Go! Last GROUDON rn. Who wants to join? |

Last GROUDON rn. Who wants to join?

2021.01.26 09:06 KeyPitiful808 Last GROUDON rn. Who wants to join?

Trainer code: 815014274438. Please appear online.
I will leave and re–enter the lobby in order to invite further 5 players. So, don‘t leave! ;)
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2021.01.26 09:06 bigrock0331 How I feel when i call in.

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2021.01.26 09:06 F1memesguy Haha s🅱inalla is funny right guys 😐

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2021.01.26 09:06 HMYesYesNo *Seizure warning for epileptics*

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2021.01.26 09:06 InterestingPseudonym They're insufferable this morning.

7:30am... I wear earplugs to sleep because of general noise from them and other neighbours, and my SO's snoring, and I heard them through those. He was just generally yelling and she was stomping.... below me. I heard and FELT her stomping and she lives below me. An hour later and she is still stomping. She's had her shopping delivered (they're healthy, drive and own a car and come and go as they please in other circumstances while we're in lockdown number 3), slammed the crates down on the floor at the front door, shouted her goodbyes to him on his way out too, all within 30 minutes.
They've been their absolute worst over the weekend and right after we got denied for another flat so I'm extra sensitive and irate. I've cleaned out several McDonalds packets from the communal recycling bin (can't mix papecard and plastics/tins/glass and they know this), a half full McDonalds cup, a half full capri sun and some wrapping paper! That's actually not the worst I've had to clean out but it was all over the weekend. I cleaned something out, something else went in. I vacuumed the communal, she vacuumed it the same day and rammed her hoover against my door in the process. Their smoking has been excessive to the point it got into my bedroom which was relatively cut off from their odours, the weed smell soaked into my bedding.. and they are now BOTH following us to the door when we get deliveries. If they don't stick their head out their door, they're whispering behind their door.
I can't even take my bin out for collection anymore because they actively go out there and pull it back in... to take it out themselves! What?!
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2021.01.26 09:06 RLCD-Bot [Pink Chikara GXT] [Titanium White Spatiotemporal] [Righteous Gale] [Equalizer]

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2021.01.26 09:06 _annamarie An older woman that I'm buying aniPad from, today, on FaceBook Marketplace says that AT&T excused her (deceased) husband's iPad payment plan, wiped her record clean, and allowed her to keep the iPad - is this possible?

The skeptic in me says it might be stolen, or that she is just getting rid of her deceased husband's iPad. I'm driving 2 and 1/2 hours to find out...
Is this possible? Would AT&T excuse her bills because she said she couldn't afford them, and her husband passed? I know there's some sort of law or expectation involved once someone passes away who owes debt, but I don't know the first thing about it, and maybe it concerns a case-by-case basis.
Thanks!! Please let me know before 7PM today, hopefully.
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2021.01.26 09:06 Phorosar Pull up Challenge, 100 Pull ups a day for a month

Hello veganfitness ✌️ I'm on the third day of a challenge that a mate and I came up with. We both train since over 6 years at a pretty consistent level. Where we live, gyms have been closed for almost a year now, with a little break in the middle. We try to keep up with homeworkouts, but aren't as consistent with it as with our regular weight training routine. To give ourselves a kick in the ass we made a bet, that we will both do 100 Pull ups a day for a month, and must send the other a Screenshot of the time we did it in, as kind of a "proof" to check in. I know that from a logical viewpoint it isn't a clever training routine, but we just wanted something to challenge ourselves.
Would it be of any interest to anyone to post the results and daily updates here? I'm tracking my time that it took me to finish the 100 reps and take a lat spread and back double bicep Pic of my back everyday of the challenge to see, how it affects my performance and my physical appearance.
I'd be happy to read your thoughts or questions :)
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2021.01.26 09:06 simshady2002 I’m not your friend

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2021.01.26 09:06 Paper-Cup Moist Meme #19

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2021.01.26 09:06 AhriTheFox27 My try at rap lines

Hey, now imma bout to touch your Pnis, Now bow down come at me meanie, Bet you couldnt stand a chance now really?, Now you remember how im gonna rap a line, You can't steal what is mine, Better see a mime, Your Pnis is like a remedy, Singing out loud its a wonderful melody.
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2021.01.26 09:06 Eddie-ed666 Head in the clouds.

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2021.01.26 09:06 Notoriousmdr Spinning on some CDJs

So, I've been getting into Dj'ing/mixing for little over a year now and have my own DJ controller (Traktor Kontrol S2) on which I practice. Along the way I managed to play on two small house parties, which I absolutely loved. I'd love, when this pandemic is over, to play on some bigger events.
However, I've never been able to try out the industry standard of DJ sets; (Pioneer) CDJs. Since there are no parties going on at all, I was looking into getting some practice on CDJs during the lockdown. Simply renting or buying them is not really a viable option for me at the moment financially.
It might be a long shot, but I was wondering if someone has any suggestions for trying out some CDJs somewhere?
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2021.01.26 09:06 ThE_sOggY_sAnDwIcH No refund for coins I didn’t get

Hi, I spent over 1500 hours in apex, lvl 500 n 5000s7k. And this is how they repay me: all in all I have spent over 200 pounds on apex. Been an avid supporter since release day.. a few weeks ago I spent another 50 pounds on apex coins. I never received these coins and when I went to EA support and did lots of things, they refused to help. What do I do.
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2021.01.26 09:06 samsoomadi Anyone mind helping me pick 3-4 pictures from here for my insta post? (not promoting lmao)

Imgur: The magic of the Internet
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2021.01.26 09:06 AdamqHV Quickest way to thick powerful ripped abs

YouTube - Abdominal crunch with 200+lb dumbell
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2021.01.26 09:06 DorSalesman PVP is saved in my opinion

when i saw the new hotfixes i bursted in hapiness when i saw healing damped by 20% if there is a healer or tank. they were going to do this change back in BC but decided not to for some reason. the reason why healers are so irritating is that the game lasts forever and instead of having actual skill you win in class select by choosing pally or priest. i am very happy for the change and im very happy with the pvp changes so for in shadowlands
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2021.01.26 09:06 Neustradamus Monal Mac 4.9 is out

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2021.01.26 09:06 kobony Original Kids Painting by Beatris Burgoin | Modern Art on Canvas | The Girl With The Pearl Ring

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2021.01.26 09:06 w00psyd00psy ingredients:

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2021.01.26 09:06 TaM_tHe_JaM The Spirit! Finally got inspiration to finish!

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2021.01.26 09:06 Chocokeksi ich_iel

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2021.01.26 09:06 Snoo_84927 so i wanna do game request on twitch with channel points

so i wanna do game request on twitch with channel points how do i do that ? any ideas?
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2021.01.26 09:06 frogpeoplearecoming Should I(f25) break up with my bf(m34)?

So we have been together a year. It is my first relationship.
My biggest problem is that I feel something is missing. I don't know what. But I only sometimes feel attracted to him. I didn't always feel like this. It now feels more like friendship.
A cute guy at work asked me if I have a bf. And I didn't want to say I did. But I felt more sparks with him than my bf.
And this has been going on for some time.
I think I am stringing him along while I don't want to commit.
Still I will miss him and he has great qualities. But I simply don't know what is missing or how to fix it.
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2021.01.26 09:06 IvanOrlis Cadillac XTS CTS ESV 60 Allanté Coupe Evoq Allante SRX Aurora Vizon

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