Go! Primer and After Midnight! Held up in the mail but finally here! I've really gotten into Gardner recently and lived this one. |

Primer and After Midnight! Held up in the mail but finally here! I've really gotten into Gardner recently and lived this one.

2021.03.06 01:39 OMEGA5_ Primer and After Midnight! Held up in the mail but finally here! I've really gotten into Gardner recently and lived this one.

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2021.03.06 01:39 SaintMikesDeals help me find out where this guy got his mask...he mentions it in an article somewhere

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2021.03.06 01:39 coolguypest The Sand in the Desert is getting Darker

Title Basically.

  1. The Center where all of the pink and purple sand is expanding
  2. There are moving black spots in the sand
Would share screen caps but I'm on switch and i cant get it working lmao
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2021.03.06 01:39 OneEyedTurkey [US][H] $40 Xbox giftcards ($10x2+$20) [W] $34 Paypal (including fees)

2x Microsoft XBOX Live $10 Digital Gift Card
1x Microsoft XBOX Live $20 Digital Gift Card
Total: $40 Xbox giftcards
You can buy Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and Xbox Game Pass with the gift card.
Looking for $34 Paypal, including fees, for all of them.
I have rep from other trading subreddits
50+ trades on SteamGameSwap
Indiegameswap rep
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2021.03.06 01:39 Puarot Software glitch or something just happened?

I was waiting for orders then I noticed I had an active order that I didn't accept. I was right next to the place anyway and I picked it up but as I was delivering it it disappeared off my phone, so now I had this person's food and no active order. Called doordash support who said that I've been unassigned from the order (maybe it realized I didn't accept it) and I had to return the food and said I wouldn't get half pay for it after I asked. Went to return the food and they said someone else came and picked up the same order, so they took the one I had and that was it. Has this happened to anyone before? I'm not annoyed over it since I barely drove but I'm more confused than anything.
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2021.03.06 01:39 M635_Guy NTR (new tool roll)

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2021.03.06 01:39 xpress-pomegranate DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE !!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE SRTUP[ID STUPID WHORE !!!!!!!

DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE !!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE SRTUP[ID STUPID WHORE !!!!!!! bart


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2021.03.06 01:39 adadglgmut86 Next week will be fun

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2021.03.06 01:39 PlayNinja100 Otro dia mas sin usar las ecuaciones de maxwell 😎

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2021.03.06 01:39 Yeetus-Defetus2077 Fuses ult

Question. In fuses in game model his “mother lode” weapon looks different than in game which has confetti, and even if I’m using a different skin like the one in the battle pass, it’s still the same? Is this intentional or just something that got looked over
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2021.03.06 01:39 OpenUsername101 [Grade 12 Advanced Functions: Rational Functions] How do I approach this problem?

[Grade 12 Advanced Functions: Rational Functions] How do I approach this problem?
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2021.03.06 01:39 visuallyPretend146 me irl

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2021.03.06 01:39 MsVario $11,000+ Robinhood Portfolio When There Is A Bearish Market!

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2021.03.06 01:39 tupaka35 [HDD] WD Easystore 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive EBAY or BESTBUY- $129.99 ($179.99 - $50)

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2021.03.06 01:39 VinoVoyage Most leaders didn't want to be leaders. They just looked around and thought, "Well, none of THIS is a good idea, so..."

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2021.03.06 01:39 skyypayne Wrong vinyl received?? What to do!

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2021.03.06 01:39 themightybicycle Question about getting the vaccine after Prednisone.

I was on Prednisone for 7 weeks (40 mg for 5 days of it) and my last day of it was on February 14th. I currently take Advair as a preventative inhaler (inhaled corticosteroid). Am I safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine? I'm waiting on my doctor's response but am wondering if anyone here got the vaccine after being on oral steroids.
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2021.03.06 01:39 unicat999 Anyone else have this problem? I don't get notified or have it on my YouTube front page. Accidentaly saw it on reddit just now.

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2021.03.06 01:39 Patster_OP For iphone users

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2021.03.06 01:39 metal-nerd21 soulvapor - Hope | Orchestral metal

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2021.03.06 01:39 RazarTuk 5e Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might are finally out! [x-posted from r/dnd]

