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Rune Totem for Druid/Shaman

2021.03.01 22:39 axelxax Rune Totem for Druid/Shaman

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2021.03.01 22:39 ThinkTyler I want to make music for indie games. Where do I start?

Hello, I have been making instrumental music for several years. I’ve had people tell me that it reminds them of video game music.
Recently I realized that I would absolutely love to make the music (and possibly sound effects) for cool indie games to help complete the feel that the game designers have established.
How do I get into this space? Is there some place that indie devs and designers look for this? Is there anyone on this sub that needs music for their current project? Any advice is welcomed, thank you!
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2021.03.01 22:39 HeyGuysItsTimmy73 HELP with my 1977 Pontiac Trans Am 1!!!!!!

HELP! I got this car used for 12 grand on FB marketplace. It was working fine, but then all of a sudden, people kept harassing me about it! They all kept saying stuff about this dumb movie called "Smokey Robinson and the Bad KNit" or something stupid like that, and that its really cool that I have the same car. It is getting really annoying, and the only way I have found to make it stop is to yell at the pedestrians and run them over. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried replacing the blinker fluid, and my buddy says I need a new head gasket. WHat should I do? I tried putting coins and other debris in the fuel tank and Man Door Hand Hook Car Door
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2021.03.01 22:39 i4mwavez looked up jesser on google and got this boycott google

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2021.03.01 22:39 HJenkinsRSN Steve Austin FINALLY Reveals Long Awaited Broken Skull Sessions Guest

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2021.03.01 22:39 yourmomsadoge The whole thread is weird but this got me

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2021.03.01 22:39 DigitalMoneyBot [/r/ethtrader] It hurts

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2021.03.01 22:39 bbwayy Can someone help me identify these gemstones?

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2021.03.01 22:39 nathan-nk Beginner looking for advice on getting started

Hey lasercutting
I am hoping to get started in this hobby, and would like some advice on how to do so. I am mostly looking at being able to engrave and cut both wood and acrylic. As well as engraving leather (Veg-tan only, not chrome tan. So there isn't any risk of nasty gasses). I am also quite happy to do a bunch of tinkering to get it running nice.
I have identified 2 options for how I would like to start and was hoping for some feedback on both.
The first would be to add a laser to my existing 3d printer (Prusa mk3). For this I'm looking for suggestions on which laser units I should be looking at for this. And what performance I would expect from them.
The second option would be to find a k40 shipping from the Uk and put in some recommended upgrades. What upgrades would I want as a need, and what would be an optional nice to have for this? This will be used in my garage, so ventilation shouldn't be an issue.
Any responses and advice would be much appreciated.
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2021.03.01 22:39 MrSpaceOstrich A tiny problem I'm having

Hello gamedev, I'm a new game developer taking unity classes weekly and today I just finished making a title screen. After class I made a new and better pixel art logo, I added it to the canvas and put it in place of the old, purely text logo. But when I hit play it wouldn't appear on the screen, how do I fix this? I know to some of you more experienced game developers this may be a simple/dumb question. So please inform me on how to fix my problem, if you need more specifics let me know.
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2021.03.01 22:39 MowTin I want an arcade cabinet but don't want to build one. Options?

I have no woodworking skills and no desire to try and build an arcade cabinet. What's my best option for a quality cabinet? I'd like 2 players with a trackball. I want something where I can just add a PC to it.
I have an X-arcade stick and MAME. I play MAME using BigBox and SSF V on Steam.
Should I hire a carpenter or is there a quality prebuilt cabinet I can order? I did some searching but looking if there is some solid advice.
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2021.03.01 22:39 Vertabreaker2359 Not Fragile - Hard To Be Alive

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2021.03.01 22:39 Taco-Calamitous So Dream Daddy...

When they first announced that, I was very confused. I was like, "They're making a game, and it's this? Is this a funny game, or something? But it looks very serious..." Did they announce at some point it was some of their friends that they were helping on social media, or something? All I ever saw of it was in their videos.
That track on the last Star Bomb album was super obnoxious. Did it pay off? Did that game do more than get one of Oney's friends doxxed? lol...
It just seemed so out of place for Game Grumps, tbh. It was whatever, I guess.
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2021.03.01 22:39 DarkenedEnlightnment New to making music, trying to develop my own sound.

Hey I would love if you would take some time and check out my SoundCloud and give some feedback. I’ve uploaded two songs so far and have more coming. I’m tryna develop my own sound, kinda a mix between indie/emo/rap/alternative I guess. I still have a long way to go, but it be great to see what y’all think! Thanks.
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2021.03.01 22:39 Gailgail6959 My bellybutton hurts through my abdomen.

26f I was cleaning out my belly button and like an idiot used a metal extraction tool (used for acne) to get a deep piece of lint I couldn’t reach and I accidentally scratched it pretty bad. I immediately cleaned with Castile soap and warm water and have been using neosporin on in everyday since. It’s been about a week and my belly button still hurts and it’s like I have nerve pain all throughout my abdomen. It’s very uncomfortable. So far, no signs on infection besides from pain. I’m wondering if it’s possible I just stretched and scratched and irritated it and it might take a little time to calm down? Should I see a doctor now or wait?
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2021.03.01 22:39 Loves_Semi-Colons Something About Us - Inspectre Funk [COVER]

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2021.03.01 22:39 iserberr When you find that good spot

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2021.03.01 22:39 Romi05 photos_irl

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2021.03.01 22:39 Perry_theplatypussy Course Load for Undergrad aiming for Law School

Hey everyone, I'm a second-year UofT Student majoring in poli sci and history. So I was looking at Ontario Law School admission requirements. And the ones I looked at said they look at certain years of your undergrad, and you need to be a full-time student. So To be a full-time student you need 4.0 credits here (8 courses per year), but to finish in 4 years you should be taking 5.0 a year. If I take 4.0 throughout the year and 1.0 during the summer, will it make me a weaker candidate compared to someone who took 5.0 credits during the year and none in the summer (and I know some Law schools do not count your summer courses for your GPA), and would you recommend maybe not to do that?
Thank you so much for your help!
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2021.03.01 22:38 Elevator_Gloomy Tried my best to make a swing copter and this was also inspired by a mod in Friday night funkin

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2021.03.01 22:38 gkdnzgklp99 Bat in the night

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2021.03.01 22:38 itsKiro Lemonade Q4 2020 Report

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2021.03.01 22:38 0and18 Subreddit Stats: RedditDayOf top posts from 2021-01-30 to 2021-02-27 18:50 PDT

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2021.03.01 22:38 pghtpt Problem with being credited for quests/trips

Last Thursday (4 days ago) I completed 14 deliveries, 11 of which qualified me for a $77 quest promotion.
The app continues to only credit me for 8 of those 14 deliveries and hasn’t yet credited me for any of the quest payments. I have called several times and was told either there was an “outage” with the system (whatever that means), or to wait up to 72 hours. Fine, I did that, called back today and was told that they couldn’t transfer me to a supervisor and that I’d have to resolve this in the inbox on the app. So far, no resolution.
Anyone else deal with something like this? Suggestions?
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2021.03.01 22:38 NoSir8673 Heavily Gifted Cole in Boxes!!

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