Go! Wungus defending against a raid from tombradyfootball |

Wungus defending against a raid from tombradyfootball

2021.03.03 01:51 JakeGyllenhaalActor Wungus defending against a raid from tombradyfootball

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2021.03.03 01:51 joaquipl21 ?

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2021.03.03 01:51 clintj1975 Pork backribs on the reverse flow stick burner with hickory, five hour smoke with no wrap. Delicious!

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2021.03.03 01:51 NotHenryGale815 I've noticed in movies with grain that there tends to be more grain in background elements vs. foreground elements. Also more grain in darker scenes. Is there a reason for this?

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2021.03.03 01:51 rgubjhh What was the moment you and someone close were falling for each other and were about to kiss but was interrupted by someone?

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2021.03.03 01:51 StellasArmy Beach Babe

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2021.03.03 01:51 felix08_official I think Something is wrong in this image!?

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2021.03.03 01:51 CreepyvonPasta "I met a strange man at my friend’s funeral, and he gave me an impossible choice" Horror Story

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2021.03.03 01:51 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Octane] [Black Octane: Vertebrate] [Crimson Enchanter] [Titanium White Reaper]

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2021.03.03 01:51 WorldsMostDad TIL there's a dinosaur species called "Ninjatitan" which has to be the coolest dinosaur name ever.

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2021.03.03 01:51 Any_Chip_9251 Was hasn't Corey booker say anything about gover coumo lady's

Only democrats can abuse women or kids
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2021.03.03 01:51 KittaroArt Nezuko - Me; Painted in Clip Studio

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2021.03.03 01:51 GoldenManYT anyone know how old this is cuz it still works

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2021.03.03 01:51 Groundbreaking-Taro2 smol leg

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2021.03.03 01:51 Necro_Scope [Astro's Playroom] I just got sucked in...

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2021.03.03 01:51 Elifina Comes Join 20orDie live on Twitch at 7pm for Odyssey of The Dragonlords

Session 24 - The Dragon's Tooth
Finally in Estoria! Oh what? The Cult of Sydon also in the inn? Those bastards. They ordered us wine?! Throw it out. Fill it with piss. Deliver it back to them.

GM: I'm that'll go over well...
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2021.03.03 01:51 WallstreetBoom counter strike strategy against price-pin from big players/hedge funds on $AAPL that fck up your Options plays.

You already have seen price-pin move played out on last Friday Feb/26th.
The most effective counter strike strategy against price-pin is buy shares and not Options for a more "consistent" profit$ as you buy low, smartly accumulate it, sell high later or continue building up your shares. You can play Options Wheel, but I do not recommend it over build long shares with APPL. And time is your best friend with this strategy while it's killing big players or any hedge funds pinning $AAPL price at lower prices!
There is a flaw in price pinning strategy on stock like $AAPL. At this low price range, Big Players/Hedge Funds have to short or willing to sell their shares at a low price or do both to pin the price at a certain range. When price pinning happened, they let time kills Options players with weekly expiration date. However, there's limit to how long and how low they can keep $AAPL down. They fear Apple buybacks power and bigger investor like Warren Buffett stepping in stealing their shares at the low price they have sold out or getting big losses on their shorting $AAPL. Thus this is the perfect time for Retail Players to strike, buying and accumulating shares during big players price pinning strategy. When they cover their shorts or buy back share, the price will shoot up quick. When they repeat their price pin strategy, Retail Players counter strike it by buying their share for cheap and holding it without time limit. As this continue it creates a higher-low reversal pattern from the bottom in favor of those players that have been accumulating shares at the lows or bottoms. Don't ever bottom ticket to go all in! Buy low, smartly accumulate shares, sell high later if you wanted! That is how you stay consistently profitable with $AAPL.
Goes trade other high-flying stock like TSLA, AMZN, etc. Take the profits and build up long share in high value grown stock like $AAPL.
Unless $AAPL fundamentals are changing for the worst, keeps on buying at these low range!
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2021.03.03 01:51 batmanfan12321 What mode do you need to play so that you have the colors you choose?

I played one round and I was just painted red or blue, I recreated Felix and I want to know what murder I can play so that I'm actually black and orange and not just red or blue. I don't normally play online but I want to play as Felix and need a bit of help
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2021.03.03 01:51 Bulliedbywamen I'm stuck at 3-stars I need help.

Even though I play more or I play any map that makes my speed better I still can't do a 4-star map. Please help me.
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2021.03.03 01:51 EmptyFigure8251 Do your job fellow Bonkers

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2021.03.03 01:51 _Eric_1234 Hey 👋🏻 I‘m doing high quality tribs on hot milf wife’s or girlfriends ! Would love to jerk to your hot wife or gf ;) You must send nudes . Second device is laptop , I can cock to verify, and everything stays private ;) PM me on KIK _Eric_1234

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2021.03.03 01:51 My-Bi-Lies Urban Exploration, in Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany?

Howdy, adventurers, I was wondering if anyone knew any spots in El Cerrito, Berkeley, or Albany, I live in the area and I am interested in checking out some spots. I have some UrbEx experience, just limited due to the lack of spots I know. Thanks in advance! -Maki
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2021.03.03 01:51 999candyy The Best HIP HOP session mixed with TRAP and RAP!!! Listen NOW!!!

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2021.03.03 01:51 AzulasBlueFire Can a person who listens to a lot of audio books say that they real a lot?

I listen to audio books all the time while driving, working out, or going to bed. Though I don’t consider this “me reading a lot of books”.
Though I friend that’s always talking about how he is spending so much time reading every day but.. it’s actually just him listening to audiobooks.
It’s small but seems like a stretch right?
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2021.03.03 01:51 MayaBBlue Question -hello , what is this ?

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