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Do use the link: https://ys.style/fgoBO9rTydb New customers get upto 15 to 20% off ; Returning customers get upto 12 to 17% off. If you have used my code, share yours as well so that I get a chance to return the favour!
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2021.03.01 22:58 matchaluver2000 sfu hasn't got one of my transcripts and it's passed the due date

hi guys. so i've applied for the summer 2021 term (i'm a transfer student), they received one out of my two transcripts, but I'm so worried because the due date for transcripts was yesterday (feb 28). my second transcript has not been received - but I submitted it way before the due date. any thoughts??
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2021.03.01 22:58 BisIsHere got ignored on twitter so I'm trying here! Give ur favorite characters so I can make fanart of

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2021.03.01 22:58 lennDOGE MEGA BLASTOISE RAID - 2700 2540 1524 & 7463 5673 8068

Add both 2700 2540 1524 & 7463 5673 8068
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2021.03.01 22:58 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 41

Chapter 41
Paying the Price
Monday night Raw starts up and we see CM Punk come out to the ring. Punk says that his buisness with John Cena isn’t over, he will find a way to get back his WWE Championship, but in the meantime Punk says that he has to take care of another form of buisness. Punk says that he wants to care of the Shield before he can get back to fighting against John Cena. Punk says that the Shield has now attacked him on multiple occasions, and cost him the WWE Championship, not just once but twice. Punk says that the Shield have to pay for what they have done, and he demands justice against the Shield. Paul Heyman then comes out to the ring, and he says that he knows Punk is angry at what has been happening and he will give him what he wants, he will give him the Shield at Money in the Bank. Paul then says that it will only be on one condition. Punk tells Heyman to name it. Heyman says that Punk is not allowed any partners in this match, it will be a three on one handicap match. Punk pauses and he looks around at the crowd. Punk then looks at Heyman and he says that he accepts this match. Punk then tells Paul Heyman that he wants something of his own. Paul asks him what it is. Punk says that he wants a Shield member one on one each week starting next week. Paul thinks for a second and he tells Punk that it is a deal. Punk then smiles and he leaves the ring. Next up we have David Otunga come out, he grabs a mic and talks about how he has finally done it, he has finally joined his former Nexus members in becoming a champion. David says that he has finally slayed his demons and he could not be happier. Heath Slater then comes out and goes down to the ring, Heath gets in the ring and he shakes David's hand. Heath grabs a mic and he says that he is happy for David, Heath acknowledges that David would not stay down for anything, and that he fought like a true champion. Heath tells David that he enjoyed the match they had last night, and he has a lot of respect for what they did last night. Heath says that he wants to do it one more time. Heath says that he is going to invoke his rematch clause for Money in the Bank. David smiles and he tells Heath that he looks forward to it, he will always be eager to give his brothers a shot at his championship. David then shakes Heath's hand and Heath leaves the ring. Next up we see Wade Barrett come out, he talks about how he defeated Mark Henry at Payback, and now ironically he wants Payback at John Cena. Wade demands a shot at John Cena at Money in the Bank, he says that he has taken a World title from Cena not once, but twice, Wade says that he will do it again, as long as he gets a shot. Wade says that next week he expects his answer. Wade throws down his mic and he leaves the ring. Finally we have Natalya come out, she holds up her newly won Womens title. Natalya talks about how much of an honor it is to hold the title, she has finally achieved exactly what she has wanted to achieve, but now she has something even greater to achieve, and that is becoming the greatest Women’s Champion in WWE history, much in the same way that her Uncle Bret was the greatest WWE Champion in history. Natalya says that it is now time to welcome any challenger that steps in her way. Serena then comes out. Serena grabs a mic and she says that she likes Natalyas attitude, but she likes the fight that she gave her even more so. Serena says that Natalya is welcoming all challengers? Serena says that the line will start behind her, because she is invoking her rematch clause. Serena then walks away. Natalya says that it is good that she is invoking her rematch clause, because Natalya will enjoy making her tap out again. Raw ends with a staredown between the two women.
