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Swingset [@ashleyloob]

2021.03.03 01:50 citybyte Swingset [@ashleyloob]

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2021.03.03 01:50 Hypnasis Punk subreddit hates carti lmao

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2021.03.03 01:50 Nerf_yasuooo Is it possible to add custom player heads of tlauncher skins?

Me and my friends are playing in a server and i want to add our player heads as decoration but whenever i type the command with our names, it will only give a steve head Pls help
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2021.03.03 01:50 sexthrowaway12828 My statistically above average penis is buried by 2 inches of fat. How do I stop feeling like I have a small penis. (Any other fat men experience this?)

I need to lose about 60 pounds to the average weight for my height. Being obese (BMI=31) has resulted in the pubic fat pad engulfing 2 inches of my penis.
Although I am just fat and everything is still there and can easily be revealed by simply pushing the fat back with my hands. I still feel like I have a small penis.
When measured using the medical method (aka from pubic bone to the tip of the glans, the average was found using this method) I am around 6.3"-6.4"(16.25cm) but only 4.25"-4.75" (11-12cm) shows from my body when the fat isn't pushed back.
My OCD (which I actually have) has been going crazy since I look big when I push my fat back but look small when I am not pushing my fat back.
A lot of men and women have told me that that the pubic fat pushes back during sex so I shouldn't worry since I will be using most of my actual length, but mentally I keep thinking I am small.
How should I just accept that I am not small but just fat and that it can be solved by weightloss.
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2021.03.03 01:50 leg_stiltz [WTB][USA] Size 13 or 14 SB Dunks/Jordan heat! DS or VNDS

Yo Repfam,
Repvouch: https://www.reddit.com/RepVouch/comments/isx9nb/uleg_stiltz_vouched_thread/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
Looking to buy your DS or VNDS SB Dunks in a size 13 or 14. Also open to any Jordans you’ve got!
Located in the US and PayPal ready!
Comment below before DMing please.
Thanks 👊🏻
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2021.03.03 01:50 Cleric717 Drift Car is coming along

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2021.03.03 01:50 Sherbetorc I don’t have a good title I’m just scared.

I’m not even in college yet and i have never been vaccinated because my parents are anti vax ,I don’t mind though and I don’t have any plans to get vaccinated . I have never had a serious illness and I’ve always had 100% attendance but everywhere I look I just see stuff that makes me feel like I’m a monster or that I’m going to kill loads of people. So I’m scared that in my future we’ll live in a world that does not have any free speech ,there is even a subreddit That was made just to stop us from talking. I feel like in a few years I won’t be able to go outside because people will just abuse and discriminate me.
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2021.03.03 01:50 newcaren I think I'll head over to In & Out Burger...

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2021.03.03 01:50 PLzAcceptMe1 I am having trouble getting my 3d plot to show up in my R viewer... I am using the rgl package

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2021.03.03 01:50 hellodahly My First Bingo Card - Reviews!

I know probably no one will read this whole thing but I wanted to post it because I'm proud of myself! So thank you if you read any of it :)
I am the pretty typical story of someone who loved reading as a kid, and fell off of it when I got older. In 2020, I decided it was time to get back into reading so I asked some friends for recommendations. Then I found fantasy and the Bingo challenge, and never looked back! I read 32 books in 2020, which might not seem like a ton to some of you, but was an awesome accomplishment for me. Here are my Bingo selections/mini-reviews! -

If you read literally any of this, thank you! I had a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next bingo.
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2021.03.03 01:50 ThrowawayLikeBlckSox Duncan passed away last night. He would have been 15 on the 21st. He was my best friend since I was 5 years old. This is the oldest photo I could of us.

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2021.03.03 01:50 Csha1357 [Xbox] [Pricecheck] Tw tactician Ninjas (x2)

Any idea how much these are worth? Or some offers?
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2021.03.03 01:50 mothh9 Quality keeps changing of tabs that are in the background

How do I stop Twitch from doing this?
I am using Firefox.
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2021.03.03 01:50 L_rare065dg How bhoppers/less new players are a sign that the Hypixel Pit has failed to include nons