First of all, not spon. I just legitimately enjoy the original Pathfinder version, so I'm excited for all my 5e friends who can have it in their system now.
Spheres of Power is an alternative to Vancian casting created by Drop Dead Studios. Essentially, instead of spells and spell lists, you get talents, which are arranged into 20 thematic spheres (they dropped Blood, Fallen Fey, and War coming from Pathfinder, and renamed Mana to Universal). Whenever you get a talent, you can either open a new sphere, getting base thematic abilities, or you can spend a talent within a sphere you already have open, getting new abilities or new ways to use existing ones. Powers are generally usable at-will and scale like cantrips, although more powerful abilities cost spell points. Picture somewhere around Lv+Mod per day, although there are ways to gain more, which I'll mention later. You always get 2 talents for free when you first gain spherecasting, and depending on your class, you either get another talent at every level, every odd level, or 3/4 talents per level. EDIT: And as one clarifying detail, every sphere is available to every class, as opposed to class spell lists, or 3.5 Tome of Battle restricting classes to certain disciplines.
Using the Destruction sphere as an example, its base ability is Destructive Blast. The damage is always 1d8, plus another 1d8 at levels 5, 11, and 17 (so cantrip scaling), and you get to combine a blast type and a blast shape. For your free one of each when you open the sphere, you might pick Fire (fire damage, plus a Dex save against catching on fire) and Ray (melee or ranged spell attack). All of these cost 0 sp, so you essentially learned Fire Bolt, but scaling down to d8s and 30 feet, in exchange for catching things on fire. But then you might use another talent to learn Explosive Orb. This actually has a few options, but the fun one is not-fireball. For 1 spell point, you can do the damage in a sphere of up to a 20 foot radius, with a Dex save for half damage. You essentially have a nerfed fireball that only does cantrip damage, but which also catches things on fire if they fail their Dex save.
Finally, instead of the arcane-divine split, you have a casting tradition. This sets limits on how you can use your magic, like giving everything somatic components or adding obvious signs that you're using magic. (For example, you might have your veins go all glowy when you cast spells) But in exchange, you can get extra spell points above the usual Lv+Mod, or other boons. As an interesting example, one of the sample casting traditions actually lets you use Con as a casting stat... in exchange for not being able to wear any armor, and not just taking 1 point of damage for each spell point you spend (2 hp per spell point at level 11), but reducing your max hp by that much until you finish a long rest.
Overall, it's actually a nerf to casters, although you don't necessarily feel it, because it lets you get straight to doing what you want to be good at. It encourages specialists, rather than generalists. For example, if you want to make Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python, you don't run into that issue where you have to wait until level 5 to learn Fireball, and where once you've used those 2 level 3 slots, you're back to feeling like any other wizard, but at the same time, you might not have as many tricks outside of pyrokinesis.
Related to all this, Spheres of Might is a similar supplement for martial characters. A lot of the mechanics are the same, surrounding spheres and talents, but instead of magical abilities, it gives martial characters cool tricks. (22 spheres, dropping Duelist, Lancer, and Open Hand from Pathfinder, and renaming Boxing and Tech to Retribution and Tinkerer) The main difference is that instead of spell points, it has martial focus. If anyone's familiar with 3.5 psionics, it works similarly to psionic focus. Essentially, some abilities require you to expend it, while others are passive while you have it. By default, the two ways to regain it are either a minute of rest or taking the Dodge action, although talents can give you more ways to regain it. For example, the Gladiator sphere gives you the ability to use boasts as reactions to certain triggers, with the default boast giving you advantage on the next attack made before the end of your next turn, and the Self Confidence talent lets you use a boast as an action and ignore the usual triggers to regain your martial focus. Additionally, regardless of what spheres and talents you have, everyone who can get martial focus gains the ability to expend it when making a Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution save to treat the die as if you had rolled a 10. (With one class, the Mageknight, being able to do that with any save at level 11) I'll put it this way. One of the easiest places to point out how martials still don't get nice things is that there are 79 pages of abilities only usable by casters in the PHB- the spell descriptions- but 0 pages of abilities only usable by martial characters. Spheres of Might has nearly as much (74 pages) only usable by martial characters, but it's likely even more content, since its length isn't padded out by needing to print casting time, components, range, and duration for every ability.
Additionally, for both Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might, there are also feats that let other characters buy into the system. Spheres of Power offers three main new feats: Extra Magic Talent (increase your casting ability by 1 and get a bonus magic talent), Magical Expertise (get 2 bonus magic talents), and Magical Training (if you aren't already a caster, gain [ability mod] spell points and 2 talents). And similarly, Spheres of Might offers two: Combat Dabbler (increase any one ability score by 1 and get a bonus martial talent) and Combat Training (get 2 bonus martial talents). There are a few other new feats, but those are the main ones relevant for buying in or getting additional talents.
PDFs are $20 each on DriveThruRPG, or the people who maintain the Wikidot for the original Pathfinder version are already working on a new Wikidot for the 5e version. Links to DriveThruRPG: Spheres of Power, Spheres of Might
And if anyone's interested in seeing what sort of characters can be made, I have a few pre-gens available. My favorites:

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2021.03.06 01:39 SwRP_A_P Latest IGN build 'guide'

IGN recently posted a video with a build guide with a beginner making a PC for the first time. I watched through the entire thing and it isn't really offensive in my eyes, is everything perfect? No, but it's pretty decent for the most part they give warnings about stuff that you should be aware of and some things that can go wrong. But a sizeable amount of people were commenting everything she did was wrong, could anybody here help me understand why they would think so?
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2021.03.06 01:39 Pee_Nut_Pup Cuomo's Nursing Home Scandal is ATROCIOUS, he KILLED MOST of the WhuFlu Victims in America - Viva Frei Vlawg

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2021.03.06 01:39 Money-Elderberry6849 DM for my hindu wife

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2021.03.06 01:39 Uchiha_Ray W/l

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