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2021.01.26 08:32 LongjumpSpinach Mlem’d.

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2021.01.26 08:32 Spudels Give this man his tablets

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2021.01.26 08:32 m4dv0y Requesting for Information: PS5 restock in Qatar

Any of you have insights about Restock of PS5 in Qatar?
It has been months and no news on social media.
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2021.01.26 08:32 makemelaughplease123 How do you make a conversation akward?

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2021.01.26 08:32 Pallacus Bandit lair tips?

I've recently came back to the first game after beating the other kingdom rushes, and I decided to do it on veteran because I did that with the other games. everything has been going fine until the post game levels and I decided to do the bandit levels first, but I just can't beat bandit lair. I start off pretty well and end up only leaking a few lives but for some reason everything falls apart on wave 12. I would really appreciate some tips but I don't want a complete strategy guide because I want to feel a sense of accomplishment. Just some strategies and tips. I appreciate all help, thanks lads.
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2021.01.26 08:32 akaKhabib Node-red how to define the query as a string???

Node-red how to define the query as a string???
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2021.01.26 08:32 Schitzle Just took my homies first kiss

I accidentally took my homies first kiss for absolutely no reason, we did not notice it for a year and noticed it now. He is distraught and i am proud and happy. I felt like i just did the biggest accomplishment in my life. Every time he kisses he would remember his first kiss, me, a boy. He now cant say to a girl that shes his first kiss, it will always be me. I am the first to ever feel his lips and he will forever be traumatised. I can now call him gay
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2021.01.26 08:32 InspirobotBot Tue Jan 26 09:31:16 2021

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2021.01.26 08:32 ETHAN123BROTHER277 upvote for anti demonetize

upvote for anti demonetize
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2021.01.26 08:32 InfiniteDenial Adding an extra headphone amp to a DAC/amp to preserve battery of the latter? (Objective O2 | iFi xDSD)

I’ll keep it short and sweet:
I mostly use my iFi as the direct link between the digital source and my headphones. I also have an Objective O2 from a little while ago.
Would it be in any way feasible to add the O2 between xDSD and headphones? Especially battery wise, I had been wondering whether it would cause less battery depletion in the DAC, being simply in line output mode feeding the signal to the O2, rather than directly powering my relatively high Ohm DT1990.
Are there any drawbacks, like audio degradation? For reference, I connect my source playing through Tidal to the DAC via OTG cable. If above setup were feasible, would a simple line out DAC to line in Amp via 3.5mm to 3.5mm suffice for reproducing the audio quality of the DAC alone (even if coloured slightly differently)?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.01.26 08:32 Kapo44 with this brand new booster pack we are presenting you 5 new different charizard cards

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2021.01.26 08:32 Zieppard123 My Google History alost every day

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2021.01.26 08:32 Writing_magic [in progress] [3k] [smut] a Percy Jackson fanfiction

I am looking for a beta for a gay NSFW Percy Jackson fanfiction that takes place during the fifth book of the series. It contains hardcore elements. I am looking for help with story structure, grammar and characterization.
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2021.01.26 08:32 cipriantk A noob trying to do marketing

I am currently running a user acquisition strategy for my mobile game (Android). And I think that I am getting too many uninstalls per day.
What is a good install/uninstall rate per day?
Thank you.
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2021.01.26 08:32 jordiwmata Stronger partisan identities drive stronger intentions to engage in political violence, but that this effect holds for partisans with the callous, manipulative personality indicated by high dark triad scores only

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2021.01.26 08:32 InspirobotBot Tue Jan 26 09:31:13 2021

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2021.01.26 08:32 SilentOwl12 Me coming back from angler fishing quest(im not very good at colouring lol)

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2021.01.26 08:32 SuperAlloyBerserker I pray that that moment doesn't come for a while

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2021.01.26 08:32 WARRIOR_00340 This would be great...

Vik should stream or upload videos on playthrough's of trending story games like Hitman 3 or Cyberpunk.
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2021.01.26 08:32 IC_Ivory280 I Think I Know What Blue Balls Feels Like

I might be exaggerating on the title a bit but hear me out. I'm not a sexually driven person. I just feel like there are so many other important things in life besides sex. I prefer building an emotional and spiritual bond over sex rhythm. I don't hate intercourse but it's just not something I find important enough to pursue. If it does, it usually after a lot of setup.
That being said I have been experiencing this thing where I get an erection and it seems to stay for so long that my testicles legitimately feel as if someone is stepping on them. It is extremely uncomfortable and I can't get it to go down enough to where that doesn't happen. It was a simple annoyance at first but now it seems like the pain is getting worse and the erections seem to appear more randomly now.
It happens at work and it's embarrassing because I wear loose pants so when the rooster is up, people are alerted to it. I stand and walk all the time on my job and I can't shake the feeling that my coworkers and such can see it. I'm honestly at a loss as to what I can do.
I have no partner and I have to much shame to buy it so that is out of the picture. I tried masterbaiting but I feel so gross afterwards that I am shamed out of even trying. Sex toys also feel too uncomfortable for me so I end up just waiting it out but as you can tell from my typing, that clearly isn't working out either.
Is this what people mean when they refer to blue balls or is it something else entirely?
Maybe this isn't even the right subreddit but this is just bugging me so much and I'm to embarrassed to tell anybody so I'm trying to get it off my chest in the hopes that maybe it'll subside.
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2021.01.26 08:32 trestonschen dog bowl stand i made with drawer underneath to store dog food

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2021.01.26 08:32 Itchy-Driver3487 Meme

True tho
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2021.01.26 08:32 TroubledPCNoob My Oculus Software no longer detects whether my USB and Displayport cables are plugged in.

I'm pulling my hair out trying to fix this garbage bug. I've seen multiple posts on this, and nothing has worked for me so far. I've reinstalled the software, installed the beta branch, and even uninstalled Valorant as that game's intrusive anticheat had issues in the past. This was all working fine yesterday morning in H3VR, but now that I've moved into another room I'm having major issues. I've gone as far as to pop the faceplate off and reconnect the displayport cable itself. Is it possibly a power problem? Even if it couldn't receive enough power, wouldn't it still detect the DIsplayport connection? I'm pretty lost here.
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2021.01.26 08:32 trailer8k New Era Marvel Studios WandaVision Disney / AI Upscale

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2021.01.26 08:32 SweetestRoughness Dakota Kai

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