Go! We don’t give drugs enough credit for winning the war on drugs |

We don’t give drugs enough credit for winning the war on drugs

2021.03.01 22:33 Poggers1432 We don’t give drugs enough credit for winning the war on drugs

The title says it all pretty much. With weed being legal in 14 states for non medical reasons we can safety say that drugs have won the war on drugs
With Portugal decriminalising drugs their drug overdose rate of death has dropped significantly, their levels of HIV positivity has dropped and their level of incarnation for drug offences has been cut by 2/3
So yeah, drugs have done it
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2021.03.01 22:33 jp19186 Rocket Companies to Participate in Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Virtual Conference at 10:15 AM Eastern Time on Wednesday, March 3, 2021. Super bullish. Please hold your position.

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2021.03.01 22:33 ughwithoutadoubt I finally got a little oven spring!

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2021.03.01 22:33 frittertaciturnus 100 + hours; Just Reached Chapter 3

This is my maiden voyage with Red Dead II, & I'm obsessed. I'm content to go bird hunting, then just sit on the same green knoll all day watching songbirds alight on a rock in a stream without shooting anything. My stable holds a Perlino Andalusian, a Brindle Thoroughbred, a Silver Dapple Pinto Missouri Fox Trotter, & a Scarred Blue Roan Nakota. The Andalusian's for fighting, the Thoroughbred for hunting, the Nakota for when I need to bond with another wounded soul; & the Fox Trotter, of course, is for when everything's perfect & I just want to fly like the wind.
I love them all.
I know how the story ends, so I want to give Arthur as much time with his innocence as I can before everything's taken from him. Anybody else get this absorbed on their first playthrough? I can't believe I waited so long to experience this.
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2021.03.01 22:33 kingark24 CalebCity - When your roommate is a Misguided super hero REACTION!!!

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2021.03.01 22:33 McJvck X is the Next Bitcoin! Please watch this amazing talk by Andreas Antonopoulos.

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2021.03.01 22:33 bbk877 Rp

Add kik bbk877
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2021.03.01 22:33 OEMStasisAbuser Is there a shader that matches the gold on the Iron Truage set?

I'd like to mix pieces from that set with pieces from others but I don't know if the accents will match
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2021.03.01 22:33 Jhoonis Daily "Cannot place Item: Needs support" rant

I'm officially starched. I cannot possibly fucking fathom what support, I moved my camp about three father-fucking times now and cannot place my base, there is NOTHING on the way, no trees no rocks no rolls nothing nada zip nil and it STILL "needs support"
And it's not even a 4 story-30 acre mansion, it's a 2 by 4 foundation with barely ONE floor.
So don't build big unless you literally NEVER plan on moving
rant over
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2021.03.01 22:33 BurningBacon101 Gaming pcs

I know nothing about pcs but I wanna move over to the master race. I would like to be able to play rainbow six siege at 120fps minimum and I am okay to build or buy a prebuilt. I have a budget of around $800USD but idk what to buy. Please help if thats something that is done on this sub. Thx
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2021.03.01 22:33 Soapy_boy607 [For Hire] I'm making any kind of illustrations, fanarts, portraits and furries.

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2021.03.01 22:33 Tiberius_Jim A quick video of my 5 year old daughter's first time behind the wheel of NR2003.

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2021.03.01 22:33 coachdad8 Pickleball Scoreboard

Seems like most games, we forget the score. I looked around for a Pickleball Scoreboard or scorekeeping system and found nothing.
Does anyone have a system or gadget they use to remember the score?
I have 3 ideas. Which do you think would be the best option for solving scoring issues?
1) A Pickleball Scoring wristwatch. Unfortunately the other team cant see it but it'll keep me from forgetting. 2) An PB scoreboard app for my phone. I'll clip the phone to the net with a small tripod. After every point I'll walk up to the net and add a point to either team. 3) A proper digital LED scoreboard with a small bluetooth remote. Probably about 4" tall.
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2021.03.01 22:33 KingBlahJamesCamp I’m Bi. Should I tell my ex?