Smackdown starts up with Daniel Bryan coming out, he says that it took a lot of fight at Payback, but he did it, he beat Shad Gaspard, now however he is going to need to fight even harder, as he is going up against the Cyborg known as Cesaro. Daniel says that he will do his best to prepare, but he already knows that this match for the US title will be the match to see at Money in the Bank. Daniel says that he wishes luck to Cesaro, because even for him this match will be a challenge. Teddy Long in a backstage segment reveals that tonight and next week, there will be four Money in the Bank qualifiers, and tonight our matches will be Chris Masters vs Cody Rhodes and John Morrison vs the Miz. Teddy says the first of the two matches is right now. Cody Rhodes faces off against Chris Masters. The match goes back and forth, Masters goes for the Master Lock, but Cody reverses into Cross Rhodes and he pins Masters to qualify for Money in the Bank. Next up we see the Prime Time Players come out, they say that they showed why exactly MVP and Evan Bourne's victory was a fluke at Extreme Rules and they showed exactly why they are the true Tag Team Champions. Titus says that he expects Bourne and MVP to invoke their rematch clause. Darren then says that he wants them to, and he dares them too. The Prime Time Players then leave the ring. Next we see a backstage segment with Alex Riley, he tells the world that at Payback, he lost, he didn’t have it in him to take the World Heavyweight Championship from Abyss. Alex says that he will continue to fight and hopefully soon he will get another shot at Abyss. Alex looks frusterated and upset, and he turns to see Teddy Long. Teddy tells Alex that he did great last night, he came close to doing what no one in WWE has done, and that is defeat Abyss. Teddy says that he can’t just give Alex another shot, he has to earn it, that is why Teddy is putting Alex in a number one contenders match next week, and if he wins he gets another shot at Abyss. Alex thanks Teddy and he tells him that he will not let him down. Finally we have our main event between John Morrison and the Miz. These two know each other well, so it is a great match, however John shows more skill in this match, and he is able to pull out a hard fought victory over the Miz and qualify for Money in the Bank. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw starts up next with a Money in the Bank qualifier, and it is between Justin Gabriel and Mark Henry. Mark uses his strength in this match, but Justin is far too quick for Mark. In the end Justin hits a 450 Splash for the victory on Mark Henry. Justin Gabriel qualifies for Money in the Bank. Next up we see Serena backstage, she talks about Natalya perhaps being a little too cocky, she says that maybe Natalya has let the success go to her head just a little bit. Serena says that is okay however, because she wants Natalya at her best again, and she wants to humble her just a little bit, Serena then walks away. Next up CM Punk comes out for his match with one member of the Shield. Punk waits in the ring, until he hears the music of the Shield, he sees the men come through the crowd. All three men stop in the middle of the crowd, and we see Seth Rollins motion for the other two to leave, and they do. Seth Rollins comes to the ring alone to fight CM Punk. Rollins vs Punk is a fast paced match, it is also evenly matched. Punk goes down and Rollins taunts him by saying “Fight me, CM Punk!” Punk gets up and he slaps Rollins across the face, Rollins gets angry, he goes to attack Punk, but Punk kicks Rollins in the head, and then he hits the GTS for the win. Next up we have another Money in the Bank qualifier, and it is between Ryback and Christian. Ryback is