Go! Need A Kangaskhan to Finish Kanto Pokedex |

Need A Kangaskhan to Finish Kanto Pokedex

2021.03.03 02:56 snarkyirishgirl Need A Kangaskhan to Finish Kanto Pokedex

does anyone know how I could find one, since I live in the states? are they possible to hatch or do they only exist through raids?
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2021.03.03 02:56 xinme_i yUH💅

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2021.03.03 02:56 ratwhoeatbiscuit 24. cheetah print 😜

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2021.03.03 02:56 TweetArchiveBot Unathi Kwaza: The Problem Is Systemic Victimhood, Not Systemic Racism

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2021.03.03 02:56 Frontpage-Watch [#65|+32091|288] Probably one of the cooler igloos I've seen. [/r/Damnthatsinteresting]

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2021.03.03 02:56 DiggersGottaDig Why is Gyro considered a dead hero

So basically I've noticed a rising opinion about gyro being a dead hero (or at least a very bad carry) right now. I wonder why? He is a quite ok manfighter, especially at early game when his q deals tons, and he also got a built in teamfighting and farm spells, which means that he doesn't rely on having a good lane to get his farming item (e.g. riki needs a good lane to get early bf). Also why isn't he played mid? Altho he lacks the "slipperiness" of spirits, with his high ms and high kill threat during laning phase (or at least mediocre) he is a good midlaner, that can even scale into late game given enough farm. I see that he is quite squishy, hence can die really easily especially to ursa or mk or troll or riki or whatever carry since they boast huge physical output which can't be mitigated by bkb. But so does other "meta" midlaners like Carl or sf now. Any thoughts?
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2021.03.03 02:56 Pinecone Audi RS e-tron GT Launch Control

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2021.03.03 02:56 ddangvanha Công ty Luật Hùng Thắng | Phân biệt Đặc xá và Đại xá

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2021.03.03 02:56 alfreddolly Flash sale delivery

Flash sale delivery A little late in posting, the discs arrived yesterday.
Hitchcock and Laughton are both a lot of fun.
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2021.03.03 02:56 YarnWitch91 Relaxed Smokey Fluff

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2021.03.03 02:56 gfbeats gettin there

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2021.03.03 02:56 GonzoX_ YO?

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2021.03.03 02:56 Da-Boss-111-Youtube I hope everyone has had a good day and is subscribed to daley. That’s all I wanted to say DaBoss out

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2021.03.03 02:56 markofagoodname Using Fenix with Wattbike

Is there a way I can use my fenix 6 as a heart rate monitor while using a Wattbike?
The Wattbike app records better metrics than pairing the watch and uploading to strava from there but is missing heart rate
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2021.03.03 02:56 InspirobotBot Wed Mar 3 03:56:48 2021

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2021.03.03 02:56 klwilson311 I hope this happy little bath baby can bring you all as much joy as she does me

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2021.03.03 02:56 Foreskin_Paladin How best to FTP to Dreamcast?

I'd like to import some VMU icons, back up/import saves, etc.
Seems like all the methods are very convoluted, even the "easy" DreamPi method requires 2 modems, a Raspberry Pi, a Virtual Machine, and soldering capacitors and 9V batteries to a telephone wire.
Is there no simpler method? I'd rather pay for an expensive magic box than have that mess of gadgets and wires all hooked up 😭
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2021.03.03 02:56 Senpai-Thuc February Contest Winner + First Group Concept Creation Workshop!

February Contest Result Hey everyone, the February contest is over and it’s time to announce the winner! The theme for February was very specific so a lot of you may have struggled but nonetheless, the best concept submitted is.....
Clíodhna, Queen of Banshees by u/Montinore09
Plan for March: Group Concepts! So for March, we’ve decided to not hold a contest to instead focus on holding the first group concept creation workshop that I talked about in an earlier announcement. In the future, we may hold both contests and group concepts at the same time but for now, I want to focus on making sure this new event runs smoothly.
The procedures for group contests will go as follows:
-Comment down below if you’re planning on participating for this months and I will invite you to a Reddit chat for all participants. I will give people until March 7 before we officially begin making concepts.
-You can join in at anytime in month but it’s preferable to do so before we start.
-If a lot of people join then I will make multiple teams to keep a reasonable amount of voices in each group. (No more than 5 per group).
-Teams can use any application to communicate and create concepts. Reddit chat and Google Docs are my suggested apps since everyone should have access to them.
-This will last until the end of the month, which will us 3 weeks to work on the concept.
-As for what kind of concept we’ll be making? I have a list of potential gods that we can choose from when we start.
So if this sounds interesting to you then again, comment down below if you want to participate for this month!
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2021.03.03 02:56 Pragmatic_Shill Buckley admits to dismissing racist claims, still haunted by press conference

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2021.03.03 02:56 freedict Nasdaq Institutional Holdings List

So I just went trough all 18 pages of the Nasdaq Institutional Holdings List.
They have 73 605 950 shares among them (even though Nasdaq said 73 566 232, ikd I might have put a number wrong somewhere) but when I put in the sold/bought there's a discrepancy of 3 101 192 shares.
I don't know if that means anything, they could have been sold to private investors I guess, just thought it was strange.
I didn't find Melvin anywhere on the list either but if they only shorted the stock I guess they won't have to disclose anything.
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2021.03.03 02:56 InvMiqx I need to go home but I can't

I thought it'd be a good idea to hang out with my friends today since I didn't have much work (but I do have an AP econ test tomorrow). It's 10pm and everyone, including my ride home, are still hanging out. I promised my gf I'd call her too aaaaaaaaaaa
Tf should I do guys
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2021.03.03 02:56 FlakesOfJohnSnow And then I got high, then I got high, then I high...la tee daa daa daaa...

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2021.03.03 02:56 Hot-Mission8540 Girls knocking at my dorm door I ain't ever let em in

You know that cap, you know I hit a few
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2021.03.03 02:56 Ornery_Computer_1009 Any people or groups around Seattle, WA USA?

Hello. I'm an ethnic Pole in Seattle, Washington USA. I have a deep interest in exploring ancient slavic culture and this creation we are a part of. I would love to meetup with any one who's also nearby, or any groups and just experience this world together. Bonfires, hikes, rituals, and/or singing/dancing. Any groups or any of you guys around my area? Thanks :)
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2021.03.03 02:56 compilationking786 Lana Parrilla the warrior princess

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