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2021.03.06 01:59 misfiredcooper I don’t like titles

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2021.03.06 01:59 sweet_toof Finally learned how to temper chocolate and I was blessed with a slow week so I made Easter egg displays with my pastry department

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2021.03.06 01:59 spookyfoxinc i didnt work on commissions today but i did draw this

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2021.03.06 01:59 WizardinTraining1 What I keep outside the safe currently. I stacked it up a little different just for you apes.

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2021.03.06 01:59 Warriors6565 Landorus on me 2758 7458 1223

Landorus on me 2758 7458 1223
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2021.03.06 01:59 Nihilisticky Nightmares from astrazeneca?

I'm on my second night after the first shot and just had my second nightmare, one each night, that I can remember. Anyone else dealing with this? I never have nightmares.
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2021.03.06 01:59 thedimondminerz It’s mayonnaise nothing else

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2021.03.06 01:59 dandandanny Looking for a playmate for my son

My son is 6 years old and loves his Switch. He plays Mario Maker, Mario 3D World, Mario Odyessey, Mario Kart, Mario Party...basically anything Mario lol.
Does anyone have a kid about his age who might be interested in friending him and playing together online? No messaging (I've turned that off).
We're in PST.
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2021.03.06 01:59 Yaromakai Scarlet Witch

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2021.03.06 01:59 icedconfusion Ichi-Ni-San meme but it’s like 10 seconds

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2021.03.06 01:59 You_Are_Not_Done_Yet [Analog] Moon Leaper

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2021.03.06 01:59 NinjaYoshi1 If you could choose one aspect of video games to be real in life, what would you choose?

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2021.03.06 01:59 UBourgeois ex-Sadboys rebrand as PentAce

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2021.03.06 01:59 LieutenantNumbnuts Le just one has arrived!!!!

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2021.03.06 01:59 freelaser54 Sexy or scary

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2021.03.06 01:59 Shabbz123 I Miss Historia

Damn I don’t know me not seeing Historia for like four months made me appreciate her character even more. She was good character with a sad backstory. She built an orphanage to help kids have an actual childhood which she didn’t have. Damn uhh I’m not gonna lie this is one thing I have a problem with this arc. Historia being pushed to the sidelines and people only bringing her up because of who the father is sad. I’m not saying the father thing is not important but even on her own Historia is a Great character. Man I just want to see her next chapter to me she’s one of my favourite characters.
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2021.03.06 01:59 chron668 I see your 18% and raise you to 26% +

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2021.03.06 01:59 KohesiveTerror I replayed The Royal Masquerade and...

I am so glad I could remind myself how much I loved this book. From the twists, the betrayals, and humor, it truly is one of the better books that Choices has released within the last year (not sure if that's saying something lmao).
But I remember when I started playing it, the first chapter bored me, so I stopped. But then this sub motivated me to play it again, and then I thoroughly enjoyed waiting for every chapter. Along with that, I realized that playing without checking the sub after each chapter improved the experience? I think it just made me focus on the stories rather than some of the holes and errors left in the story.
Not to mention, Kayden is like one of my favorite love interests?? Playing it again reminded me of what it was like to actually like a love interest, because it's been a while since I've been excited---as in screaming at my screen that I love him so much---to actually have alone time with one of them.
It's truly a fantastic story, and it's helped me realize that being less critical of stories can make it much more enjoyable. I truly think replaying it over a year later helped me realize that.
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2021.03.06 01:59 hugeposuer Denver’s STAR program successfully sent mental health professionals, not police, to hundreds of calls

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2021.03.06 01:59 sunskies13 Is my pc good enough for gaming?

Hi. Am I able to play games like GTA V and Sims 4 smoothly with the following specs?
What else can I upgrade?
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2021.03.06 01:59 SaracZwei "This line", a bit of a gripe of mine with a recent video

So, I've just finished watching the first Ancient Weapon Challenge video, and there was an aspect that just bothered me. This has been brought up by Istebrak repeatedly in past videos, but it's here again:
The claim is made that a vertical line going from the sternum to the belly button is not normal.
The issue is, it is. Or at least, it's possible to have that. The vertical line separating the muscles of the abs is called the "linea alba" (white line). It's part of the tendonous tissue linking the muscles of the rectus abdominus together.
Here's a brief video giving a good outline:
Basically, it boils down to genetics and the ratio of muscle mass and body fat. How short/long are the muscles/tendons in relation to each other, and how are the ribs and sternum shaped (depends on genetics)? How swole is the person (depends on gym membership)? How much body fat do they have? It's possible for people with only slightly developed muscles and relatively low body fat to have a very visible linea alba, despite having no six pack, while another person might have extremely developed muscles, but their muscles just happen to be long. This causes less gaps between them, which are then completely hidden by even the tiniest amounts of body fat.
Example: https://i.imgur.com/LaCW6.jpg
Just look at the difference between the two leftmost and the very rightmost woman!
It's kinda like noses, there's insane variation between people. It also seems to be a female beauty ideal, stretching back to the Reanissance: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sandro_Botticelli_-_La_nascita_di_Venere_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg
Now, why do people tend to draw this? Well, I have a very weird theory, but hear me out. Ready? It's Jesus. I think the most prominent set of abs on earth might belong to Jesus Christ. Usually, he's depicted in the pose of crucification, as a slender young man with limited muscle definition in a pose that stretches the abdominal muscles. Just check out the wikipedia article:
Most artists seem to shy away from giving Jesus an outright six pack, but still give him the vertical separation of the rectus abdominus. These are images many people will see from early childhood, maybe even as an effigy hanging above their doorsteps.
So well, that's my little TED talk on my little gripe. Please don't hate the linea alba, it's quite friendly once you get to know it. I swear, they let everybody have a TED Talk these days...
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2021.03.06 01:59 LowAd8109 Forever template

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2021.03.06 01:59 uswhole Chapter 139 Spoiler

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2021.03.06 01:59 Comprehensive_Idea_5 Now that Chewie no longer owes a life debt to Han, maybe he’s going home to his family after Episode 9. What a great idea for a Disney+ series!

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2021.03.06 01:59 Medic_101 WIP, only five patches sewn on so far but currently getting stuck into mk II of my jacket. Settled on this lay out

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