in a fight at first, but after a while, he begins to dominate and attack Christian, he hits Shell Shocked and he beats Christian to qualify for Money in the Bank. Finally we see Wade Barrett come out, and he says that it has been a week, he demands right now that John Cena come out and answer his challenge like a man. Cena comes out and he walks to the ring and grabs a mic, Cena chuckles. Wade asks what is so funny, and Cena asks Wade who he thinks he is. Cena tells Barrett that Barrett cannot talk to Cena like that because Cena is the WWE Champion. Barrett says that Cena is a champion that has never beaten him before. Barrett tells Cena just to give him an answer to his challenge. Cena smiles and says no. Cena tells Barrett that he just doens’t deserve a shot. Wade then hits the Bull Hammer on Cena and he asks, how about now? Wade says that he expects a real answer by next week. Wade exits the ring and Raw goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we see our first of two Money in the Bank qualifiers, and it is between Drew McIntyre and Kozlov. Drew dominates this match, and he easily puts Kozlov away with the Claymore Kick. Drew McIntyre qualifies for the Money in the Bank match. Next we see Cesaro backstage, he is asked about his upcoming match with Daniel Bryan. Cesaro says that it will be the greatest challenge that he has yet faced in WWE and that is why he can’t wait for it. Cesaro knows that Daniel will kick the taste out of his mouth, and he expects that, he just hopes that Daniel expects to have the taste uppercutted out of his mouth, because that is exactly what is going to happen. Cesaro asks for Daniel to hit the running knee, he asks for the Labell lock to be applied. Cesaro wants everything Daniel Bryan has, just to show the world why he will not be losing the United States Championship. Next we see MVP vs Titus O’ Neil. Titus beats MVP up this whole match, and he taunts him for most of it. Titus then looks to finish MVP off, but MVP catches Titus with the Playmaker and he pins Titus. MVP then grabs a mic, and he says that he was going to leave well enough alone, but he loves making Titus look like an ass, like he just did. MVP says that him and Bourne will be invoking their rematch clause at Money in the Bank. Next up we have our second Money in the Bank qualifier, and it is between Mr. Kennedy and Joe Hennig. These two go back and forth with each other, but Kennedy is an experienced vet that gets inside Joe's head and inevitably beats him. Mr. Kennedy is the last man from Smackdown to qualify for Money in the Bank. Finally we have our main event and it is between Alex Riley and Rey Mysterio to decide who becomes the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. These two both put up a great fight and Riley takes a lot of punishment, even the 619, but he keeps kicking out, he really wants to fight and beat Abyss. Alex then hits his Impaler DDT on Rey, but Rey kicks out. Alex doesn’t care, he picks Rey up and he hits a second Impaler DDT and he pins Rey to become Number One Contender. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and once again starts out with another qualifier, this time it is between Kane and Jack Swagger. Swagger tries to fight in this match, but Kane easily overpowers Swagger and he Chokeslams him for the win, and Kane then qualifies for Money in the Bank. Up next we see CM Punk come out to the ring and await his next Shield opponent. The Shield make their way down to the ring, Rollins and Reigns look at Ambrose, who smiles. Rollins and Reigns turn and walk away. Ambrose then makes his way to the ring. Ambrose vs Punk begins. Ambrose takes a lot of punishment in this match, but he just keeps laughing at CM Punk, who doesn’t know what to make of this. Ambrose then snaps, he tackles Punk and hits him with a huge flurry of punches. Punk throws Ambrose off of him, and then he hits Ambrose with a drop kick. Ambrose bounces off the ropes into a GTS, and he is pinned by CM Punk. Next up we see Natalya in a match against Beth Pheonix. This is another good fight however. Natalya gets the upper hand on Beth and she puts her away. Natalya then grabs a mic and she asks if Serena saw that. Natalya then chuckles and says that is the exact reason as to why she will not be humbled at Money in the Bank, she then wishes Serena good luck