Go! Vyre vs Teft, colorized |

Vyre vs Teft, colorized

2021.03.03 02:40 Urusander Vyre vs Teft, colorized

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2021.03.03 02:40 The_HyperDiamond The Irony is baffling

Yanderedev has spent over a 7 years working on one game which he wants to have at A Triple-A level but could never reach because he lacked funding. And now in that timespan we have Scott cawthon expanding a whole franchise from the ground up with 6+ Games, Novels, VAr games, Way to much pop culture merch to properly concise and A game with Triple-A funding that’s ps5 exclusive. What a wacky timeline we live in.
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2021.03.03 02:40 ChrisThaDonnn Lost Footage

It was around 5 PM. We were on our way to a campsite to set up tents and settle down for the weekend. We had a camera to document our experience. We weren't far into the woods when we found an SD card on the ground. Being curious, we decided to ditch camping and check what was on this card. Wish we would've kept walking. Life could've been so different.
We decided to drive to the closest library and check out what was on the footage. There were 7 files on the card. The footage was normal, seemed to be a couple making a vlog while hiking in the woods. Then we got to file #6. File 6 showed the man finding a little opening/cave in the side of a small mountain in those woods. My friend and I were confused, we'd walked those woods many times and never saw that cave. The video ended with the man walking into the cave, followed by his scream. The video cut out. What was file 7, you ask? I'll get to that later.
We went back to the woods. Soon, we found the cave we saw on tape. It was about 7 PM now, completely dark. We went into the cave. What we discovered was like an ancient underground building. We walked the halls for about 20 minutes. After walking in circles and finding nothing, we decided to notify the police. I pulled out my phone to dial 911 but wait...My phone said it was 4 o-clock? Something must be wrong. My friend looked at his watch but the watch was ticking...backwards? Then, we heard a loud scream. We both screamed and sprinted. I stopped filming.
Somewhere on the way out of the cave, my friend tripped. I looked back to see him be dragged into the darkness of the cave. I turned and ran faster. When I reached the exit, I ran further through the woods. I remember dropping my camera and SD card, but not wanting to look back to grab it. I stopped and sat against a tree. I looked down at my phone, 5 PM. Good, time was moving forward. I heard voices approaching. When I saw the faces of the voices, my heart dropped. It was...me and my friend? It can't be. It was now when I remembered what was on the 7th file. On the 7th file was footage of me and my friend walking through the cave, until the video ended after our screams. I watched my friend and I pick up the SD card off the ground, right where I had just dropped it. I was the one who dropped the SD card, that my friend and I ended up finding. Everything made sense. That's why me and my friend were on file 7. I went back in time when I entered that cave. I was stuck in a time loop. A time loop I have not been able to escape.
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2021.03.03 02:40 mjstcspcduck Just got my personal favorite dice!

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2021.03.03 02:40 Itskailtime Definitely needed a new clutch kit

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2021.03.03 02:40 tomytronics [Michigan wildflower] cluster of purple flowers, grows low on vine

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2021.03.03 02:40 imhung_ry How to deal with job rejection ?

So I just got rejected by a really good company that I wanted to work for here in Canada. It was for a frontend developer position. I was very excited after I finished the last round, until they told me they won't be moving forward with me.
Anyone has been getting rejected recently ? how are you dealing with it ?
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2021.03.03 02:40 AlwaysBullishAYYY Notorious TRP - Rhino .44

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2021.03.03 02:40 Spudnic16 Original made by u/LBluePheonix

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2021.03.03 02:40 moneyshouters The Daily Dash: Broker transparency, truck orders and the Inc. 5000 - FreightWaves

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2021.03.03 02:40 GeorgiaLemonade Annoying Kids Again... (Story)

