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2021.01.24 00:27 pixdoet Eyes on you

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2021.01.24 00:27 evolvedidz Freebies?? :O

If you've received an ID from us, we are offering a free state for a review. We request that the reviews be posted on all platforms we advertise on: Discord, Reddit, FIDV, & Trust Pilot.

DM me if you want to earn yourself a FREE ID, I will provide instructions there :)
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2021.01.24 00:27 NostalgicStingray My mom made me a birthday cake with a record on top, and each of the album's on the side. I was super happy I think she did great!

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2021.01.24 00:27 Negative_Date_8132 [HUMOR] So this is why Builder Base is in ruins when we first play it (STAR Labs Exploded).

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2021.01.24 00:27 Goidelify What is something girls assume about guys that is completely wrong?

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2021.01.24 00:27 Bubbolindo Death Eater Mask WIP - Glam or Natural? || The Order Web Series

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2021.01.24 00:27 Just_A_Throwaway937 My Mother and The Child Support

Obvious throwaway account I can’t think of a TL;DR to encapsulate this, so sorry about that. Hi all! I really need advice rn, so any would be helpful. Sorry ahead of time for the bad formatting. I’m male btw, so everything’s cleared up about gender. Minor swearing at the end. Grab a drink and food because this is a long one. Story time!
So, a few years back (be prepared to read that a lot) my parents got divorced, and I chose to be with my mom. For the past few years, we’ve been living in a good sized apartment, which my child support’s been paying for it and the bills, as my mother’s using it to support me by keeping a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and clothes on my back. We’ve got food stamps if that info helps any. Since Covid’s impact, my father’s been slow on the payments, so I think that’s amplified the stress on my mother (more about it later, or maybe not, idk)
I’ve never been given the card to spend on myself, she’s always kept it in the wallet in her purse. When my parents did divorce, I think I’d been in shock, so I just never asked for things. So, I think my not asking for anything made my mom used to having extra money, so it turned into her saying some variation of “we don’t have the money”, yet I’d see a pack of cigarettes somewhere around the house. I think it’s been so bad recently that she’s not been able to afford them, no sure if that’s good or bad honestly. It’s even worse if I tell you I’ve had self-deprecating and suicidal thoughts for years at this point, but I’ve never asked for help due to the money situation and society telling boys to suck it up and get on with life. Oops, I told you... Anyway, she’d been try to get disability for the past few years, until my sister had kids (aged 3 and 1 respectively), so she helps take care of them when my sister goes to work and soon college as well (her husband’s currently finishing up his finish semester of college, though he’s jobless at the moment). Minor tidbit, my mom’s worked in a factory lifting heavier shit, and her hip and back have been relatively bad, but not so bad as to not take care of my sister’s kids if that makes any sense.
I’m planning to go to college this upcoming fall, and my mother’s told me that I’ll get to take the card that the child support goes to with me. Now, here’s the problem I see cropping in the future with it. I don’t trust her, with the primary case being that in the past, she’s stole the money I had stashed away, and lied about her stealing it, only coming clean weeks or months after the event, make excuses each time, with it normally having been about bills. After the last incident (a year or two ago), I’ve stashed the money in another spot, and if she’s found it, she hasn’t taken any.
I want to know if I can change the card or code to the card that the child support goes to. I figure she’s got everything written down, or has something connected to automatically withdraw money from it or plans to do that. I’ve lost my trust in her years ago, but I haven’t had the courage to come up to her about it. I don’t see a point to move out to my dads, since I’ve got a semester of high school left.
Now, to end everything off, I’m not gonna say she’s a bad person. She’s kept me out of filth, been taking care of my niece and nephew, and has been stressed all the hell at times, with me not being able to help much due to my focus on school. She’s a wonderful mom for that, and I appreciate it, but trusting her is not something I can do..at least for now anyway. Her father, my grandfather, passed a few years ago, which I think was or is the main cause of the problem. If you’ve read this far, and plan on telling me that I’m a piece of shit son, and that I should suck it up, you can save your weary fingers from the stress of typing. I already feel like a pos anyway (the self deprecating thing), and for the suck it up thing, you can go fuck yourself. I’ve heard it enough that I could fill the Mariana Trench with that shit and still have it spill over. I’m sorry about the back and forth between good and bad this post’s told.
Here’s what I want to know: Can I change the card the child support goes to? And am I in the wrong about all this? Am I the asshole in the story?
Final thoughts just second before posting: I honestly don’t think she’s doing it in purpose. I think it’s that she’s doing all she can.
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2021.01.24 00:27 fallout-guy768 [XB1] H: Caps W: Eagle eyes serum

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2021.01.24 00:27 OFBanditt ⬇️🔥Link In Comments🔥⬇️

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2021.01.24 00:27 subject124 Privacy breached across users AND devices?