and she walks away from the ring. Up next we see David Otunga backstage, he is asked about his rematch with Heath Slater. David says that Heath was definitely a challenge for him, and he looks forward to facing off with him yet again. Otunga says that Heath has a great deal of heart, but so does he. David says that it will be one tough fight, but he says that he will retain at Money in the Bank. Up next we have our final qualifier, it is between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. This is a battle that goes back and forth. Del Rio gets Ziggler in the Cross ArmBreaker, but Ziggler makes it to the ropes. Del Rio lets go, but he continues to focus on the arm. Del Rio picks up Ziggler, and Ziggler then hits the Zig Zag on Del Rio, but he cannot pin Del Rio, because he is in too much pain. Both men get up, and Del Rio once again goes for the Cross ArmBreaker, but Dolph pushes him away and he hits a Super Kick. Ziggler then pins Del Rio and becomes the final man to qualify for Money in the Bank. Finally we see Wade Barrett come out one final time. He asks Cena to come out and give him a true answer to his challenge. Cena comes down to the ring, he looks disgusted at Wade, and he gets in his face and tells him no. Wade calls Cena an idiot, and he says that he has had enough of him. Wade goes for the Bull Hammer, but Cena catches him and tries for the AA, Wade reverses and hits the Bull Hammer anyway. Wade grabs his mic and he calls Cena a gutless coward. Wade tells Cena that he is going to give him just one more week in order to give him the right answer, and if he doesn’t then Wade will have to force Cena to vacate the WWE title. Wade then walks away as Raw goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we start out with a match from Daniel Bryan, he is facing off against Chris Masters. Cesaro is on commentary for this match. Daniel is able to hit the Running Knee and put Chris Masters away. Cesaro gets in the ring after the match, and he and Daniel have a stare down. Things do get a little tense, but Daniel ends up walking away. Next up we see John Morrison backstage and he is asked about the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match. John says that it is by far the toughest match that he has ever competed in, but alas he has won it once before, and he later went on to cash in the contract for a WWE title shot, in which he won the WWE Championship. John says that at Money in the Bank, nothing will have changed, and he will once again win, and go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship, whether it be against Abyss, Alex Riley or whoever else. John Morrison then walks away, but he walks into Drew McIntyre. McIntyre tells him that he too has won Money in the Bank before, and he has Cashed in to become World Heavyweight Champion. Drew says that John Morrison better watch himself, because now Drew will be targeting him all match long, and he will hit as many Claymore Kicks as he needs to. John just smirks and tells Drew, good luck with that, and he walks away. Next up we see Evan Bourne vs Darren Young. Darren tries to mouth off to Evan Bourne, however Bourne does not take this lightly, he attacks Darren and hits him with everything that he has. Evan soon after hits Air Bourne and he pins Darren for the win. Evan and MVP both celebrate after the match. Finally we have Abyss come out and grab a mic, he laughs and he says that he guesses that Alex Riley hasn’t learned his lesson yet. Abyss says that after the beating that he took at Payback, he figured that he wouldn’t want any more of him. Abyss says that he is glad about it however. Abyss tells Riley that he really enjoys buldgeoning people, especially him. Abyss laughs and he tells Riley that he cannot wait to see him at Money in the Bank. Smackdown then goes off the air.
