Go! Warzone Happy Song Wellerman Sea Shanty - Parody |

Warzone Happy Song Wellerman Sea Shanty - Parody

2021.01.26 09:20 Abbsyx Warzone Happy Song Wellerman Sea Shanty - Parody

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2021.01.26 09:20 IncreaseUnique4763 Who will win

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2021.01.26 09:20 kobony Original Abstract Painting by Sara Jaskiewicz | Abstract Expressionism Art on Canvas | Haze no 21

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2021.01.26 09:20 Glomb175 Anyone else still waiting for their merch?

I ordered Simple Math and Like A Virgin on 14th December, I knew it'd take a while because I live in UK, I'm used to that, but I've received the RAGC trilogy which was ordered more recently. The last update on USPS is that it departed an airport in Atlanta on 21st December...
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2021.01.26 09:20 189-69-769 Less Accepted Shares when mining with nanopool then using nicehash, does this make a diffrence in profits

Hi all, I have been mining with nicehash for a while and i wanted to experiment with mining with nbminer to a pool. I downloaded nbminer off the github release, unzipped it and created a bat file to launch nbminer with my specified parameters.
I am using nanopool and nbminer
My Bat file is below: (I replaced the bracketed stuff with the correct info)

nbminer -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://eth-au1.nanopool.org:9999 -u [my eth address].[rig name]/[email.com] -log --mt 4 --api 
The hashrate compared to nicehash is exactly the same but I have noticed that by mining to nanopool instead of nicehash I get approx 3 times less accepted shares in the same amount of time.
I have tried this with memory tweaking and using ethlargmentpill(what i usually use) and it has made no diffrence.
So my question is would this make a diffrence to how much I am making?
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2021.01.26 09:20 matdune9163 Using an Anker Powerbank on Quest 2

So I bought a relatively small unit, to act as a balance but also to increase play time. Haven't connected it up yet, but just wanted to ask a few questions.
1) Do you keep it connected to the USB C of the quest2 all the time, or just plug it in, when about to play ?
2) If connected all the time, will the green "completed charging" light go out on the quest 2 eventually, or is it always receiving a trickle charge from the powerpack.
3) I guess you just charge the powerpack from now on, and use that to charge the quest at rest/or during play ?
4) any concerns about using a powerpack. I've had 3 months troublefree VRing, and don't want to b***** it up :)
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2021.01.26 09:20 RAD_2008 lando norris be lake: I NEEEEEED NEW FRIENDS

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2021.01.26 09:20 leon_tonkovic_ Join discord

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2021.01.26 09:20 ThomasRedditFTW [Xbox] [H] small bundle [W] 610c

Fennec Distortion
Fennec yorebands
Orange ombre
Saffron ombre
Sweeper black kana
Purple dust cloud
Playmaker Sb automaton SE
Sniper saffron automaton SE
Victor saffron DYR II
Victor bs holo Jandertek
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2021.01.26 09:20 GipsyVchi Amazing

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2021.01.26 09:20 Yuneoku Hypocrisy

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2021.01.26 09:20 SAtechnewsbot Regional IT spend tipped for return to growth

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2021.01.26 09:20 SAtechnewsbot DCC appointed Lenovo commercial distributor for SA

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2021.01.26 09:20 BaguetteBoy666 [FM20] All youth players from over clubs get contracts on YI day and I can’t offer trials or sign them

I need your help knowing if my save is glitched or if it’s normal.
Correct me if I’m wrong but usually you can scout youth players at trial in other clubs and sign them on youth intake day.
In my save, ALL players are signed on youth intake day at 08:00 and are never on trial.
I manage a semi-pro club and I wanted to scout youth players from low league clubs to sell them for a profit.
However they all are signed and don’t want to resign to my club right after even if clubs accept my bids. They won’t even trial at my club.
Is that normal? Are they not usually on trial for a few days at least? I know my players are.
What is even more bizarre is that I can scout youth players in the world/transfers/youth intake page ONE DAY prior to the actual youth intake day and they are already under contracts.
Is this a glitch or that’s just normal?
As said I play FM20. I am already a few years into my save.
Thank you for your answers!
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2021.01.26 09:20 jtrier1 Have you tried blind folded archery? You don't know what you're missing.

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2021.01.26 09:20 SAtechnewsbot South Africa: MEC Tertuis Simmers On Western Cape App Downloads

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2021.01.26 09:20 mchavz Recommend Bingeable TV Shows

Hi! I recently finished Cobra Kai and Raised by Wolves. Liked both. I have no idea what to watch next. Any recommendation is appreciated! :)
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2021.01.26 09:20 kaicuul When have you ever felt lonely with your SO in the same room? How has that affected your relationship?

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2021.01.26 09:20 Horror_Ad_2575 Anyone want to sell their IG theme page? If u do lmk below or send me a separate message!

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2021.01.26 09:20 ELIASZAK Mystery of coil whine or fan spinning?

