% per year if you have more than 100,000€ on single account. That is -0.5%APY. (OMG :O) Now I saw another announcement from bank in Swiss. They're taking 0.75% yearly. But I don't care. I stick to CELSIUS. :D
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2021.01.26 07:39 btsfav "Assuming you were an "average" DeFi investor this past year and used only one address, you made nearly $20,000 in airdrops alone."

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2021.01.26 07:39 LadyMaxezeria Should I switch bracelets?

I have a Rare Quickshot Bracelet and an Epic Frozen Bracelet. I’m currently using Rare Blazing Bracelet. Thoughts?
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2021.01.26 07:39 kira-is-a-shinigami Why did my brain decides that 12:21 am was the ideal time to wake up today

And I realistically xant go back to sleep cause like thats not how sleep works so im just kinda fecked
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2021.01.26 07:39 Keefyb89 Quarantine lockdown fun

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2021.01.26 07:39 veravash My Youtube history after TwoSet. Please, keep recommending stuff to educate a peasant like me

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2021.01.26 07:39 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Hotel sustains significant damage after a 'large and extremely dangerous tornado' rips through Birmingham area | CNN

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2021.01.26 07:39 Prisonmikeb14 Here’s a Mikasa sketch

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2021.01.26 07:39 Scissorhands__ I have an onlyfans now people think they can take pictures of me out in public when my health and fitness is still recovering from being ill .

So I take pictures of my body for my career , i have an onlyfans, I got my fitness to a pretty high level in the past for my current portfolio.
I took 2 lots of pretty strong intense antibiotics recently , so now I’m bloated, have digestion issues and run down , have the flu, also depressed. So this obviously means I can’t take pictures as good as they were before . My body doesn’t look the same as it did before . Once I was on a run minding my own business near where I live on my estate, strangers telling me that my hips weren’t wide enough in a certain place they knew id be if they were stalking me .
In the same place recently I caught some fat unhappy shady looking women taking a photo of me while I was on a run the other day, the same place as the comment about my hips.
I don’t understand what moron expects people to be top form all year round 100% of the time , even if they have a career doing this. There’s nothing to gain denying someone of their humanity. I feel violated . I feel I have hardly any hope for humanity 😂
Yes ... I do this for a living but I do not welcome people to think that criticising , picking every single flaw they think I have out. I don’t do this to other people. I really don’t care in the slightest for this kind of mentality because I’m not a jealous shallow moron . Just because a women takes pictures of her body , doesn’t mean she’s asking you to comment “TITS NOT BIG ENOUGH. TOO FAT ! TOO SKINY. ARSE TOO SMALL”
I actually accomplished something I’m proud of, and I can again look how I use to look, and better , but I have to care for myself and look after myself, to not push myself too hard when my body won’t let me.
I’m a normal person . So I don’t know why people felt so threatened about me enough in the first place to pick me apart when I’m not my best. Don’t know why they’d know where I was going to be at the right time and same place .
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2021.01.26 07:39 doctordonkeyness I have found a litter of kittens on my terrace

The mother cat frequently came and gave birth to many litters on our house. But after giving birth to four kittens she nursed them for 2-3 weeks and has disappeared since yesterday. The kittens had been wailing for the entire day and the night. They can walk and have small teeth and meow all the time which makes me very sad. I looked up on the internet what to feed them and it said cat milk supplement, but I could not find it in any shop neither was I able to find the bottle feeder. So I gave them some diluted cow milk with egg yolk by a syringe (without the needle). I am very scared for them. The mother cat has disappeared and most likely dead because she had gotten thin and frail. I don't know what to do. Help please.
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2021.01.26 07:39 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Indian court rules that groping without removing clothes is not sexual assault | CNN

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2021.01.26 07:39 hellbrinqer Summer Leadership Program Advice?

I’m a junior (5-year track) right now, and I’m hoping to work for one of the B4 after college. I’ve heard that attending an SLP will give me decent chances of being able to obtain an internship and full-time job offer in the future, so I was wondering what percent of SLP attendees get internship offers? Also, is it difficult to get invited to an SLP (particularly interested in KPMG’s Rise)? What is the process like?
I’m also wondering what the SLP itself is like, and if anyone knows if it’ll still be in-person this year? I’m a pretty good student, but also I’ve got major social anxiety, so I’m worried about that hindering me.. Any advice/info is greatly appreciated!
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