The go home Raw is up next. We start out with a Tag Team match, and it is Ryback and Justin Gabriel vs Kane and Dolph Ziggler. Kane poses a huge challenge in this match, but Ryback and Gabriel team so well that they are able to overcome Kane and nuetralize him. The two then attack Dolph Ziggler and they beat him with Justin hitting the 450 Splash and getting the pin. Next up we see Heath Slater in a match with Kofi Kingston, these two go back and forth, but before long Heath is able to put Kofi away and win the match. After the match we see David Otunga come down to the ring, and he raises the hand of Heath Slater, and the two shake hands before David leaves the ring. After this we see Serena in a match, where she defeats Layla. Serena then grabs a mic, and she says that she hopes Natalya saw that, because that is exactly how she plans on beating her at Money in the Bank. Serena says that at Payback she wasn’t fully prepared and Natalya caught her off guard. Serena tells her that at Money in the Bank things will be vastly different, she tells Natalya that she can count on it. Serena then leaves the ring. Next up we see CM Punk make his way to the ring, he awaits his Shield opponent, their music hits, but only Roman Reigns comes through the crowd, he stares at CM Punk as he approaches the ring, and Punk stares back, eye contact is never broken. Roman gets in the ring, and awaits the bell. The bell rings, and the two approach each other. Punk elbows Roman in the face, and Roman strikes back and levels Punk out. Punk looks shocked and Roman tells him to get up. Punk does and he fights Roman, but soon Roman overpowers Punk and begins to severly beat Punk down. Punk cannot believe the power of Reigns. Punk slowly gets up but he is hit by a Superman Punch and he goes back down. Roman goes for a pin but Punk kicks out. Roman gets angered by this, he goes for a Spear but Punk moves and Roman hits his head on the turnbuckle. Punk then attacks with a flurry of punches and kicks. Roman starts hitting Punk back hard. Roman is enraged now, he tosses Punk into the corner and beats on him, eventually the ref counts five and Roman is disqualified meaning that CM Punk has a win over all three Shield members individually. Roman however does not care about this and he hits Punk in the head so hard that Punk starts stumbling. Roman bounces off the ropes and hits a massive Spear on Punk. Roman stands over Punk and realeases a war cry. Roman who looks completely enraged leaves through the crowd as Punk struggles to get to his feet. Finally we see John Cena come to the ring with Paul Heyman by his side. John says that over the past two weeks he has been brutally attacked by Wade Barrett, and with that being said John says that he is now angry at Barrett and has decided that he will face him at Money in the Bank. Paul Heyman then takes the mic and he says that this match is official, and it will happen. Paul smiles and tells Wade good luck. Wade then comes out, and he smiles at Cena and thanks him. Wade says that he will see him this Sunday at Money in the Bank. Raw then goes off the air.
The go home Smackdown is up next and we start out with a Tag Team match between John Morrison and Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre and Mr. Kennedy. This match goes on for a bit, but nobody can seem to get along, so the match devolves into chaos and everyone starts fighting each other, this match then ends in a no contest. Next up we see Titus O’ Neil vs Evan Bourne, this match is a good one, both men get in a good deal of offense, however just when it seems that Evan Bourne is about to win Darren Young attacks him. MVP then tries to come out in order to make the save. MVP takes a beat down as well, and both Evan Bourne and MVP are left laying in the middle of the ring as the Prime Time Players laugh at them. After this we have Cesaro in a match against Sheamus, these two go back and forth as they usually do however Cesaro once again gets the upper hand and he beats Sheamus. Daniel Bryan then comes down to the ring with a mic and he gets right up in Cesaros face, things get really tense again, but Daniel raises his mic to his mouth and says, let the best man win. Cesaro cracks a smile and he and Daniel Shake hands before Daniel leaves the ring. Finally we have Alex Riley come out and grab a mic, he says that unlike everyone else he doesn’t fear Abyss. Alex says that at Payback he was so close to beating Abyss, and at Money in the Bank he will finish the job and become World Heavyweight Champion. Alex tells Abyss that he can mark his words. Abyss then hits a surprise attack on Alex Riley and he brutalizes him. Abyss grabs Janis and he looks like he is about to hit Alex, but he just laughs at him, and tells him that he will see him on Sunday. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Money in the Bank

