Go! Globglogabgalab but it's vocoded to All Star |

Globglogabgalab but it's vocoded to All Star

2021.01.26 09:28 DatTaco202 Globglogabgalab but it's vocoded to All Star

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2021.01.26 09:28 GodwinOJ IS THE MERC STILL OP??? - ROCKET LEAGUE #99

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2021.01.26 09:28 WandererHost A Poet’s Truth [Poem]

Thank the poets for they keep love alive,
Curse the prophets for they only keep men from lying,
I would rather dance into a dying sunset than cry into an immortal sea.
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2021.01.26 09:28 Parashouter Couple questions about the Quest 2

I'll explain everything with more detail here, but I've also summarised the questions at the bottom.
So in my research about VR, I've come to the conclusion that the Quest 2 is probably best for me. However there are some things that are holding me back, and within my research I've found a lot of conflicting information.
So the Quest 2 is $740 AUD on Amazon, and I'm fine with paying for that, it does not come with built in headphones but rather plays it out loud? I've read that the audio is either complete shit or perfectly fine, so how is it to you? Is it uncomfortable to wear a headset over the top (Arctis Pro)? I'm not overly fussed about tip top audio.
The big thing that's stopping me is how you play with PC, apparently you need to buy a separate cable that costs ~$100. Is there any other solution? Are the other third party cables basically the same quality?
I've also heard that there's not that many actually good VR out there that make VR worth it, but then also see so many people saying that it is worth it? What's your opinion on this?
Another HMD I was looking at was the G2, which is $1200 AUD, and I see people criticising the overall quality of it. I would only spend that much if it beat Oculus in basically every way.
The biggest advantage that the Quest has in my book is its wireless ability. If I wanted to play on PC every time I'd have to move the PC out of my room and into a bigger area, with the wireless I can play some games without moving anything. On that subject of batteries, how long does it last? I read one source that said 3 hours, but admittedly I didn't look into that too much.
Summarised Questions:

  1. How is audio, is good or bad? Can I use a headset comfortably?
  2. Best cable for PC? How is the quality of the third party ones vs the $100 one.
  3. Are there a lot of good VR games that make VR worth it?
  4. G2 vs Quest2, is G2 worth $1200 AUD? Will only consider that price if it beats Quest in every way.
  5. How is battery life?
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2021.01.26 09:28 Joeawiz SLOTHMAN

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2021.01.26 09:28 Kraykrayboomer Beating round 100 for this

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2021.01.26 09:28 BoardgamesArchivist How to Review Board Games

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2021.01.26 09:28 DatTaco202 Globglogabgalab but it's vocoded to All Star

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2021.01.26 09:28 SnaxelZ who needs horizon when you can just kick a wall

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2021.01.26 09:28 afrooz1998 What is the best way to avoid a toxic and unsupportive family member when you can't move out?

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2021.01.26 09:28 Olafapoo How long do anime sites like 4anime take to get new episodes?

If you got one that’s instant lemme know
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2021.01.26 09:28 RickyFoyle Have Royal Mail ceased operations entirely?

We haven’t had any normal post in about two weeks, prior to that things were bad (1 or 2 deliveries a week) but now we get no post whatsoever! No birthday cards for my son, credit card missing that was posted 4 weeks ago, a parcel sent 2 weeks before Christmas that is now presumed lost. Surely if this continues people will stop using Royal Mail for even the simplest deliveries
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2021.01.26 09:28 doug-taylor So I was on the IMDB page for the show and this is what I found

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2021.01.26 09:28 MidlandsBoarder Surfskate gear in the UK?

Hi everyone. Love your sub. I've been lurking a while and think what you're doing is awesome. I've been wanting to get a waterborne adapter but after a few months keeping my eye out I'm just not seeing anything available in the UK. Where should I be looking or are there any viable alternatives available to buy here? I don't want the double sting of shipping and tax importing one from the US.
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2021.01.26 09:28 ioioooi Serious question: Is there pick etiquette for casual play?

