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2021.03.01 22:04 Top-Consequence8098 Are you in ?

🏢 Student Coin accelerated the development during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the first days, the STC team was international and worked remotely. During the last year of the project development, we have created a well-organized management scheme, as well as settled the internal structures. 🚀🔝
The development of the project reached a sufficient level to partially switch from the remote work to the classic office space. We are opening the first office for the Student Coin's technical and support team. The office will be open for our community and for sure will accelerate the partnership establishment and STC exchange development. 🚀🏢
We are happy to announce the settlement of the major Student Coin office at Plac Malachowskiego 2 in the strict downtown of Warsaw, Poland. 📃🏢
Soon we will share more information about the backend of our work and the possibility to visit our team. Stay tuned! ‼️📢🏢 Launchpad
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2021.03.01 22:04 biketagger The New Face of Bike Tag (#94)

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2021.03.01 22:04 slicemonster Moments before shit hits the fan

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2021.03.01 22:04 Ciughe How much do you spend monthly on genshin impact?

Hello, I was wondering with a friend about how Genshin Impact actually makes money.
We were discussing if they make more money by a few whales that spends A LOT or by a large number of little spender. Consider the number in USA dollars
View Poll
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2021.03.01 22:04 trigg3r3d_f3minist Aunt Cass meme reminded me of a girl I knew

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2021.03.01 22:04 dadae6681 Has any used this all in one? I'm skeptical

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2021.03.01 22:04 sophie-glk Das, worauf alle influencer schon immer gewartet haben. Ne Versicherung für den Fall, dass zu gecancelt wirst!

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2021.03.01 22:04 sherman_fairchild_II Okay. I have stupid ideas and stupid questions.

Ok. I am super close to committing to an mst rmx 2.0 rtr because I am too stupid to build the kit correctly and get appropriate electronics but I would like it to be driveable beyond being on what appear to be plastic tires(?)
I am stupid I don't know shit about drift cars.
But can I stick DB hoons on this thing like adapt it to 17mm? Can I fit a 3660 motor on it?
Is the drive train all metal? Because it appears there is no slipper clutch because that would be lame for 2wd drifting clearly.
Is the motor mount adjustable for gearing?
Is the kit really hard to assemble properly?
There are two rtr options, correct? atr and rtr? One brushed and one brushless?
I want to know more because it's like 6 hundo CAD for an rtr kit.
I mean it looks seriously fun and I think the reciever and transmitter as well as the servo look pretty good.
What is the wheel situation like? Super specific zero choices?
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2021.03.01 22:04 hfckfyjfhvkhf How do I block a subreddit?

There is one subreddit in particular that keeps showing up in the recommended section and I do not want to see it. It is a fairly popular sub but it just annoys me because I don’t care enough about it. How do I block it from showing up in my feed?
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2021.03.01 22:04 NewsElfForEnterprise Twitter will label tweets with misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines

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2021.03.01 22:04 amzn-deals [52% off] Night Light for Kids, Gladle Magnetic Bedside Lamp Touch Control Rechargeable with RGB Color Changing Mode, Dimmable LED Nursery Lamp with Timer Setting for Breastfeeding, Baby Gifts

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2021.03.01 22:04 Extreme1125 A Question.

I'm a 11 y/o 3rd Baseman/Catcher and I want to start a new habit. 100 swings and 100 throws a day Monday through Friday (500 swings and throws a week). Will this make me a better player, get me tired, ect? Please let me know, I'm trying to be the best ballplayer I can be.
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2021.03.01 22:04 MrAndroidz Can anyone tell me whether there is a way to disable the slide over city banner function in Sukritact's Simple UI Adjustments mod? - Because I think it is quite anoying.

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2021.03.01 22:04 nagasaki69 ISO Big Z Luna

ISO 4 Claw Zone new or lightly used
Hey everyone! Looking for a Big Z Luna, one of the new ones or an older one would be great! Cash or trades! All discs are inked and field tested unless stated otherwise. All/any damage shown in pics. Pics: https://imgur.com/a/obVFTLl
ESP Hades: from DiscsByDrake, beautiful dye, got it in a mystery box, 172g brand new no ink
CB2: Yellow with pink stamp, has one mark on the flight plate as shown, 7.8-8/10, 175g
Skyrider: Green with gold stamp, no damage or gashes in the plastic, at least 8.5/10, 175g
ESP Surge: cool Texas chainsaw stamp, has some scuffs, 7.5/10, 170-172g
Big Z Vulture: Leopard print stamp, some scuffs from throwing and being in the bag, 7.5/10
Champion Roc: sold
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2021.03.01 22:04 Sandbuster18 Alto Omega - Beta [Graba Music]

Released: 2021-02-28
Alto Omega - Alto Omega - Dark Visions (Extended Mix)
Alto Omega - Alto Omega - Dark Visions (Radio Edit)
Alto Omega - Alto Omega - The Surprise (Extended Mix)
Alto Omega - Alto Omega - The Surprise (Radio Edit)
DOWNLOAD - http://progonly.com/2021/03/01/alto-omega-beta-graba-music/
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2021.03.01 22:04 Grawstein Yes or no to the smart triggers?