  1. The Shield squash CM Punk (Roman Reigns pins CM Punk)
  2. MVP and Evan Bourne win the Tag Team titles from the Prime Time Players (Bourne pins Titus)
  3. Natalya and Serena ends in a no contest (Mickie James attacks)
  4. Cesaro retains his US title against Daniel Bryan
  5. Cody Rhodes wins MITB
  6. Abyss retains his World Heavyweight title against Alex Riley
  7. David Otunga retains his IC title against Heath Slater
  8. John Cena retains his WWE title against Wade Barrett (The ref gets knocked down and a shocking attack from Brock Lesnar destroys Wade Barrett)
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2021.03.01 22:58 newsbrasilbot Prefeitura de Madre de Deus decide manter medidas restritivas até 08 de março

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2021.03.01 22:58 Pa-Vi Was bored so i drew Isaac and a fly. I didn't had beige, so that's why Isaac looks like i friggen' vampire.

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2021.03.01 22:58 luna-and-jasper I found books with original covers on a site and say it cost me £8 but the spine are very cracked and there is a bit of damage on the covers is it worth it?

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2021.03.01 22:58 Tenchi2020 If you could tell your younger self to beware and prepare for something bad today, what would it be?

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2021.03.01 22:58 PantherG121 Ah yes bear communism

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2021.03.01 22:58 CriticalBeaver Ski Recommendations

Looks like my last season on my current setup - Salomon rocker2 122s (2014?) Looking for some recommendations on powder skis. 5’11 200 lbs. rossignol AllTrak pro 120 boots. Live in CO. Ski mostly vail, beaver, breck and backcountry. Advanced skier.
I’m a bigish guy (5’11 205 lbs). Love the surfy feel of the Salomons, but maybe could go a little stiffer. Backcountry ski setup are atomic backhand 107s which I love. Also ride some atomic bent chetler 100s, which are nice but now my dry day setup.
Have looked at a few skis, and hoping for some review/guidance based on your experiences. I know some of the options below are very different, but any review is appreciated.
Volkyl revolt 121 Season Nexus/Forma Sego condor Blizzard Spurustler 11
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2021.03.01 22:58 TheRelevantElephants Is anyone else having trouble with the myturn vaccine appointment website?

I've been going back to the website a few times on different browsers but it won't let me change dates to see other appointments. Is there any news or anything on when this will be fixed?
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2021.03.01 22:58 happycj How do you listen to your music?

I like the music I am writing... but in the kitchen, in the car, at work at my desk, I tend to listen to Spotify. I used to have a rich library of music in my iTunes, but got tired of all of Apple's shenanigans with my music library, and just listen to Spotify now.
But... I want to hear MY music sometimes, too.
So, music makers, how do you integrate your music into your regular listening playlists? Do you just publish it to Spotify and hope it shows up there, so you can add it to your lists? Do you have separate "managed" playlists on all your devices, like with iTunes, or whatever?
What are my options here? I know there has to be an easy way (especially in my all-Apple world), but I'm not seeing it...
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2021.03.01 22:58 No-Wolverine5144 Blursed_Happy cake day

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2021.03.01 22:58 1990soldtimes 1995 Ottawa Energy 1200?

Time walk fast not good.
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2021.03.01 22:58 3pil3psi [SELLING] Account and Shout outs

-Selling you a 1k account @futuresgoon for $10. I'll also throw in a great method to get on the explore page. Message me back quick, I have another buyer who hasn't responded, so first come first serve. Status: UNSOLD
-Also selling shoutouts on 9 (different) 1k+ meme accounts for $5 in total (that means you get 9 shout outs for $5). The accounts are separate from the one I'm selling up there btw.
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2021.03.01 22:58 Zetho Kako kaj glasovanje za "Dan Marjana Šarca?"

Na "Kdo vam laže" je gospod rekel, da bodo predložili predlog za dan Marjana Šarca, ki bo dela prost dan. Meni in ostalim lenim študentom bi ta dan ugajal in me zanima kje lahko to podpišem?
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2021.03.01 22:58 Phillypharmd VScode problem

Hey, I just started coding so this is probably a dumb question but in vscode when I try to run my HTML code it keeps saying that “code language not supported or not defined”. I have code runner on and the bottom right corner also says HTML as the language so idk what could be wrong. Also every time I run a JavaScript code it tells me my “command is not found” In the terminal. Anyone can help that would be great!
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2021.03.01 22:58 newsbrasilbot Bahia registra 95 mortes por covid-19 e 2.020 novos casos da doença em 24h

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2021.03.01 22:58 WellThatsSad99 This is my character! What do you guys think?

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2021.03.01 22:58 alongbanana Best player for 4 million coins?

What is the best player I can get for 4 million coins?
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2021.03.01 22:58 onur_ramazan [Repost] [Academic] News Reading Habits Survey (Everyone, 18+)

This survey will examine your habits of reading news. Everyone aged 18 or above is welcome to fill in the survey. It will take around 10 minutes. We would like to have your participation. Please do not hesitate to contact Onur Ramazan via email at [onur.ramazan@wsu.edu](mailto:onur.ramazan@wsu.edu) if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank you in advance!
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2021.03.01 22:58 Benes3460 2024 Election (Description in comments)

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2021.03.01 22:58 Sp00der-Man Ladies of Reddit: What’s the cheesiest pickup line someone has tried on you? Did it work?

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2021.03.01 22:58 TennoBeatz THE WEEKND x 80s SYNTHWAVE TYPE BEAT 2021 - ''COMET'' - (prod. Tenno)

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