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What is synapse x like?

2021.03.01 23:04 guywithahugeforehead What is synapse x like?

I have been using free exploits such as krnl,Vega x you name it I’ve used it. So I’ve been thinking of buying a paid exploit and I heard that synapse is one of the best on the market so should I buy it and is it worth the 20 dollars?
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2021.03.01 23:04 FlareHeart [Japanese > English] I think this is a thank you letter of some kind. My partner's father was Japanese and this was found among his possessions after he passed away.

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2021.03.01 23:04 Downtown_Shallot So i made a Cesaro picture i hope it makes it in ur video it took me a couple hours

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2021.03.01 23:04 borjxrroyo Aladdin & Jasmin <3

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2021.03.01 23:04 Yoshi2010 Every Screenwriter is muttering "fuck" under their breath right now.

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2021.03.01 23:04 unapologeticjerk Do we know when current season ends this year?

The amount of time you can survive as a free player in Gold after a new meta seems to get shorter and shorter each time. I'm excited for this new hands-off standard and I hope they keep monetization out of it or limit it to cosmetics. So far that's their idea, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or something.
I did check the in-app announcement, Blizzard official, and Google to see if maybe a short time window had been announced or deduced by the community. Thanks.
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2021.03.01 23:04 Forest_Nerd Ambroxan DPG vs Crystals

Forgive me if this has been asked, but I want to make perfumes similar to Escentric Molecules "Molecule 0X" series. I figured these would be an easier introduction into the creation process, and I already love their single aromachemical line.
I see ambroxan in DPG or crystal form. I'm having trouble understanding dilution ratios for the DPG. Take this 15ml DPG for example. It says 10% ambroxan to 90% DPG. So does that mean it's 1.5ml of Ambroxan? From my reading I see some recommendations of 10-15% ambroxan concentration. I'd assume a 10% would mean 1.5ml would only make 15ml total? This doesn't seem quite right to be honest. My other guess would be that 15ml could be used in a 150ml total (15ml Ambroxan DPG + 135 perfumers alcohol) for a 10% dilution?
Some guidance here would be great.
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2021.03.01 23:04 prawnbiryani MAKE THIS THE MOST LIKED PHOTO ON INSTAGRAM

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2021.03.01 23:04 dartmaster666 Concrete vibrator for mass concrete compaction

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2021.03.01 23:04 foxboss23 This shark would like if you joined r/itsjosh

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2021.03.01 23:04 ImaginaryMenageries I, 19M, just want to be fucking loved not taunted by my ex and ignored by everyone else!

Where do I start? I’m so mad right now! I had a girlfriend who was attractive, doing well at school and a nice person - when we weren’t alone. When it was just the two of us though she abused me emotionally and had severe trust issues, constant nagging, checking my active status and monitoring my friend lists on social media. Restricted my friends irl to the point I have none anymore!
I loved her but I broke up with her for my own health.
Since then she always tells me how boys message her. She posts pictures of herself in gym clothing and within the house guys message her. She KNOWS that I don’t want to know that!
I am so lonely. I’m lay in my bed crying while writing this post hoping someone will read it and care! I have to get up in 7 hours I should be sleeping but my stomach is turning. I love this girl!! I know I ended it but I still love her.
It’s so unfair, she cried so much when we broke up and she seemed to take it worse than me, but now she doesn’t seem to care at all. She’s fine. She has guys dripping off her, all the validation and attention she wants. I messaged ONE girl about nothing romantic or sexual and she went straight to my ex to tell her that I’d messaged! HOW IS THAT FAIR?!
She can enjoy the privacy of talking to anyone she likes, about anything, but I talk to one person and she finds out straight away. People treat me like I’m hers and she must know what I’m doing!
I won’t lie I’m very very jealous that she might/will be having sex with other guys. She was telling me earlier how she is buying a new car for £5k (just showing off) and she always jokes about maybe she’s sucking someone off, she won’t tell me who messages her but she knows every single fucking person who I talk to.
I’m so alone! I can’t get any validation because I’m ugly and unlikeable with no friends. I can’t even try to make friends because they all run to her and say “did you know your bf is trying to talk to me?” FUCK OFFFFF!!
What can I do? I’m so sad. I probably am pathetic actually. I was abused but I’m a guy so nobody really cares. My family don’t care they just joke about it. My friends... well where are they? She has it soooooo easy!
Why am I like this? Why do I feel such anger, jealousy and betrayal over someone who abused me and doesn’t care about me? There is no hope for me, I just have to watch her fuck all the guys she wants while rubbing it in my face!
Not going to lie, I’d rather die.
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2021.03.01 23:03 MakesmySnakeSolid Start running

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2021.03.01 23:03 SalFergo2005 Gru's plan = Edgar's plan

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2021.03.01 23:03 Visible-Ad-3232 Just came in after being delayed over the weekend.

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2021.03.01 23:03 JerBearSi Pork chop sandwiches!

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2021.03.01 23:03 Old-James my build.

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2021.03.01 23:03 forewar Looking for text quests ideas

Hello, I’m developing an indie game, it’s a text quest game about airport management. As an airport manager you must handle tons of requests from different characters. You can choose from two answers, might be yes/no or choose between two short variants. I’m looking for ideas of some interesting mini-quests. They may be related to management theme or not, any ideas are appreciated.
For example: your secretary says there is some strange visitor outside. You can let him in or not. You tell her let him in, but he has already disappeared. Later on you notice an email saying “ask your secretary about flowers”. After several steps you finally meet a special agent who tells you about the secret space program and from this moment you may start getting new requests about this space program.
And so on, there may be as many steps as your imagination only can produce. Short quest drafts are also welcomed. I’ve created pretty flexible dialogue system.
The game is supposed to be released in near two months. This is a request for those, who are willing to share their inspiration for free. Of course I will note in credits all authors, whose ideas will be accepted.
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2021.03.01 23:03 Tacos-toDie-for God bless the coin

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2021.03.01 23:03 Some-Tall-Guy75 I bought gme stock when I was drunk

I woke up this morning to some in my portfolio and I no shit said “how the f*ck did that get there?”
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2021.03.01 23:03 philo1998 Daoist Philosophy: Life and Death | Zhuangzi’s Butterfly Dream

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2021.03.01 23:03 Finklax31 Options Action - Acknowledgment

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2021.03.01 23:03 prawnbiryani MAKE THIS THE MOST LIKED PHOTO ON INSTAGRAM

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2021.03.01 23:03 NewsElfForEnterprise Wave Computing and MIPS Emerge from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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2021.03.01 23:03 Austplu I won the ETB lottery opening my very first box ever

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2021.03.01 23:03 ThanosTheT1tan Never played an instrument before, where do I start

That’s basically it, I’ve never played an stringent before and wanted to learn how to play guitar. I have a guitar, just no idea how to use it. Any advice would be awesome
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