How bhoppers/less new players are a sign that the Hypixel Pit has failed to include nons WARNING. LONG POST. DO NOT READ IF YOUR EYES ARE TIRED.
Find my bhopper log here:
Streakers. Pit grinders. Confusion and suffering. Life is nothing but slave-like for a new player in the Hypixel Pit. But how did the disparity between prestiges and nons become so great? Why did it lead to tons of bhoppers wreaking havoc on everyone these months and many that touch the game once to never return again?
It's a lot more complicated than it sounds.
TL:DR in advance, basically the better stats that prestiged players have give them more power over nons, which make the latter either leave the game or bhop around.
Higher stats
Prestiged players often possess better weapons, armor, and upgrades than nons and new players.
In fights (the most common way that players interact with each other), a streaking prestige player almost always has the advantage when fighting a non.
Without factoring in upgrades/perks and assuming that the streaker has an iron helmet/leggings, a diamond chestplate/boots and a diamond sword (this is the most common armor people use when streaking, but it can vary) they have 7 more armor points and one more attack than the non. When also factoring in the streaker's diamond armor toughness, they take X hits to take down while only needing X hits to take down the non. This doesn't even factor in perks/upgrades, which can make the fight even more favorable for the diamond player.
Speaking of perks and upgrades, players at Prestige also have better stats overall. They have access to renown upgrades, which can boost one's experience in the game. They can buy better items from the shop like combat spades (especially useful at taking out a non who got themselves diamond armor), iron helmets (the key defining factor for if a player with diamond armor is a streaker or a diamond armored non), and first aid eggs. If a player with Prestige also has Mysticism, they can wield enchanted weapons/pants that make them even more powerful in certain situations.
Nons, on the other hand, must rely solely on perks like Golden Heads and upgrades like El Gato to claw their way to Prestige I, while only having the options for diamond gear and measly scraps of obsidian from the shop.
Expressing of power
Humanity is adapted to convenience. We will always prefer by default the easiest options we can get. For example, maybe we'll buy an instant coffee from Starbucks instead of getting coffee grounds from the store and make coffee from home. Or, we'll choose to drive the 0.25 miles to class instead of just walking there.
This same principle applies in the Hypixel Pit. Streakers and prestiged players will always look for and choose the easiest player to kill around the server, and unfortunately because they have such a big advantage over many nons they will always prefer to fight a non over, say, another streaker or sometimes even a non in diamond armor (that lacks the iron helmet).
And it's simple for a reason: they're afraid to fight other players their level. We humans value losses more harshly than gains, and let's be honest: no prestiged player likes it when your bounty gets claimed or you unnecessarily lose a life on an enchanted item.
The result from prestiged' players convenient strategies is an aristocracy of the Hypixel Pit, where a class of prestiged players rule. Nons, lacking authority, cannot "mix in" with these prestiged players anymore. Most prestiged players, with their power over everyone, use them to create more things that will make them even more powerful.
This does not happen in other Hypixel games like Bedwars or Skywars, experience or levels really don't matter much in "winning". An argument could be made for Skywars kits that require experience, but it's not like it takes months of playing just to make a little progress.
Basically, it follows the scheme of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer". The best examples of these are when streakers shove nons away from a loot package, when prestiged players turn to nons to steal gold in Robbery, and when a bunch of them show up to King of the Hill to kill everyone else.
This creates a "social pyramid" within the game, similar to most ancient civilizations.