So recently I’ve been hearing when I put my ear to my ps5 console a faint humming/buzzing noise, it only ever occurs in games. I’m really trying to work out if this is coil whine or the fan working how it’s meant to, I would attach a clip but if I do it’ll be that confusing since I’ll have to get real close and then you’ll just be in the same boat as me unable to distinguish the sounds
Now then I have some questions and I plan to solve this mystery of the humming sound please let me know your answers to these questions if you can...
Let’s have a chat about coil whine, does coil whine only occur in games? Does it occur in menus too? Can coil whine repaiimprove itself over time? How do I distinguish “coil whine” from just the normal fan noise it makes? Do all ps5s have coil whine just some are worse than others?Overall is coil whine a big worry? my main concern is that when bigger more demanding games come out the sound will be unbearable? If you know the answers please respond thanks.
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2021.01.26 09:20 doompypoompy Meat Crayon

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2021.01.26 09:20 tolbolton Dota2 artstyle creeps me out...

Hi there, a long time Dota player here, I've just recently noticed something about weird about how our game looks. It's probably the combination of extremely realistic trees and certain terrain buildings next to very cartoonish and even clayey heroes and creeps. It's like some visuals are from game A and others are from game B and when put next to each other they creep me out a bit. Has anyone experienced it too?
Don't get me wrong, our game looks beautiful, certainly the best visuals in the genre, but it still feels "off" to me after finally playing close attention (7500 hours played btw).
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2021.01.26 09:20 isaac0304 There's always that guy

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2021.01.26 09:20 Ylonka_OF A message to ALL OnlyFans creators🌷

I think, in general [across the board], there should be a set etiquette for OnlyFans creators.
Not just in OnlyFans subreddits but in ALL subreddits and on ALL platforms.
We are getting increasingly more hate every day from the Reddit community AND other social media platforms.
Girls, guys, trans, non-binary, etc. creators are just mass spamming almost EVERY subreddit and platform they can. Even those where there is explicitly stated that they are not allowed to post or promote.
We keep getting a bad name. Everyone can see through your greedy and inconsiderate behaviour.
I know we all want to get our ‘bags’ and make as much money as we can, blah blah blah... but eventually we will be taken off of the other platforms and banned.
OnlyFans itself is increasingly trying to distance itself from the creators that built their platform. More and more SFW and entertainment creators are joining the platform and get promoted like crazy.
If everyone could just realise that there’s enough fans/buyers/subs for all of us and that we all have our niches and should focus on growing our own unique communities, instead of competing and spamming and just giving everyone else a bad reputation.
If you don’t have big breasts, don’t post in busty subreddits. If you don’t have a big ass don’t post in subreddits specifically for big asses. IF YOU ARE SKINNY DON’T POST IN CURVY AND PLUS SIZE SUBREDDITS
Don’t spam or post in subreddits where you aren’t allowed to advertise. Don’t start fights with other communities when they call you out for posting your promotions in their subreddits.
Just learn the etiquette. Post where you should post. Make your content unique. Don’t steal ideas and titles and trends from other creators. Don’t downvote other creators or bring them down to make yourself look better.
And those of us who do have etiquette and common sense, downvote and call out the creators that do this. Hold each other accountable and show other communities that we don’t promote this behaviour. Keep calling them out and they will stop.
Just don’t be a cunt! Okay? Okay. Thank you.
Another thing... leaks and unauthorised sharing of our content.
Creators are being exploited and stolen from constantly. I can’t even count how many Discord servers or accounts or subreddits I have came across that openly promote and encourage the leaking, stealing and sharing of content from OnlyFans creators.
There is an entire subreddit literally called: LeakedOnlyFans which has hundreds of post and links to stolen content. And to make it even more disgusting is that there are creators who post and promote on these subreddits and help them to grow and gain traction.
No one is doing anything substantial about this issue. And soon enough there will be so many leaked videos and images from content creators that there simply won’t be reason for people to subscribe to our accounts anymore.
Why would you pay to see someone’s content on their OnlyFans and other accounts when you can join a server or subreddit and see all of their content for free?
And even if it is just the big creators that have their content leaked, don’t stand for it.
It’s illegal sharing of information.
it’s illegal. You own your content. You are entitled to compensation and they should be held accountable and charged.
Create databases and communities that keep track of and monitor this.
Even if you don’t feel like taking action against it, report it to someone that will.
This isn’t an issue we can keep ignoring or just complain about every now and again. We need to start taking action and shutting this shit down.
Create your own subreddits or Discord servers where content creators can report these infringements and discuss solutions.
We need to start working together guys and standing up for each other, hold each other accountable, lift each other up.
Thank you for reading my little rant. I really hope we can all come together and start working together to be more successful.
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2021.01.26 09:20 Ozsef If I cancel Fortnite Crew after getting the skin. Do I keep the skin or does it get taken away.

I haven't bought Fortnite Crew before but with the Vi skin coming out I wanna pick it up. I haven't really seen this question get answered when I looked on Google so I thought I'd just ask here. If I cancel a Fortnite Crew subscription, do I get to keep the skin and stuff it comes with or does it get taken out of my locker for cancelling it.
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