For those of you who have used the smart triggers, do you recommend paying the extra money for them or no? Also, how is the quality of the ps5 controller? I've owned scuf but never aim. I just wanna make sure I'm buying a quality product
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2021.03.01 22:04 wrongbones Is it possible this squeeze happens AH when we can’t trade?

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2021.03.01 22:04 throwawaypcn502 Am I justified for feeling weird about this situation?

So I have two friends. Let’s call one Chris and the other one Tammy. So Chris and I started being friends because he messaged me on Facebook and our moms are close friends. We started hanging out a lot. Tammy and I have known each other most of our lives, but we didn’t start being real friends until a few months ago. Tammy and Chris become kind of friends too because they both wanted to come to church with me. We’re all in our early 20s.
I kind of knew Chris had feelings for me, but yesterday he confessed them when me and him were driving home from somewhere. I told him I didn’t feel the same way (mostly bc I haven’t known him for that long so I don’t feel like I’ve had time to solidify any feelings I have), but that I really appreciated our friendship. He said he doesn’t hate me and still really wants to continue being friends. He was really kind about it.
So he calls me today and says that last night, he and Tammy got really drunk together and made out, and he slept over her house until 8am. He also says that he was just confused about having feelings for me and realizes that he never actually had them. He told me not to mention anything to Tammy about it. I know he didn’t do anything wrong since we weren’t dating, but why did he feel the need to tell me about it?
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2021.03.01 22:04 Morningglory45 H: Trades W: Offers

Aa/33/25 missle launcher
Aa/10/15r HM
Aa/10/15v compound bow
Aa/50l/90 bow
Aa/50/25 gauss rifle
B/25/25 Fatman
B/50l/25 assaultron head
B/ss super sledge
Ex/50/15r plasma rifle
Ex/25/15r ult gat laser
F/33/25 auto grenade launcher
F/25/25 pipe rifle
Gs/25/25 assault rifle
Gs/25/25 grenade launcher
Gs/ss/str meat hook
Gs/25/15r hm
H/e/90 submachine gun
J/10/15r gat plasma
J/25/90 combat rifle
J/25/50dr gatling gun
J/25/15r lever
J/25/15r .44
J/25 tesla
Med/25/90 mini
Med/E/25 pipe bolt action
Med/25/25 plasma rifle
Med/25/15v hunting rifle
Med/25/90 tesla
Med/50/15r fixer
Med/e/15v hm
Med/25/25 hm
Q/25/ms gamma
Q/E/per lever
Sup/25/15v fixer
T25/25 railway
Ts/25/per mini
Ts/50l/15r hm
V/25/15r combat shotty
V/E/agi hunting rifle
AS/ap/awr marine chest
Bol/env/van S leather LL
Bol/env/cav S leather RA
Uny/pesent marine RA
Uny/rad/cav S leather LL
Uny/env/sneak USA RL
Van/rad/wwr FSA RA
Van/stsneak S leather RA
Van/end/wwr USA LA
AA/50/15v compound bow
Q/E/25 combat shotty
V/E/25 combat shotty
Weight/ap/sent marine armor
Oddball 25/25 E/25 shotguns
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2021.03.01 22:04 freebiesdeals Kids' swimsuits starting at $8

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2021.03.01 22:04 NewsElfForEnterprise Dallas’ Omni at Park West hotel sells as part of 5-property deal

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2021.03.01 22:04 ViruslXrd Zero may look like a child but I’m pretty sure he is probably overpowered(just a shitty meme)

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2021.03.01 22:04 Thementalistt It’s possible you met your true love as a child but forgot about it because society makes you think it only happens as an adult.

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2021.03.01 22:04 ascii1995 Chey on the 6

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2021.03.01 22:04 WishboneSilver A Tale of 3 Microcaps: HedgeTech, SuperBid, and VAIOT

I have never written a Medium article. I historically have just been a Telegram/Twitter gem hunter for the past 6 years under various aliases. However, in just one week I have come across three microcap projects($500k — $5m mcap) which extend beyond the realm of anonymous degen shitcoins and into a plane of existence where multibillion dollar corporations live.
No, really.
Every single one of the following 3 projects has a real team that is not only contactable with all information public, but they also have enormous clients and partners ranging from IBM to NFL to SONY…as well as either a product already launched, or one coming within the next quarter.
I planned on writing long winded explanations for why each of these is a buy, but I realized I’m sick of doing other people’s research for them… so, I’m just posting the websites, telegrams, and dextools links. You’ll have to do the rest.
All the information for each team is so easy to find, and you’ll never make it if you don’t finally learn how to help yourself.

  1. SuperBid ($SUPERBID) - https://www.superbid.io/ Contract: 0x0563dce613d559a47877ffd1593549fb9d3510d6
  2. Vaiot.ai ($VAIOT) - https://www.vaiot.ai/#/ Contract: 0x9f801c1f02af03cc240546dadef8e56cd46ea2e9
  3. HedgeTech (HTG) - https://www.hedgetech.finance/ Contract: 0xbff89386d062c6040ed1955e180c87dd00bb71af
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