(This story starts out in Sunset Island then goes to Trading Hub).
So I was doing the “Dripping In Diamonds” Sunset Island category, and I asked my friend if it mean “make yourself look rich” or “make yourself look like a physical diamond”- to which she said the 2nd option. That’s what everyone in my server ended up doing, and everything was chill until awards. You know those semi-annoying kids who stand right in camera view so nobody can see the placings until the actual end?
So someone decided to do this. It ticked multiple people off, but I stayed quiet because I had the time to wait. I could see that someone got 3rd, I got 2nd, but I couldn’t see who actually won. Turns out, it was the girl standing in camera view. I asked “Who won?”, and her response was “Me Sherlock. Can’t you tell that I have a crown on my head or are you just blind?” Let’s dissect this statement shall we?
First of all, no, you can’t tell she has a crown on her head. She was wearing like 5 hats at a time, so the crown was barely visible. Secondly, calling anyone blind unknowing of their circumstances is just flat out obnoxious. Lastly, the whole “Sherlock” thing didn’t make her statement have any more of a backbone, which it was lacking.
She was hostile towards others, (including me) for no reason at all; we hadn’t talked to her at all until this moment. I told her to just knock it off and play the game, and she accused me of being jealous of her? She then persisted to call me poor. I told her to name off any “higher” items, (not including halos) and I might have them. She immediately started naming off halos. I told her, (for the 2nd time now) that I didn’t have any halos, to which she said “Hah, I was right, you are poor.” I asked her if she had any, and her only response was silence. Then she added me and told me to go to trades with her.
She teleported to me, trade requested me, and I accepted. She said that I should put in all of my valuables and she’d add the ones she had. This was supposed to validate her argument that I was poor. I put in the DV Set, SE Set, DD Set, SF Set, Elegant Parasol, Broomstick, Pacifier, MCN, and a couple more scattered items. The only items she could put in were the DD Heels, corset, and gloves ~ also the DV skirt. She declined the trade and said she had all the stuff I did, but it wouldn’t let her add it to trade. I politely asked her if she could put them on for me, and she left the game. I checked, and she had also unfriended me as well.
See, this was all so stupid and unnecessary. If she’s going to give people so much attitude, she needs to have the proof to back that attitude up. If she’s going to call someone poor, she needs to be able to have the items to prove her point. Either way, she’s just another one of the obnoxious 10 year olds who let winning a pageant get into their head.
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2021.03.03 02:40 rabbitmin Puppy won’t stop barking/growling at my mom every evening

Korra joined our family about two months ago, she’s a corgi/sheltie mix and gets along with us pretty well, we got her knowing that we’d be moving into a house while we were in our old apartment and she was perfectly fine.
For some reason ever since we’ve moved she decided to bark/growl (and looks like she wants to jump) on my mom almost every evening, she didn’t used to do this and I don’t know why she’s acting like that! She’s a sweetheart during the day with her but when I’m back from work she flips and acts up with my mom, has anyone experienced this before?
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2021.03.03 02:40 Pimpaneer2 Landorus 0479 3336 1026

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2021.03.03 02:40 Blinkkk814 2 year old cartilage piercing is pink around piercing site, is this normal?

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2021.03.03 02:40 iseeksilence I wrote this after I was sexually and physically assaulted last April.

You took my magic, My gravity, My sex appeal.
I scream my prayers out loud, If god is real then that is even worse, Because my pleas and prayers alike fall upon deaf ears, An “all loving” God goes radio silent, Prophecy ceases, I realize that if ever God was real, he is now dead.
He left the 99, you left the one, I got down on my knees to pray but you were busy casting stones.
There’s a tsunami and I’m drowning, Nobody sees the storm, Hopefully I’ll find peace under the water, If you don’t breathe long enough you pass out, Then you don’t have to feel anything at all.
You don’t see the blood. You don’t feel the velvet. You don’t hear the heavy machinery fill in your grave.
Will my mother buy the adjacent plot of earth? Will I be in death how I was in life? Alone, unheard, covered in dirt?
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2021.03.03 02:40 WreKTang1e Took this thingie

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2021.03.03 02:40 InspirobotBot Wed Mar 3 03:40:18 2021

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2021.03.03 02:40 LDNOG Rum Aged Without using Ex Bourbon Casks?

Just Was Wondering What Casks,
A. Was Wray & Nephew using at the time of the 17 year old & 15 year old rums
B. Which modern day brands do not use ex bourbon Casks to age there rum.
Just wondering how many different types of rum use different types of casks.
Because nearly Every One Uses Ex Bourbon Casks i Know they can only be used once and literally have so much excess barrels which led to most rums being aged like this.
anyone done any research into this ?
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2021.03.03 02:40 tmos2421 Who's shorting this with me ⁉️⁉️ Fuck Vlad

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2021.03.03 02:40 Mokicooper_1 I took a pic of my first successful launch (not landing sadly)

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2021.03.03 02:40 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-TextPost-54110

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2021.03.03 02:40 abe_linc0ln Please help me get a Bloodline Bag, this server seems legit. I need only 16 invites for the bag to get it. It gives away gamepasses for invites. Please help by joining and try to get passes for yourself.

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2021.03.03 02:40 Parano65 Orlay top tier?

Hello all!
Is there a list or something of the best Orlay cards we should focus first? Those OP cards
I’m currently building my main team, but I’m not sure if they are really good...
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2021.03.03 02:40 rottenann [PIC] My partner solving all the problems and saving a project from oily fingers.

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