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2021.03.03 02:50 put3katak Do you now the answer?

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2021.03.03 02:50 Shocker794 A Trainer Named Lucas Chapter 22: Seal the Deal

Hey everyone I just posted Chapter 22 of A Trainer Named Lucas. In this chapter, Looker finally gets to seal the deal with Mike. Also before leaving Veilstone City, Lucas is met with one more task! If that sounds interesting to you consider checking it out, have a great day or night everyone. Also, don't forget to smile!
FF Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13718335/22/A-Trainer-Named-Lucas
AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27019237/chapters/73349142
Wattpad Link: https://www.wattpad.com/1034479698-a-trainer-named-lucas-chapter-22-seal-the-deal
Quotev Link: https://www.quotev.com/story/13515651/A-Trainer-Named-Lucas/22
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2021.03.03 02:49 trillwebswag First loaf using The Clever Carrots light wholemeal

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2021.03.03 02:49 InspirobotBot Wed Mar 3 03:49:58 2021

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2021.03.03 02:49 Banana_shake Past and Modern Dawn [Pokemon]

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2021.03.03 02:49 CrazyCounselor Disbar Rudy Giuliani? NYC Bar Association says Rudy needs a hard look.

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2021.03.03 02:49 Volsatir Fantasy Series Where Guns/Bullets break out as a new weapon propelling the main character to the top

The world is a bit bleak, as humans are constantly under threat from mystical beings. Then one day a commander and his troops are suddenly under attack by some mystical beast while in possession of firearms, (I can't recall how they got them, but surely they must have been recently made or being tested or something, because what happens next comes as a surprise to everyone.) The beast attacks them and the commander thinks they're dead but orders his men to load up the weapons and fire anyways, a lack ditch attack he thought would fail. Instead the shots hit the beats and the men are victorious, a stunning victory that puts this commander into the spotlight. If memory serves he's used as some kind of spy by his boss, who would later attempt to betray him. The beasts used to be fast enough to avoid the day's current weapons, but it seems the speed of the bullets simply was too much for them.
This commander's success propels him into conflict with many. He does meet up some a stranger who seems to be an experienced soldier himself, though unaware of the commander's own chain of command. One of the quirks I recall about this guy is how he frequently complains about previous people he's worked with and how they drove him nuts in the past, yet never seems to be driven nuts by anything in the present. He's never actually annoyed despite all the times he's claimed to have been in the past, (so basically stuff pre-dating any time we've seen them.) He's also fairly competent, which comes to bite the commander later when the commander is trying to sabotage a mission against his own people while working as the leader of their enemies, except there's a huge flaw in his people's defenses that he's trying to avoid. But this guy walks in and sees it in seconds. whoever this guy is, he's generally a protagonist and the only times he is in conflict with the main character is when he happens to be doing too good a job and unknowingly messing up the main character's more secretive works.
This is a book series I ran into around 10 years ago, I can't recall if I made it past book 1 or not, I think I did and these events might have been spread out, but I'm not certain. Another event I do remember is the main character leading his troops armed with firearms and using them to defeat a larger army. Something, I don't recall if friend, foe, or a combination of the two, drives the enemy's troops to attack insanely, which causes their sheer numbers to become a problem for the main character, but his men hold firm, which leads to an enormous slaughter of the enemy beyond expectations. Essentially the firearms again performing better than expected. There are individuals who seeks out this commander and want to help him, seeing a change in the world as a result of his own actions, and the plot has me wondering if said commander is going to strike out.
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2021.03.03 02:49 Mynameis__--__ Basic Income Is Part Of Our Social Contract

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2021.03.03 02:49 foxkyay Buddy Gator - Water Fun

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2021.03.03 02:49 raddit13 Doge

To The Moon
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2021.03.03 02:49 Longjumping_Ad7176 Ooooo

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2021.03.03 02:49 LokiTheZorua Help with Initiating with the Red Veil. I am already sided with the parren sequence and the new Loka, but for some reason, I can't seem to do it here

Help with Initiating with the Red Veil. I am already sided with the parren sequence and the new Loka, but for some reason, I can't seem to do it here submitted by LokiTheZorua to Warframe [link] [comments]

2021.03.03 02:49 adamkucera Cap's shield nickname?

Rewatching a few MCU movies lately and my daughter and I wondered if Captain America has a nickname for his shield anywhere in canon? Not finding it anywhere, so I came here to the experts.
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2021.03.03 02:49 outlined_bread20 Literally the top post on r/FNaFCringe.

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2021.03.03 02:49 MrCleanPP Chara pixel art (bonus faces)

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2021.03.03 02:49 KingGabriel2007 If you could change how RDR2 ended, what would it be like?

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2021.03.03 02:49 dsr231 My ticket stub from Shea Stadium 1965 Beatles concert

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2021.03.03 02:49 SteamNeko Der Wasserrutschen Test :O

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2021.03.03 02:49 aviatorlj STOP IT

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2021.03.03 02:49 worrell87 Couldn’t help myself

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2021.03.03 02:49 98mh_d Pet Sounds (et al) and love

It's about love and possession. Having digested biographies, the music, all of it, that's that intangible feeling which comes through. I think it ends up being genderless too, anyone can feel that. Those unhealthy feelings of not knowing what you missed and never saw about a person, that horrible vibe is what comes through in the music. It's the most beautifully depressing thing in the world. Beyond the mental illness itself, that's what sent poor Brian into a tiz. Raise your hand if you know what I'm saying! I can say that it destroyed me personally, it's the most powerful thing I've ever experienced. Just what those feelings can do to you, even when (inevitably) they transcend the person you love and even they don't get why you would be so obsessed. It's really quite scary to stare down the barrel of the gun that much, you know? I know some of you know.
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2021.03.03 02:49 Due-Low7835 Buy/Sell cryptocurrency $10 BTC Bonus

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2021.03.03 02:49 Abandonall888 [USA-OR][H] RX 580 [W] PAYPAL

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2021.03.03 02:49 RLCD-Bot [Grey Merc] [Merc: Dots] [Nuts & Bolts] [Orange Morrowhatch]

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2021.03.03 02:49 Jbthiccchic Just thought I’d say hello

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