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2021.03.06 01:54 Iknorn Noooooooooo!!!

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2021.03.06 01:54 OreoPredator Contacts prescription for glasses

Can i use the same prescription on the box of my contacts lenses for a new pair of prescription glasses?
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2021.03.06 01:54 SapphicallySad It’s a very exclusive club

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2021.03.06 01:54 Jtstockpics To hold or to sell?

Personally I think the whole market is in for a major pull back and yes ZSAN could easily pull back with it. But after holding ZSAN for a long year now I will continue to hold. This company is very quiet ( as I’m sure you all know by now ) and the question is when will they announce the next step toward a NDA approval. To me at this point I don’t want to be WITHOUT SHARES when the news comes. The rockets 🚀 are coming don’t be out when they do!!
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2021.03.06 01:54 Skydroid_123 New Magic: The Gathering: Crossover edition spoiler.

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2021.03.06 01:54 dianeforney Queen of the Oasis, Digital, Me, 2021

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2021.03.06 01:54 AnotherMoanyHunt 22 [M4F] UK/Online - Who Needs Perfection When I’ve got a Voucher for a £1.99 Big Mac?

Morning/Evening/Happy Valentines to you all! Have you ever dreamt of being something but just never managed to get there? What stopped you? Well, it can either be 2 things... that warrant out for your arrest, or you... OR BOTH! Well I’m here to solve your midlife crisis in your 20s, I can’t get rid of the arrest warrant, but I can make you smile, laugh and be grateful for life every day. Even if that’s in your prison cell 🥴.
How much does this c0st? It’s free! All it requires is you cooking for me, not because I’m lazy, just because I’m literally a bloody fire hazard. I can just about use a microwave. The firemen have my number on speed dial. I definitely get my use out of my taxes!
About me: boring. Ok I’ll go into detail... I’m a failed comedian, politician and I once told the Queen that I’d give her a score for a selfie. I did not get a selfie. I work daily, usual shenanigans really. I game quite a bit. I’ve got big interests in technology, politics and mysteries (I did tell you I’m bloody boring!!). What do I look like? Zac Efron. Ok I don’t but we have matching eyes ok? Ever seen me and Zac in the same room? No? Exactly.
I wanna find someone, if this post didn’t give that away already! I’ve let myself go since becoming an adult, I’ve spent the last 2 years trying to correct that, I’ve come far, but I’m not perfected, and I’ve made mistakes and will undoubtedly continue to. I’m an innocent man with a great heart, and I just wanna be given a chance to prove it to someone. Now I’ve clutched your heart strings, I’ll turn comedy mode back on.
So if you’re looking for Prince Charming, you won’t find him here, he’s buried 6ft down in the neighbours garden 🤣. If you’re looking for someone to be there, someone to talk to and someone to spend the rest of your life with... you know my price, I’ll do the microwave, you do the oven. ☠️
DMs would be greatly appreciated. I would end this with something clichè like ‘thanks for coming to my ted talk, but I’m better than that... DON’T FORGET TO SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE! (Ok I’m not better than that lol)
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2021.03.06 01:54 Huplescat22 Former astronaut mulling Senate run in North Carolina

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2021.03.06 01:54 sanik74 Come join the fun with my friend and I in dead by daylight! Follow for follow too!

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2021.03.06 01:54 trifling_fo_sho Y’all, we do not want zebra mussels in NC.

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2021.03.06 01:54 weredagabagool Can I post this here? This gave me a heart attack (ear rape warning)

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2021.03.06 01:54 NovelSeaworthiness99 1660ti VR - Rift S or Reverb G2?

Which of these headsets would be optimal for the 1660ti with i7-9700k? I'm considering VR with my current hardware, typically I race in Rfactor 2, AC, AMS2, and Dirt Rally 2. I know I would have to run the Reverb G2 at half-res, but is it worth the extra cost and loss of performance relative to the Rift S? I've never used anything better than the CV1 rift, so perhaps the rift S is adequate, just want to get opinions.
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2021.03.06 01:54 capt-nemo3 Anyone know how to find info on a specific aircraft?

My great uncle flew a P-47 in WWII and I’m trying to get more information on his service and flights and basically everything. Aside from a couple old photos with him and plane (with no identifying info on the plane itself) I don’t have much to go on. I do know he named the plane WisWitch, honoring his home state of Wisconsin. The only place I can think of for old war records is the national archive, but with covid they aren’t taking new requests for info and don’t have their stuff online I guess.
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2021.03.06 01:54 Notmythrowaway1990 3/5/21 Yolo 50c 7/16 SPCE 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 (repost)

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2021.03.06 01:54 a_white_guy97 What is something to do for fun ?

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2021.03.06 01:54 TheWeirdStudio I made this for my latin class

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2021.03.06 01:54 Arcueid1789 For true DB fans, this is more anticipated than a Zenkai and Legends Limited Banner combined!!

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2021.03.06 01:54 cerbreus1 A very long lucid dream which escalated.

This is my first post here. I have had a few lucid dreams before, but a few weeks ago I decided to try it with intent. It was a night when I woke up by building noise outside which made, and when I went back to sleep I became lucid.
I was in these comfortable and nice wood cabin and immediately realised that this was a dream, I decided to take it slowly. I went and picked up and looked at things before venturing outside. A tranquil and peaceful forest, birds chirping, the sun was shining. It was the place I wanted to be right now. The gigantic machines and building site outside had simply been transformed to an old nice gardener who stood with a shovel and carefully dug into the ground. I walk into the forest and realize it's a little dark. At this point I realised I could direct the sunlight to where I wanted. Neat, I woke up. And wanted to go back and fell asleep.
IIt escalated, the dreams became longer and clearer. It began with me creating things from thin air, first small things, then cities. Think of a building, bam it was there in full scale in front of me. People started appearing, i could phase into them and live their lives as they experienced them. I then made them intelligent and aware that it was a dream, so they began creating as well, replicating, everything. They created their own worlds, a man looked into a mini world where they looked up and worshiped their creator, he smiled back. I cannot describe the clarity, how detailed everything was. I could use the sun as my lamp, illuminating forests. Eventually the society reached a very advanced level, maybe like 2100. I had an own skyscraper and lived in a penthouse, with a supercomputer which was more intelligent than me. At this part things began to become a little scary, as it became a large camera analyzing my every little microexpression. I could not lie to it, and it began getting sentient, having a life and will of its own. I did not know wheter it was a friend or foe. Eventually i had to destroy it, and for the last parts i floated in space, hovering over earth, looking down on everyone creating everything. They began competing with each other, things like making the longest spear. It became a chaos and i woke up.
What felt like a weeks time for me passed. Time was not relative to anything, i could go back, fast forward, stop. I woke up with such a profound feeling. I had haven deep chats with the AI, the people I had met, the places and things I had seen. Have any of you had any long and very detailed god mode dreams like this?
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2021.03.06 01:54 broantkdh 🤤

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2021.03.06 01:54 JaeyDoesYT Which tile is your favorite?

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2021.03.06 01:54 SMB1_Gamer If someone with epilepsy wanted to beat a level with flashing lights, ex. Killbot, would it be wrong to remove the flashing lights and saying that they beat it?

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2021.03.06 01:54 Wqo84 Can anyone who speaks Mandarin (?) translate this video

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2021.03.06 01:54 Bob__The___Builder You are about to bet on a fight, the two people fighting are the main character from the last show you watched vs the main character of the last game you played. Who are you betting on?

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2021.03.06 01:54 InspirobotBot Sat Mar 6 02:54:49 2021

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2021.03.06 01:54 Opomi uchiha madara drawing

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