Jumped into a few rounds of "Practice vs. AI" to experiment with lesser played heroes.
My god, the salt output from some of these randos. Got a literal wall of text from a very upset McCree.
Is "play whoever you want" considered rude or something?
It's not comp (quite the opposite, tbh) and the enemy team isn't even made of real people. 😂
Was I wrong for not switching heroes? Were any unspoken rules broken?
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2021.01.26 09:28 Jumlyy My GCSE CS Class has an interesting dynamic

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2021.01.26 09:28 FiFou318 wait wha-

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2021.01.26 09:28 Generic_girl_1 New pieces..?

Hello! Could anyone recommend new pieces? I absolutely love playing the Saint Saens sonata (1st and 2nd movements, particularly the ad libs in the 2nd) and Poulenc first movement.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks in advance!!!
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2021.01.26 09:28 Brawny_General-46067 My phone is up to something

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2021.01.26 09:28 Moholbi Anyone using samson sr950 or 850?

I need new headphones and I just stumbled across these headphones just now. They seem okay for pairing up with a modmic.
As I understand, most of the "gaming" headsets provide actually nothing for gaming and csgo (and most other games) has built in system for allowing people to get surround sound (hrtf in csgo's case).
I just want a confirmation about how these headphones do in fps games, especially in csgo but could not find any on internet.
Is there anyone who uses these in csgo and okay with the sound?
Ps: I think they are fundementally the same headphones with superlux hd 681, so advice on them would suffice too.
Ps2: I am not going to use any amp or dac with these.
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2021.01.26 09:28 LeoDaly4 BURRITO.

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2021.01.26 09:28 mondo_juice Holy fuckin shit reddit let me comment more than once every twenty minutes.

Like seriously I don’t understand. Isn’t that counterproductive to engagement?
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2021.01.26 09:28 thehunkspunkman The South African war should not be Vietnam

The South African war is very interesting but its allusions to the Vietnam war is extremely forced and makes an interesting war worse. The events and lore to the (SAW) should be changed to be more like how the war plays out in game and how it would realistically play out. Considering how after 1962 the game tries to stay realistic it doesn’t make sense for the war to be so unpopular for the OFN.
How I think the (SAW) should be changed is the strategies to win should be reversed. The (SAW) is the USA’s first chance to get a major victory against the reich since WW2 and almost the whole country would support it. Realistically the United States would be able to justify sending more troops than they did to Vietnam IRL and could take more casualties, and justify a multi year conflict if necessary.
The nazis in this war would have non of the advantages that the Vietnamese had and many of the weaknesses that the Americans had IRL. The Germans would have little to no external support in the war and are probably not self sufficient. They would also be dealing with an horrific insurgency from the natives.
Gameplay wise the war should have a timer for the Germans where they have a 2 month window to win the war. As the war drags on the nazis should get debuffs to represent their shortage of weapons, increasing insurgent attacks, and failing economies due their home country being too busy to support them. Eventually if the war drags out too long the German colonies are forced to give up territory or collapse. In contrast South Africa should start out with major debuffs that slowly get better to represent American support arriving.
Basically there should be 4 options that can happen.

  1. The Germans Knock out South Africa before the Americans arrive and set up a puppet state humiliating the Americans again.
  2. The Germans hold out in a stalemate but are not able to fight a war of attrition and have to give up some territories or just completely collapse.
  3. The OFN pushes into the colonies and they settle for a pro OFN peace.
  4. The OFN want an unconditional surrender and end up creating the mandates which themselves most likely end up as a mess for the Americans.
I’ve made this as just my suggestion on how to fix some of the nonsensical aspects of the South Africa war. The (SAW) has so much potential as it’s own unique story rather than being just a forced copy of Vietnam.
I wrote this not as an insult to the devs I wrote this because they have created such a interesting scenario and overall an amazing mod and I’d like to help improve it in any way I can.
If anyone else has something they’d like to add to my idea or any disagreements post em in the comments.
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2021.01.26 09:28 scary_bug3 Ante next mode lo pedthar anta le mawa..

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2021.01.26 09:28 AuraStome So if Lexi is legally blind, how does he see the posts? Is it not that severe or am I just oblivious?

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