For those who can't see, the class of \"Pit grinders\" are at the very top of the pyramid.
Bhoppers' revenge/Less nons
Eventually, the "power" that higher-leveled players exert over other ones make nons disliking of the social pyramid. Some will argue that nons must work harder so that they can move out of the lowest tier of the pyramid, but as long as higher-leveled players keep griefing on them that hard work potential will never hit the desired mark.
Eventually, social hierachy disparities lead to unrest across a civilization, and if nothing was done those in the lower classes would eventually stir an uprising. But whether nons can unite and uprise together, they will always fall inferior to consistent streakers and high prestiges, as they still hold upgrades and items that nons cannot resist. Think of it like this: in the classic strategy/history game of Age of Empires II, a Paladin can kill 12 villagers fighting it all at one time, that can be how strong a high level prestiged player can be.
But since this game is about the Pit and is all virtual, most nons don't choose to plan uprisings. This game isn't Ancient Egypt or Greece, this is the Hypixel Pit. So what do other nons do? They simply leave and go to do other things in Hypixel. Let's be honest: it's all because they don't like the idea of "power" in the game, which other games like Bedwars and Skywars actively avoid and instead completely rely on strategy and skill.
The other few amount of people who want to plan "uprisings" gain lots of enthusiasm, they try and reach out to other players to start an uprising, but nobody actually can organize it or this uprising just gets demolished. Once a rebel understands that, they realize quantity isn't going to make the cut. But there is something that will: bhopping. They switch to the black market and download mods like Astolfo, Novoline, and PowerX to wreak havoc on their chosen aristocrats and will do everything they can to make a presence in the game before they get banned. Eventually they switch their VPN and do it all over again.
I was able to survey seven bhoppers on their whereabouts in bhopping, coming from 4 different hacked clients. All seven said that they didn't care that they would be banned in the end, and also told me that they were bhopping because it was generally fun and enjoyable. Since most things cannot come without a cause (say you bought coffee, it's probably because you need an energy boost for the day), the enjoyment that bhoppers get out of doing their job suggests to me that they enjoy vengenace over a temporary rule over their aristocratic enemies.
We still get the last laugh in the end, as when Watchdog eventually rips the bhopper into pieces and tells us that they got banned for "hacking or abuse" everybody says "L" to negatively honor them.
How can we create an inclusive Pit?
I am not a radical when it comes to politics, and I will value compromising sometimes. That's what needs to be done in the Hypixel Pit. I still recognize the long hours of work the highest-level players put into the game, but we need to shave down on the inequalities between nons and prestiges if we want this game to continue to be thriving.
Firstly, go to the Hypixel Fourms and talk about the Hypixel Pit. Maybe consider about certain things the developers should add into the next update of the game? Or rant about your endless experiences of being griefed on by streakers and talk about the problems. Discuss about the Hypixel Pit's social pyramid - that's what fourms are generally about.
Nextly, change your way of playing. I mentioned this a little while ago, but try to target players relevant to your level, instead of picking the easiest player to pick off. Some examples are to just stay neutral to nons with relatively low levels; if they attack you then you can start attacking them. When fighting in a group, always choose a prestiged player or the highest-leveled non in the pack (but avoid streakers). The rules will not apply during grinding in the middle pit or during minor or major events.
Conclusion and recap
There is definitely truth to the facts of decreasing trends of new players and high numbers of bhoppers in the Hypixel Pit. But it's not just "poor decision" or "unluckiness" that leaves nons in the dust every time. It's pit grinders like Freedakota0419, streakers like TheBroskiPanda, and even low prestiges like me that turn to nons in a cruel act of convenience.
So the next time a non says something like "how do you get good permanent upgrades?" in the chat, help them. Don't just splurt out "get perks" or "buy diamond armor", actually make an effort in your advice to make them understand that you respect them, even if they are a non.
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2021.03.03 01:50 EPMoonLite 2 weeks in and possibly starting something big

So I’ve been on no fap for about two weeks. I’ve experienced most benefits like better social skills, I’ve noticed more people talk to me both in person and online, I feel happier, sleeping better, getting stronger and faster in the gym.
But one thing happened which I’m happy for. I’m opening a gym for people who are trying to quit their addiction to substance, also for people who suffer from mental disorders. I didn’t expect this to work but a lot of people are interested and I may be getting funded to do this.
So don’t relapse, and use the sexual energy for other things. Remember NoFap is better than 5 minutes of a porn video.
You can do it
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2021.03.03 01:50 Havonasun Just trolling on the trolley

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2021.03.03 01:50 tropiccrossing I put my house in the jungle😄🌴🌸🌿

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2021.03.03 01:50 Esther-DD Don’t miss the 2021 Golden Globes with X-VPN.

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2021.03.03 01:50 dwavesngiants Reality is there is no bipartisan contingency just different masks with the same power structure

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2021.03.03 01:50 FlareBlade214 My theories on Eeeveelution Squad (S***post)

Hello guys I am back with another funny random ES meme post This time it is a shitpost on my theories for ES This is post not supposed to be taken seriously and it is mostly random bull crap. https://www.deviantart.com/flareblade214/journal/My-theories-for-Eeveelution-Squad-S-post-872046713
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2021.03.03 01:50 32464564256245 I have no idea if anyone has posted this meme already

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2021.03.03 01:50 take-my-banan [Grade 11 Precalc] find tension in each side of the rope.

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2021.03.03 01:50 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-jorge-luis-borges-19

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2021.03.03 01:50 ForRealNotElon JD Kung Fu

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2021.03.03 01:50 Thetrvler Trigger is askreddit

Just a warning there’s a “askreddit doctors” which is highly triggering for anxiety. I took the dive and skimmed through it but I’d advise to not read any of it.
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