My college girlfriend and I dated for 3-4 years. Although we loved each other deeply, the relationship ended because we just wanted different things in life. Ive always been Bi but never mentioned it because I was young and unsure of myself. Plus, she was the only person Id ever had sex with, so I figured it didn’t matter (I now regret this.) A year after we ended, I started casually dating men as well as other women.
I’ve come out to my family and friends so I never thought being Bi was something I needed to make a big “I’m out” Facebook post about. In addition, everyone in my day-to-day life (coworkers, neighbors, new acquaintances) know that I’m Bi. But not anyone from my “past” (old college friends, hometown folks) know.
Now, I’m in love again for the first time since her, 4 yrs since we’ve ended. I want to start being social media public (eye roll) with him because I know it’s important to him.
However, I don’t want her to feel blindsided. She still has a lot of photos of me on her page and her family still follows me. Would you reach out to give her a heads up? If so how? (call or text?)
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2021.03.01 22:33 Lunapn Small Dog vs Thief

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2021.03.01 22:33 APigthatflys Kiki's daughter tries buying a bath bomb online

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2021.03.01 22:33 MrGuyFace Collection of GME songs while we BUY and HODL to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.03.01 22:33 pollinationtech was anyone else here the first one to find the person they lost, when it happened? how do you cope with the dreams and flashbacks?

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2021.03.01 22:33 echthegreat Deadbox Ataxia with Eduemonia... Help!

Hey! Noob question here. When I use Ataxia as an AR envelope to open the vca on Eudemonia, it clicks with every gate if I don't let the full envelope play out. Using it in adsr mode fixes the issue, but the envelope drives the filter instead, making a terrible sound at the height of the envelope waveform. I can attenuate the envelope to solve the problem,but the overdrive only goes away when the signal is attenuated super low.
Am I missing something here? I just want an envelope that doesn't click or drive the filter...
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2021.03.01 22:33 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.03.01 22:33 Tim_Wilkins Green Lingerie 1

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2021.03.01 22:33 Kyle_LMAO * E D I B L E S A N D * ft. toxic

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2021.03.01 22:33 mildbox21 Should I be worried about possible COVID exposure?

I am a 23 year old male, roughly 5'10, 180lbs. Personally I feel fine however I just wanted to gauge opinions to see what I should do.
I stayed at my girlfriend's apartment last weekend. She lives in an apartment with three other girls, they all have their own bedroom, but they share a bathroom with another person. Turns out her roommate that is in the bedroom right next to her and shares a bathroom with tested positive for COVID. I will provide a rough timeline.
2/20 -- her roommate goes to a party that night (multiple people from that party have tested positive now so it is reasonable to assume she got it then)
All of last week, my girlfriend did not have any close contact with her besides a quick conversation here or there in passing. Obviously they shared a bathroom, however.
2/26 -- I come up and visit my girlfriend. I briefly said hi when her roommate passed to leave for the weekend.
2/27 -- roommate texts my girlfriend to let her know she can no longer taste and believes she has covid
3/1 -- roommate receives positive COVID test
How likely is it that I could have it? I want to preface by saying my girlfriend had COVID in the beginning of January, so it is unlikely she would have gotten it from her roommate this past week. My only concern is that she would have been exposed and passed it to me. I know I only briefly saw her roommate for less than 2 seconds so I don't think she passed it to me. But between her exposing my girlfriend and then her passing it to me and using the bathroom that the infected roommate also shares, I'm a little nervous. What should I do? To be safe, my girlfriend is getting tested tomorrow.
I live at home with my parents and sisters. Should I get tested? Should I stay away from them? If my girlfriend's results come back negative, am I in the clear?
Sorry for the wall of text and thank you for any advice/insight you can provide.
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2021.03.01 22:33 SmurfyX Botchamania 429

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2021.03.01 22:33 sheephamlet WTW for when an author makes a subtle commentary of his own work within the work itself?

For example, if the novel had way too man characters and the author made reference through his narrator that a play within his story “was confusing because it had too many characters.”
Or, if the author’s style was extremely descriptive and a character reading a book within the story said “I can see why the critics would pan this novel, it’s too verbose!”
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