Situation: My SO and I each have our own phone and our own laptops. Neither of us use the other's devices. Yesterday while playing a board game, my SO looked something up on his phone (WiFi). It was very specific - we were playing a trivia game and he searched for information on planes that crashed into the ocean during WWII. This game was played in the dining room. Our laptops are in another room (mine off, his on), and my phone (on data at the time, not WiFi) was also in another room.
This evening I'm on my laptop, getting lost in YouTube (you know how that is). When the video ends, one of the 'Watch Next' suggestions was about fallen planes during WWII. I'm not a WWII buff - I can't recall ever looking up videos regarding planes, lost planes, WWII, etc. It was also the only out-of-place suggestion - the rest very obviously followed my viewing history How is that possible? Is privacy being breached at an ISP level, or...?
Obligatory statement: I'm familiar with the whole 'oddly coincidental ads' popping up on one's own phone, browser, etc. after seemingly private conversations. But I can't figure this one out and was hoping you guys could tell me how/why it happened and if it's possible to mitigate.
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2021.01.24 00:27 jackvegas Sinking an 8 ball

Been after thus bag for 2 days....but me up for chat if you'd like...
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2021.01.24 00:27 greywolf_18 "Don't ever let no one tell you, you ain't beautiful"

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2021.01.24 00:27 starfishscramble What's the most dramatic break up you've been part of?

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2021.01.24 00:27 forkconniseur ENTR Minor vs Ross Minor

Would anyone who is currently pursuing the ENTR minor or has heard ab it mind telling me ab their opinions on the program? I’m heavily debating ENTR vs Ross, or whether to even take a minor at all. Also, can I buy overlap Intellectual Breath credits with minor requirements? I’m currently a freshman in COE CS.
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2021.01.24 00:27 TamponLollipopz Let the beavers hit the floor.

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2021.01.24 00:27 Jayslaymk187 Who can beat this Fatalis add me?

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2021.01.24 00:27 UberMisty82 AIRBNB - ✈️✈️ Get up to 55USD/62CAD/69AUD off your first Airbnb booking and experience

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2021.01.24 00:27 BerzerkStryker [PS4] COOP with a noob?

I’m newer to the game and I’m bad. I had a couple nice souls guide me through some areas last night and it was a good time. You’ll probably have to solo everything but if you wanna try to coop with me, we can do our best 😂 I’m currently able to go into either Farren Keep or Lothric Castle. I feel like the poison swamp is gonna screw me over but yolo. Let me know if you want to join! Up to two people.
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2021.01.24 00:27 Traskki Affliction Warlock Aoe rotation

Hi , I recently started playing Aff warlock and its really fun and its feels really strong . I do really nice damage in single boss fights . The proble is that I'm not sure at all about the rotation in aoe fights . Tried watching some youtube videos but didnt quite get it . Can someone pls explain the basics ?

For example the tank pull 5 mobs , do I have go 1 by 1 and put agony on them ? do I put unstable affliction ? Whats the best time to use rapture ?
do i take vile taint talent or sow the seeds ?

Thanks a lot for help
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2021.01.24 00:27 sugarplum98 Week 2: Seasonal Ingredients- Carrot Cake Fail 😬

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2021.01.24 00:27 princeevil666_ why read this

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2021.01.24 00:27 Salt_Insurance892 [WP] On a vacation in a City you've never been to, you have encountered some kind of monster. It is more intelligent and less blood-thirsty than you first thought. But it also stole your dinner.

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2021.01.24 00:27 Erwin_PZ6 Newest edition to the family. Crazy how little muzzle flash there is, and how nice it shoots compared to a BM59.

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2021.01.24 00:27 TheTwistedBlade I just want to rant over skam france season 4

So basicaly I wanted to have finished s1-5+rew6 before the start of 7 but ultimately I failed lol. I watched s1-2, it was ok, s3 was a MASTEPIECE so then I went watching season 4 and WHAT THE HELL? I had so many hopes for Sofiane, but okay then.. he just went with Manon KNOWING it’s her best friend (ik that Yousef did the same thing but Sofiane seemed more into her in the beginning somehow?) then MANON sees how Imane feels and stuff and she just.. does not ask how she feels? Or any of the girls for that matter? Sorry but that’s just.. really odd?? Especially coming from Manon, I thought she was a great Noora until this season. OG Noora would have asked.. :( And then the bursting moment came where Chris told them about Imane. It was really weird because they all went attacking Imane while not even looking from her perspective and not even asking the entire time how she was doing. Also dont get me started on Ingrid Sorry for the rant lol but I just am so confused what the goal was. The group seemed amazing, but they never seem to care about Imane? Ah well I just wanted to let this out
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2021.01.24 00:27 chanyhe hey hey heres my mikasa cosplay! :)

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